Chinese fairy tale: Red ghost and blue ghost

Hell is the world of ghosts. There are all kinds of ghosts. One of the unlucky ghosts gave birth to two little ghosts. The big and small ghosts had red hair and were named Red ghosts; The little ghost has blue hair and is named blue ghost.

Unknowingly, the red ghost and the blue ghost have grown into ghosts. It’s time to go to the sun to practice.

Red ghost and blue ghost

That day, the unlucky ghost called the red ghost and the blue ghost and said, “children, people have humanity and ghosts have ghost methods. We do ‘unlucky ghosts’ to make people in the world unlucky. Every time we make everyone unlucky, our skills will increase by one point and your body shape will increase by one inch. You have grown up into ghosts. Go out and practice.”

The red ghost and the blue ghost had long wanted to go out for training. As soon as they listened to their father’s instructions, the two little ghosts jumped high and came to the sun excitedly.

Two little ghosts came to the entrance of a village and saw two people coming face-to-face on the path out of the village: in front of them was a strong man with a hoe on his shoulder, who was coming towards them bravely; Walking behind was a weak woman with a small basket in her hand. In the basket was half a basket of eggs. Behind her was a basket with a child in it.

The red ghost said to the blue ghost, “brother, we’re lucky. We’ll meet two unlucky guys as soon as we get to the sun. Let’s deal with one by ourselves. You’re a brother. You choose first.”

When the blue ghost heard that the red ghost asked him to pick first, he looked at them carefully. The strong man was tall and powerful, and the woman was small and weak, with a child on her back. It should be easy for the woman to deal with, so he said, “brother, I’ll choose the woman.”

Just then, the two men came to a fork in the road. The strong man turned into the path and walked to the ground, while the woman walked along the road to town. Seeing this, the red ghost winked at the blue ghost and followed the strong man, while the blue ghost waved to the red ghost and followed the woman to town.

When the strong man came to the field, he swung his hoe and wanted to hoe. Immediately following him, the red ghost made a small plan, and his fingers were a little empty. The strong man’s hoe suddenly loosened, and the hoe swung high hit down at once. It was hitting the strong man’s instep, and the bruises came out. The strong man was very angry and scolded, “why am I so unlucky? God doesn’t have eyes. Quit and go home!”

The red ghost made a successful start. He only felt that his bones were “clucking”. He knew that he had succeeded and was growing. He was not satisfied, but made persistent efforts. On the way home, he made another subtotal and let the other foot of the strong man step on a sharp bamboo pile. The strong man’s foot was immediately bleeding. The strong man was furious and shouted, “Ao Ao”, trying to hit the bamboo pile on the ground with a hoe. He didn’t even let go of the bamboo next to him. Unexpectedly, he was accidentally pulled by the rebound bamboo and his eyes were drawn into “radish flowers”. Now he was honest, so he had to curse, cover his eyes and stumble home. He didn’t know how many falls he fell all the way. When he got home, he was black and blue and unlucky. And what about the red ghost? He grew three inches at once.

Red ghost is very scheming. He thinks this strong man seems to cooperate with him and is a good bully. The red ghost had a unique sense of achievement, so he decided to continue to operate on the strong man and followed him to his home. The strong man wanted to cook something to eat, but the red ghost started again. If he had a little finger, the fire could not be lit. The strong man was furious and kicked at the stove. Well, the stove was kicked and the pot was broken

In the next few days, the strong man couldn’t cook. He was so hungry that his chest was close to his back. He looked like an unlucky man, just like a beggar. He wanted to beg for something to eat at his neighbor’s house, but as soon as he came to the door, he was caught by his neighbor. It turned out that the neighbor had just lost a hen. Seeing his unkempt appearance, he couldn’t recognize him. He suspected that he had stolen it. Without asking, he went up with a shoulder pole.

The man couldn’t stand this. He was furious. Without saying a word, he rushed over and fought with others. Finally, he accidentally killed others and was locked up in the prison of the government, waiting for the beheading after autumn.

The red ghost teased the strong man so unlucky that he suddenly developed a lot of skills and was tall and big. He was about to surpass his ghost father.

A month later, the red ghost and the blue Ghost returned home. Seeing that the red ghost was about to surpass his father, the blue ghost was very strange and asked him how to deal with the strong man. The red ghost told the story in detail, and then asked, “Why are you shorter than when you go out? Can’t you even deal with a weak woman?”

The blue ghost sighed and said, “Alas, you are lucky. I chose the wrong person. Although the woman is weak, she is strong in her heart. Alas, why am I so unlucky?”

Now it’s red ghost’s turn to be curious. He asked incomprehensibly, “we are unlucky. We are born to make others unlucky. How can you let that woman make yourself unlucky?”

The blue ghost told the red ghost that after breaking up with the red ghost, he always followed the woman behind him. When the woman crossed a stream, he immediately flicked his little finger and let the woman step on the slippery pebbles. The woman suddenly lost her center of gravity. The blue ghost was happy. He thought that she would be unlucky whether she fell forward or backward. She would break an egg forward and fall a child later

Who knows, after shaking twice, the woman sat down on the stone of the stream, neither falling the child nor falling the egg. Although she fell very hard, she patted her chest and said again and again, God bless, good luck, neither falling the child nor falling the egg. God bless!

The blue ghost was stunned by this scene. He never dreamed of such a result. He followed the woman to the market. On the way, he caught a snake and put it into her egg basket when the woman wasn’t paying attention. When the woman was selling eggs, someone saw the snake and shouted with fear. But the woman picked up the snake without changing her face and put it into the basket as if nothing had happened. She said that the snake was a domestic snake. It was not poisonous and did not bite. The baby often played with them.

Suddenly, the people around were very curious. Looking at the little doll playing happily with the snake, they all thought that the little doll was very cute. Everyone gave him a lot of delicious and fun, even the basket couldn’t fit.

The blue ghost didn’t succeed twice, but he didn’t give up and followed the woman back home. Suddenly it rained heavily. When the blue ghost saw the rain, he secretly made a cruel move to leak the roof of the woman’s house, and the rain poured in. Now, that woman must have bad luck!

Who knows, the woman calmly poured out the water in the big water tank, buckled it obliquely on the ground, padded the bedding, placed the child, and repaired the roof in coir raincoat. Coincidentally, a man walking at night came. Seeing the woman working on the roof, he came to help her repair the roof. Seeing that the woman was not anxious or impatient, the man asked the woman curiously, “why don’t you panic and complain when you encounter such a big misfortune?”

The woman smiled and said, “people can have bad luck, but they can’t have bad luck. When they are entangled by bad luck, take out more energy and spirit to defeat him and let the unlucky ghost roll as far as he can!”

The man admired it very much. When he learned that the woman’s husband was ill and died, he expressed his willingness to take care of their mother and son. The woman was very happy and generously agreed, so they became a family happily… Speaking of this, the blue ghost sighed again: “Alas, I have carefully designed three rounds. Who knows, not only did I not let her down, but also facilitated a marriage by mistake. Therefore, my body is not long, but smaller than before. I want to find an unlucky ghost, but I have become an unlucky ghost!”

At this time, the voice of the unlucky father rang: “Now you see, some people are weak, but their hearts are strong and have their own ways to break; while some people seem tall, but their hearts are fragile. A little bit of bad luck will lead to a vicious circle. Remember, the next time you look for bad luck, you can’t just look at the appearance. You should be good at observing people’s hearts. Only those with weak hearts are true “You’re the unlucky one!”

The red ghost and the blue ghost found that their father had quietly come to them when they exchanged their experiences.

After listening to his father’s words, the blue ghost thought deeply, nodded at his father and the red ghost, and said, “I continue to experience. I will never go home until I grow to the shape of the red ghost!”

With that, he went out without looking back

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