Chinese fairy tale: Origin of Gardenia

Speaking of the origin of gardenia, there is also a beautiful legend. Gardenia was originally a fairy flower in the hundred gardens in the sky. It was called Gardenia fairy. She saw that there were only some small flowers and grass in the world, and there were no big bright flowers. So she went down to the world and became a gardenia tree growing on a barren slope. The sun and rain did not grow well, and the flowers and trees withered gradually. Not far from the barren slope, there lived a single poor man. He found the poor little flower tree, transplanted her to the door, watered her, fertilized her and took good care of her. The flowers and trees soon had vitality, and suddenly grew luxuriant branches and leaves, lush, green and smooth. Early summer is full of white flowers, fragrant and elegant, especially popular. Sooner or later, poor people will always stand by the flowers and trees to find insects and eliminate pests, prune and beat leaves, and maintain the flowers and trees more magnificent.

The poor man is a long-term worker. He goes out early and returns late every day. On that day, he goes out and goes home. As soon as he opens the door, he smells the smell of food. He is very strange. He is alone and has no relatives. Who helped him cook the food? For several days, every day, he wanted to make it clear, so he had another heart.

Origin of Gardenia

That day, he deliberately pretended to go out. After a few steps, he came back, hid outside and secretly looked at home. At this time, a woman in white came down from the flower tree and floated into his house. The poor man was stunned. He boldly entered the house and asked, “girl, who are you?” The woman had to tell him truthfully: “I am a gardenia fairy. When I came to the world, I didn’t adapt to the growth of the human environment and climate. You helped me when I was in danger. You are my benefactor. If you don’t dislike it, I’d like to marry you as my wife.” The poor man was so surprised that of course he would marry her.

After marriage, they took more care of the Gardenia in front of their door. The Gardenia fairy also cut off the branches of the gardenia and cut branches to reproduce. The Gardenia tree in front of their door grew into a forest. People smelled the fragrance, saw the elegant flowers, and wanted to raise them. They gave them Gardenia trees. From then on, every family raised gardenia. Among them, there is a woman who doesn’t know convergence and often attracts some no three no four men to fool around at home. She also raised a gardenia. When she was pregnant, she touched her. The green Gardenia tree wilted and died in a few days. People say gardenia is pure and doesn’t like dirty. It’s angry with that woman. Later, women in confinement at home generally don’t touch Gardenia trees.

Gardenia is the embodiment of a fairy. Women love her. Gardenia is also more and more prosperous in the world, bringing people a delicate and elegant fragrance.

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