Chinese fairy tale: The story of Zhuan Xu in Gaoyang

Zhuan Xu is said to be the great grandson of the Yellow Emperor. His grandfather’s name was Chang Yi and his father’s name was Han Liu. The appearance of Korean wave is strange, with a long neck and half the length of the body; The ear is very small. It looks like a small hole from the outside; His mouth is like a pig’s, but his nostrils are far from his lips; He is very rough and has skin like a unicorn. The most incredible thing is that his two legs are connected together. Zhuanxu’s birth was strange. His mother, Nvshu, went out to see the moon at night. She saw a Yao light shining from the moon, like a beautiful rainbow across the sky and hidden into Nvshu’s belly. In this way, Nvshu was pregnant with Zhuanxu.

Chinese fairy tale

Zhuanxu was very likable since childhood. He often came up with ways that adults didn’t think of, so he was most loved by his uncle SHAOHAO. Zhuan Xu was also granted to Gaoyang early because he helped SHAOHAO govern the world. Because people at that time often took the place name as their surname, people called Zhuan Xu Gaoyang surname or Gaoyang Zhuanxu.

When Zhuanxu grew up, he ascended the throne of the central Heavenly Emperor. Because of his intelligence and ability, he has done many earth shaking events.

The first important thing he did was to send the great God Chonghe Li to cut off the passage between heaven and earth, and then separate heaven and earth. Originally, there are roads between heaven and earth, which is the legendary “Heaven ladder”, which is on Kunlun mountain. The gods in the sky can come to the ground through the ladder. In the past, Chi Youben had become the God of Tianshan Mountain, but later he found an opportunity to sneak to the ground to compete for the position of the central Heavenly Emperor. For this reason, the world suffered a terrible disaster. Those who have wisdom and courage in the world can also climb to the sky through the ladder. Zhuanxu finally made such a decision in order not to let the evil gods in heaven disturb the world. Following Zhuan Xu’s orders, the great God Chong and the great God Li stretched out their huge and furry arms, one trying to lift the sky up and the other trying to press the ground down. In this way, the ladder was broken, and the distance between heaven and earth was farther and farther away. Now, there is no way to connect between heaven and earth. The God of heaven can no longer come to the earth casually, and it is even more difficult for people on earth to go to heaven.

After the separation of heaven and earth, Zhuanxu further sent the great God in charge of heaven and the great God Li in charge of earth. The great God Li later gave birth to a son called “choking”. He helped Chonghe Li manage the time and sequence of the sun, moon and stars, making the operation of heaven and earth orderly. Therefore, choking has become the God of time in mythology.

The second important thing Zhuan Xu did was to stipulate the etiquette and law in the world. It is said that he made such a rule: when a woman meets a man on the road, she must make way for him. If the woman does not give way to the man passing by, the woman will be punished. She will be pulled to the crossroads and called wizards to work around her for three days to get rid of her evil spirit. After finishing the Dharma, you will be subject to other penalties. In this way, when women see men on the road, they will run away and turn around. Zhuanxu also stipulated that brother and sister could not get married. It is said that at that time, a brother and sister secretly married and married. Zhuan Xu knew this. In his anger, he locked the couple who had incest in disregard of his authority in a deep mountain cave on Kongtong mountain, and blocked the cave with a big stone. The brother and sister were cold and hungry. They hugged each other tightly to keep warm. Finally, they starved to death in the mountains and valleys. Later, a bird came by chance. It was a divine bird. Seeing that the couple had died so pitifully, it took the immortal grass that could revive people and brought them back to life. But their bodies were completely stuck together and could not be separated. They became a strange man with two heads, four hands and four feet. Their descendants are as strange as they are. These strange people form a new tribe called “Meng Shuang”.

Gao Yang Zhuanxu was a calm, intelligent, profound and resourceful man. In addition to doing the above major events, he also developed different agriculture according to different geographical conditions in different regions. More importantly, he was able to observe the sky, understand the changing laws of the sun, moon and stars, and the replacement of the four seasons, so he formulated the “Zhuanxu calendar”. The Zhuanxu calendar set a year as 360 days, with October as the starting month and September as the end month of the current lunar calendar, which was a quite scientific calendar at that time.

Zhuanxu had many children, but most of them were unworthy. The first three sons died soon after birth. One came to the Yangtze River and became a malaria ghost. He spread malaria germs to the world during floods, causing people to suffer from cold and heat diseases and play tricks. One ran to Ruoshui and became a monster. The monster’s eyes were red and transparent. He had nothing to do, so he imitated people’s voice to deceive and harm people. Another became a child ghost and often came out to frighten children in the world. These three are all harmful things. In order to get rid of them, on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month every year, people beat waist drums to make all kinds of paper horses of King Kong and arhat, which are led by a strong man wearing a ghost mask to march back and forth in the village to drive out the demons and ghosts that bring people diseases and disasters.

Zhuanxu also had a son named poor Zen, who was the kitchen god worshipped by every family. Every year on the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, we will go to heaven to report all kinds of things on earth to the Jade Emperor. People are afraid that he will speak ill of him in heaven. They will offer all kinds of fruits, fish and vegetarian food on this day to entertain him.

Zhuanxu had a daughter who later became a strange bird. This bird has nine heads, so it’s called nine birds. Some are also called nocturnal women. This kind of bird usually doesn’t come out during the day, but hides in a deserted place with feathers. But at night, it fades its feathers and becomes a woman, grabbing other people’s children for food.

Zhuan Xu had been in power for 78 years and was over 90 years old when he ascended to heaven. It is said that many strange changes took place between heaven and earth after his death. When the cold north wind blows from the north in winter, the underground spring will rise out of the ground due to the strong wind, and the water on the ground will overflow. The snake in the cave is forced to climb to the ground and become a strange fish. At this time, Zhuanxu’s soul was attached to the fish while the snake was transformed into a fish, so as to change from death to life. The resurrected Zhuanxu was half fish and half human. People call this strange animal “fish woman”, probably because the changed fish became his wife and saved his life.

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