Chinese fairy tale: Sun Moon lock throat

That evening, Lu Yu craftsman finally finished a set of work and looked at it carefully. He was a little uneasy. It was a set of carefully crafted work that took him a month. This is a set of jade plugs. To put it bluntly, it is something that blocks the ears, nose, mouth and anus of the dead. The jade plug was made by Shen Ergou, the big boss in the jade market, for his wife. The material is ordinary Nanyang jade, and the shape is also designed by Shen Ergou himself. Let Lu jade craftsman do the same.

The jade craftsman Lu didn’t care at first. When he finished it, he looked carefully. Suddenly, he was shocked. The style of the jade plug was quite strange, and an old turtle perched on the top.

Craftsman Lu Yu took out the ancient book and found this picture. He was so surprised that his jaw almost fell to the ground. This is called the old turtle town soul map. The soul of the dead can’t get out of the body forever. Although it was a false legend, Lu Yu craftsman was still frightened. Last year, Shen Ergou divorced his wife and married him. He sent him an invitation. Shen Ergou was a big man in the jade market. He dared not go, and chucked a expensive gift to the banquet. At the banquet, he met Shen Er Gou’s new wife, just in her early twenties, as beautiful as flowers. Just a year later, Shen Er dog was tired of playing and killed her, and still wanted to suppress her ghost? Craftsman Lu Yu is too lazy to think about it. He is a businessman. He works for whoever pays. He is not the Public Security Bureau.

Chinese fairy tale: Sun Moon lock throat

Shen Er dog slapped 20000 processing fees on the counter, took things and left. Lu Yujiang still couldn’t help asking, “how to design such a style?” Shen Er Gou stared at him, and he immediately kept silent.

In the evening, craftsman Lu Yu bought some marinated meat and went back to the store to reward himself. He drank a small wine. Suddenly, he found two more jade pendants in the counter, one as bright as the sun and the other as green as the moon.

Lu Yu craftsman thought he looked at the flower eyes and calmed down. The two jade pendants moved. He picked up the jade pendants and stared at him with a face below. He slowly bled in his eyes and spit out his scarlet tongue. Lu Yu craftsman shouted in fear.

Lu Yujiang fell on the small dinner table with a painful forehead. It was a fearful dream. However, his mind was very clear that it was a beautiful woman’s face.

Dream gem

Lu Yujiang had no mood to drink the wine, so he took off his clothes and went to bed. Just about to close her eyes, I don’t know when a woman came into the store and turned her back to him. Lu Yujiang looked sideways in surprise. The woman took out an electric arc furnace, plugged it in, and poured several things into the furnace to melt. Lu Yujiang knew these things. They were bauxite, coal and iron filings. He was stunned and puzzled. The woman stopped smelting and took out a ball of things from the furnace, which was crystal clear and blue. Without stopping, the woman continued to put things into the electric arc furnace, this time bauxite, boric acid and chromium oxide. After smelting for a while, the woman took out a mass of things from the furnace. It was as red as blood. Under the reflection of the light, it was brilliant and dazzling, like dawn and sunset.

Ruby Sapphire! Lu Yujiang was very surprised. He wanted to get up and felt soft all over. The woman carved two gemstones with Lu Yujiang’s tools and soon cut them into two jade pendants, one as bright as the sun and the other as green as the moon. The woman turned around with two jade pendants. Suddenly, her eyes were bleeding, her scarlet tongue came out, and her face was ferocious. She walked step by step, waved her hands and stuck the two jade pendants on Lu Yujiang’s neck.

Lu Yujiang was terrified and struggled desperately, but the more the woman got stuck, the tighter he was. He was almost suffocating. He was so frightened that he shouted and jumped up. It turned out to be another nightmare. Craftsman Lu Yu touched his neck and felt a hot pain and a cold behind him. During this time, he always had nightmares, and tonight’s nightmares were particularly clear.

In the morning, Lu Yujiang had breakfast and went into the jade market. He has a job. When he has no job, he often wanders around the market, collects some secondhand jade goods and sells them to make a small fortune. When he didn’t arrive at the market in January, he found that there was another small stall in the market. The stall was surrounded by people. He walked over and found that the stall owner was a young woman who seemed familiar. The woman also saw him and looked at him with fixed eyes. Lu Yu’s heart jumped. The woman’s face was the same as that in her dream. He was stunned. The two customers got up and left. As they walked, they said, “the green and red stone jade is also good, but it’s not as good as her sister Yanhong.”

“Unfortunately, I didn’t buy one. I heard that Yanhong died for a pair of jade pendants.”

“Yes, I’ve heard that she’s not easy to die.”

“Don’t talk nonsense. Why isn’t she easy to die?”

“If it’s good to die, how can more than one person hear Yanhong calling in the market at night and return her jade pendant?”

Somehow, craftsman Lu Yu suddenly felt a burst of chest tightness and walked away quickly.

Jade murder

When Lu Yujiang turned to noon, he didn’t find anything, but he was hungry. He turned and went to a restaurant and had dinner. In his mind, he still thought about the Qinghong jade stall. Yanhong and Qinghong were sisters and set up jade stalls. But Yanhong died. Was it Yanhong who entered his dream?

He was meditating and saw Shen Er dog coming out of the elegant room drunk. He hurried to say hello. Shen Er dog didn’t even look at him. He walked up with his neck raised, said to the boss, and walked away. The boss didn’t dare to say anything. When he saw that he was gone, he scolded: “this dog has made a fortune and the whole family has become the king of heaven! His wife came to dinner yesterday and didn’t give any money. She was picky. She really regarded herself as the queen mother. Bah!”

Lu Yujiang was stunned and blurted out, “Shen Er Gou’s wife is not dead?” the boss looked at him and said, “who says his wife is dead and lives well. Every time he comes to eat for nothing, he takes it for nothing when he leaves.”

Lu Yu craftsman was surprised: so, Shen Er dog didn’t make the jade plug for his wife. Who’s the ghost of the town?

When it comes to shener dog, the diners talk. Someone elongates and says, “you can’t be convinced. This scoundrel ran to Tianshan Mountain in Xinjiang, built a 20 kilometer mountain road, got back a three ton jade and put it at the door of his house, shaking!”

Lu Yujiang had dinner and was very curious. He wanted to know what the three ton jade was like. He got up and went to Shen Ergou’s house.

Shen Ergou’s home is in a corner of the jade market. At this time, it is very lively. The people watching jade are crowded on three floors inside and three floors outside. Shen Er dog sat at the table happily drinking tea and negotiating the price with the buyer.

The round jade was placed on the wooden frame. Master Lu didn’t come near. He looked at the huge stone with green light from a distance and envied a thief. Suddenly, he found that the boulder moved and thought he was blind. He blinked and listened to a “click”, the wooden frame scattered and the crowd scattered. The jade fell down and rolled straight to shen’er dog. Shen’er dog was stunned. Before he could react, the jade crushed him to the ground, ran him over from foot to head, and stopped. Shen’er dog’s fat body was like a pool of mud, red and white

Sun Moon lock throat

Lu Yu was stunned and stood there in a daze. He didn’t get over it until the police came to pick up Shen er’s muddy body. He was lost and rushed back to the shop and fell asleep.

Lu Yujiang woke up in the early morning. As soon as I opened my eyes, I found the two jade pendants in the counter. The jade pendant floated up. He was stunned and thought he was dreaming again. He looked at the lamp and pinched his hand. This was not a dream.

Jade peas like as two peas with hair standing on end, and he is up and down in the air. He climbs up and a wind swept in front of him. A woman appears in the air. He looks like a green red. He reaches for two jade peels and wept.

The woman’s cry was clearly discernible and went into Lu Yu’s ear without missing a word: “Yanhong is bitter! Her father and uncles went to Myanmar to dig jade. Unexpectedly, there was a mining accident. Her father and uncles were all buried in the mine. Yanhong took the precious stones they dug and carved them into jade articles for sale in the market. When she met Shen Er dog, she fell in love with the ruby emerald jade pendant and offered a high price to buy it. Unexpectedly, Shen Er dog was a tiger wolf. He cheated Yanhong’s Sun Moon pair A pair of jade pendants were forged with artificial gemstones, but they said that Yanhong’s jade pendants were fake. Yanhong couldn’t swallow the breath and found the jade craftsman who made the fake jade pendants. Unexpectedly, the jade craftsman promised to testify for Yanhong face to face, but informed Shen Ergou behind his back. Shen Ergou ran to tie Yanhong away, hid Yanhong in the secret room and raped Yanhong. Yanhong’s hands and feet were locked, and she was in great pain. She shouted and cursed Shen Ergou day and night, and Shen Ergou became angry and ashamed Kill Yanhong angrily, and poor Yanhong goes to hell… ”

Craftsman Lu was like a thunderclap on his head when he heard what he said. Yanhong went to this jade market to sell jade wares a year ago. A pair of ruby and emerald jade pendants made a sensation, but Shen Er Gou got them first. He took two artificial Ruby and emerald gems and asked craftsman Lu to quickly imitate a pair. For a processing fee of 50000 yuan, craftsman Lu worked day and night to help Shen Er Gou cheat the sun and moon dual pendants. Yanhong made a thorough investigation and secret investigation, Find Lu Yujiang and ask him to testify that he wants to return the sun and moon double wear. Lu Yujiang flatters Shen Ergou and informs him secretly. For this reason, Shen Ergou gives him 100000 sealing fee.

Now, craftsman Lu Yu knows why he has nightmares.

At this time, Yanhong was crying blood in her eyes and forced to come over with her double wear and tightly stuck to Lu Yujiang’s neck. He wanted to run, couldn’t lift his feet, wanted to shout and couldn’t make a sound.

Lu Yujiang finally understood: Shen Er Gou’s set of soul stopping jade plug originally wanted to stop Yanhong’s ghost, but it still didn’t stop. Yanhong’s ghost came for revenge

For three days, the neighbors didn’t see Master Lu open the door. They shouted for a long time, but they didn’t see the news of Master Lu. They opened the door and found Master Lu lying upright on the bed. His body was stiff. Strangely, he grabbed two jade stones with both hands, stuck his neck tightly, and stuck himself to death.

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