Chinese fairy tale: The story of the frog at the bottom of the well

A frog lives in a waste well. One day, the frog met a big turtle from the sea by the well.

The story of the frog at the bottom of the well

The frog boasted to the turtle:

“You see, how happy I am living here! Sometimes when I’m happy, I jump around the well fence for a while; when I’m tired, I go back to the well and sleep next to the brick hole. Or I just leave my head and mouth and soak my whole body in the water quietly: or I take a walk in the soft mud, which is also very comfortable. Look at those shrimp and TAD shrimp, no one can catch up with me. Moreover, I’m in this well Master, you are very free in this well. Why don’t you often visit the well! “

The turtle listened to the frog and really wanted to go in and have a look. But its left foot had not been fully extended, and its right foot had tripped. He quickly stepped back two steps and told the frog the situation of the sea

“Have you seen the sea? The sea is vast, which is thousands of miles; the depth of the sea is thousands of feet. In ancient times, there were nine floods in ten years, and the water in the sea did not rise much; later, the water in the sea was not much shallower in seven early morning in eight years. It can be seen that the sea is not affected by drought and flood. It is really happy to live in such a sea!”

After listening to the turtle’s words, the well frog stayed there in surprise and had nothing to say.

The frog at the bottom of the well means that the frog at the bottom of the well can only see a sky as big as the wellhead. It’s a metaphor for a narrow-minded person.

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