Chinese Historical Story: Kill two birds with one stone

Chang Sun Sheng was from Luoyang in the Northern Zhou Dynasty. He is resourceful and excellent in martial arts. At the age of 18, he became a military attache of the forbidden east palace. But it was Yang Jian, the Duke of the Sui Dynasty, who really appreciated him. Once, Yang Jian, the Duke of the Sui Dynasty, accidentally talked to him. He found that he was brave and resourceful, and determined that he would become a famous general in the future.

At that time, the northern nomadic Turkic leaders took pictures, got along well with the Northern Zhou Dynasty and sent envoys to each other. In order to show off their strength, both sides selected brave and wise people as messengers, but arrogant photographers despised most of the messengers sent by the Northern Zhou Dynasty.

Kill two birds with one stone

Once, Chang Sun Sheng was sent to accompany Zheng Shi Yuwen Shen Qing to the Turks. After seeing Chang Sun Sheng in the photo, he changed his contempt for the envoys of the Northern Zhou Dynasty and asked Yuwen Shenqing to keep Chang Sun Sheng. Yuwen Shenqing agreed to take the picture, and Chang Sun Sheng stayed in the Turks. After a whole year, the photographer still asked Chang Sun Sheng to continue to follow him and didn’t let him go back to the Northern Zhou Dynasty. Moreover, whenever the photographer went hunting, he always had to be accompanied by Chang Sun Sheng.

One day, in front of the felt tent, I saw two big Eagles hovering in the air, competing for a piece of meat. He called Chang Sun Sheng with great interest, and asked someone to take two arrows to Chang Sun Sheng and ordered him to shoot down the two eagles.

Chang Sun Sheng took the arrow, quickly turned over, got on his horse and galloped away. He gradually got close to the position of the big eagle. He pulled his bow and arrow, identified the target, and shot through the chest of the two big Eagles! The two eagles fell to the ground together. Chang Sun Sheng’s superb archery of killing two birds with one stone won the cheers of the Turkic soldiers present. He was also very happy to take pictures. He ordered to reward Chang Sun Sheng and asked his subordinates to learn archery from Chang Sun Sheng.

Later, Yang Jian seized the power of the Northern Zhou Dynasty and established the Sui Dynasty. Turkic and other minority countries took the opportunity to attack the Sui Dynasty and avenge the Northern Zhou Dynasty. At this time, Chang Sun Sheng had returned to the Sui Dynasty. He helped Yang Jian repel the Turkic invasion many times with his wisdom, bravery and understanding of the internal situation of the Turks.

Killing two birds with one stone means: it is a metaphor for doing one thing to achieve two purposes.

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