Chinese fairy tale: The story and origin of the Chinese Zodiac chicken

Chicken king is a competitive guy. He makes trouble and fights all day. When the Jade Emperor granted the zodiac, he considered whether animals contributed to mankind, and of course the chicken king could not be ranked. One day, the chicken king saw that the horse that had been granted the Chinese Zodiac was loved by people. He was very envious, so he came forward and asked, “brother Ma, what do you rely on for today’s honor?” Ma replied, “I farm and transport goods in peacetime, rush forward in wartime, and make great contributions to mankind. Of course, I should be loved.” Ma said, “it’s not difficult to get people’s love, as long as you can give full play to your strengths and do something for people. Take animals that have been given the zodiac as an example. Cattle can farm, dogs can guard the door, pigs can provide meat for people, dragons can rain, and you are born with a golden voice. Maybe it will help humans. ”

When the chicken king returned home, he thought about it and finally thought of waking up the sleeping people with his golden voice. Therefore, at dawn every day, the chicken king got up early, opened his voice and sang to wake people from their sleep. People were very grateful for the contribution of the chicken king and decided to ask the Jade Emperor to make the chicken a zodiac animal and grant it a God.

The story and origin of the Chinese Zodiac chicken

However, at that time, the jade emperor only granted the zodiac standard to animals, not birds. Horses, cattle, sheep and dogs among the six animals had a share, but there was no chicken. Now he was worried about the chicken king. He flushed his eyes and shouted his neck, but there was no result.

One night, the chicken King couldn’t figure it out. He couldn’t sleep over and over. A ghost flew directly to the heavenly palace, came to the Jade Emperor’s palace and cried to the Jade Emperor. He worked every morning to arouse all sentient beings. He made great contributions, but didn’t let him be selected into the zodiac. He really couldn’t figure it out. After that, tears flowed. The Jade Emperor thought that the merit of the chicken king was really great, and his standard for selecting the zodiac was really wrong, so he took off a flower in front of the temple and put it on the chicken King’s head to show his appreciation.

When the chicken King woke up, he found a red flower on his head, so he wore red flowers to see the four heavenly kings. The four heavenly kings recognized that it was the “Royal furnace red flower” of the Jade Emperor. Knowing that the Jade Emperor valued the chicken king, he made an exception to let the chicken King participate in the competition of the Chinese zodiac. On the day of competing for the zodiac, the chicken and the dog got up at the same time and went in parallel. When they were close to the heavenly palace, the chicken was afraid that the dog would touch it first, so they even flew and rushed to the front. The dog rushed to catch up and never caught up. As a result, it ranked behind the chicken. From then on, the dog no longer liked the chicken and chased the chicken when he saw it. Until today, the remaining anger has not disappeared. The phenomenon of “the dog chases the chicken away” can be seen so far. The chicken is still red faced. Every morning, Si Chen wears a beautiful big red flower on his head.

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