Chinese legend: bluestone Dragon

There is a reef on Daishan Island, which stretches to the sea and looks like a stone dragon from a distance. Local fishermen call it “stone green dragon”. It is said that this is the remains of the green dragon here by Hailong Wang town.

A long time ago, Qinglong was a guard general in the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea. The Qinglong general did what he ordered from the top and responded to every request from the bottom. Sometimes they become fishermen and go ashore to observe the people’s conditions. If the land on the island is cracked and the people are affected, they secretly absorb the east sea water and turn it into rain and dew to save the people from drought. Therefore, the local people respect him very much.

Once, the Jade Emperor ordered to select a capable general to serve in the heaven in the Crystal Palace of the East China Sea. The Sea Dragon King reluctantly gave up his love and sent his most proud general Qinglong up. On the day Qinglong left, the sea dragon king went all the way to the sea and said to Qinglong:

“I specially elected general Rong Sheng. I hope you don’t forget the birthplace of Donghai dragon palace when you arrive in Tianting!” Qinglong thanked him again and again.

After the green dragon went to heaven, the jade emperor named him the general on duty in Lingxiao hall. In the first few years, like in the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea, Qinglong was able to cope with up, down, left and right, and had a good life. Later, he met a palace maid white tiger star beside the queen mother. He often had contact with her. Over time, the two sides gradually developed love. When they met, they always flirted with each other. However, the laws and regulations of the heavenly court were so strict that they could not talk about their feelings together. As the days went on, they felt more and more uneasy Zi about the heavenly court.

Chinese legend

One day, when the Green Dragon Star and the white tiger star were serving the Jade Emperor and the queen mother in the harem, they met again. This time, when they saw no one around, they took the courage to speak. They really fell in love and agreed to elope with each other on the night of the Queen Mother’s birthday feast and when the gods went to the peach festival to make friends forever.

Finally, on this day, they sneaked out of Xitian yaochi and hurried to Nantian gate. Just when they were happy, unexpectedly, bursts of bells and drums came from Lingxiao hall, the South Gate slammed shut, and the four King Kong stopped their way.

The Jade Emperor was so angry that his beard turned up when he learned that they were both thinking of everything and eloped secretly, that he ordered the merit CaO on duty to escort the green dragon and the white tiger for interrogation. Green Dragon Star and white tiger star are deeply in love. In such a situation, they are not afraid of anything. In front of the Jade Emperor, they say that they love each other and are willing to be punished by heaven. They just ask for permission to marry them. This angered the Jade Emperor even more. He immediately ordered the Green Dragon Star to be demoted back to the East China Sea and the white tiger star to be punished to the earth. The two stars are permanently separated and shall not meet! Qinglongxing returned to Donghai dragon palace with grief and anger. I thought the Dragon King treated him well. After returning to the East China Sea, I wanted to ask the sea dragon king to intercede and find the white tiger star. Unexpectedly, the Sea Dragon King is also bullying. Last time Qinglong went to heaven, he smiled and flattered desperately. This time, Qinglong returned to the East China Sea, but he was unusually cold. He sat high on the crystal chair and said to Qinglong faintly:

“This time you have been demoted in violation of heaven’s rules, and you can’t be used as important as you used to be. It’s not a good job to send you as a tide pushing God, but it’s not bad for you!”

Qinglong thanked the Sea Dragon King and silently withdrew from the Crystal Palace. From then on, Qinglong became the tide pushing God. He pushed two tides a day, worked hard and did not make any mistakes. But he couldn’t get away. He couldn’t find the white tiger star. He only missed her bitterly.

Besides, white tiger star, after being punished to the mortal world, became a maid in an official family in Zhenhai. Once, there was a flood in Zhenhai, the houses collapsed, people and animals drowned, and the county city was a vast white water world, many?? The body floated along the flood to the East China Sea and the ocean. The official maid was also half drowned. She drifted and drifted with the flood. Finally, she was blown to a beach on Daishan island by wind and waves. I don’t know how many days passed, the white tiger star woke up and saw a white haired old man standing next to her. Only then did one know that the local land saved her. The white tiger star told her tragic experience again and asked the land father-in-law to help her find out the whereabouts of Qinglong. The land father-in-law sympathized with them and quietly told her that qinglongxing had been the tide pushing God in this area since he was demoted to the East China Sea. The white tiger star thanked the land father-in-law and rushed to meet him immediately.

One starry night, white tiger star and Green Dragon Star, a couple in need, met again after a long separation. They were happy and sad, and poured out their bitter love for each other. Unexpectedly, the crab Spirit sent by the sea dragon king to monitor the Green Dragon Star saw it and hurried to report it to the sea dragon king. The sea dragon king was angry:

“Good! The Green Dragon Star and the white tiger star violated the rules of heaven in the heavenly court and violated the official rules in our dragon palace. It’s really an aggravating crime!”

Immediately, Fu ordered to place baihuxing town under a mountain in the northwest of Daishan Island, which was later called “Baihu mountain”; Qinglongli town is located on a reef in the southeast of Daishan Island, which was later called qinglongan reef. Qinglongxing and baihuxing suffered a lot for Zi you and love. Finally, they were pressed to the bottom of the mountain by the sea dragon king. They will never be a couple. However, the people did not sell the accounts of the Sea Dragon King at all. Instead, they missed this loving lover even more.

Every new year’s Eve, the residents of the island will stick “green dragon paper” with a dragon picture on the water tank, rice tank and vegetable cabinet at home to commemorate it.

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