Chinese fairy tale: The story of Fu Xi’s birth

It is said that in the far northwest of China, there is a country called “Huaxu country”. The country is so far away that you can’t get there whether you walk, take a boat or take a bus. This country is a happy land. There are no governments and leaders here, and ordinary people have no desires and hobbies. Therefore, people here not only live a happy and happy life, but also live a long life. They fell into the water and could not drown, they fell into the fire and could not burn, and they walked flat in the sky. People living here can be said to be immortals on the earth.

The story of Fu Xi's birth

In this blissful land, there was a beautiful girl. Once, she went to “Leize”, a very beautiful swamp in the East. She happened to see a giant’s footprints in zebian. She thought the footprints were strange and fun. She wanted to compare the size of the footprints, so she stepped on the giant’s footprints with her own feet. Who knows that she had a certain feeling when she stepped on them, Later, she became pregnant and gave birth to a boy named “Fuxi”.

The main god of “Leize” is Thor, and he left the huge footprints, so people say that Fuxi is the son of Thor. Fuxi did look like Thor, a human face and snake body. Moreover, he could go to heaven freely along a ladder.

Fuxi made great contributions to people. He once drew eight trigrams, which included all kinds of things in heaven and earth, so people used it to record all kinds of things in life at that time. Fuxi also invented fishing nets. At that time, people used to go fishing in rivers with wooden sticks. It was very difficult to catch fish. Fu Xi taught people to weave ropes into fishing nets. With this technology, people could catch many fish. His men were also inspired by his fishing net, weaving a bird net according to his method and teaching people to catch birds. These inventions provide good and applicable tools for people to improve their living conditions.

Not to mention these, Fuxi’s greatest contribution to people is that he brought fire to people. Before that, people ate raw and cold food. When eating meat, fishy raw meat often makes people have stomach diseases and bad stomachs; Eating raw wild vegetables and fruits makes people indigestion. Seeing all this, Fu Xi was very sad.

Once, when he came to Tianshan Mountain, he happened to encounter a heavy thunderstorm. Suddenly, lightning and thunder were very terrible. Suddenly, a big fire broke out in the mountain forest. It turned out that lightning ignited the dry trees. At this time, many small animals were burned to death. Fuxi picked up these small animals and tasted them. They were very delicious. So Fu Xi left the fire. He spread the fire to everyone and taught people to cook food with fire. People are strong and strong after eating baked food. They are very powerful in fishing and hunting. Moreover, people have fewer and fewer diseases.

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