Chinese Legend: Folklore of screw Gang

Many years ago, most of the residents near snail Hill lived by fishing. There was an old fisherman who had no children and his wife died early, leaving him alone. Because he was not far from the river, he fished every day to make a living.

On this day, as usual, the old fisherman got up early, put on his fishing net and went out. But his luck was really bad. He cast the net several times in a row, but only caught a few small fish. At this time, there was a sudden strong wind, and the originally calm river raised layers of huge waves. The old fisherman looked at the heart of the river and saw the fish jumping out of the water frequently. With years of experience in fishing, he thought that if he cast a net near the center of the river, he would catch a lot of fish. So the old fisherman threw a net into the middle of the river regardless of the wind and waves. However, when he slowly closed the net, he found that there was only a small fish with red body and colorful scales.

Folklore of screw Gang

Seeing that the sun was about to set, the old fisherman had no choice but to go home with his fishing net. Back home, the old fisherman lay on the broken bed to rest and thought: today is really unlucky. He not only didn’t catch a few fish, but also encountered a big storm. Thinking, he seemed to hear someone crying. The old fisherman was very strange. There was no one else at home. Where did the sound come from? He followed the sound and found that it came from the fish basket. He quickly opened the fish basket and saw the little red fish’s mouth talking to him: “Sir, I’m the little daughter of the Dragon King. I was caught by you because I secretly ran out to play today. Please let me go. I can meet your requirements.”

When Nanfei River finished, a string of tears came out of the little red fish’s eyes. The old fisherman saw that the little red fish was very poor, so he put it back into the river. The little red fish returned to the river and said to the old fisherman, “thank you! If you need any help from me in the future, just shout “red fish girl” three times. ” With that, the little red fish wagged its tail and swam away. The old fisherman looked at the river and was surprised. He quickly kowtowed and knelt down.

It was late at night when he got home, and the old fisherman’s stomach was already hungry. He opened the door and saw steaming food on the table. Without much thought, the old fisherman quickly wolfed down his food. After eating, the old fisherman was very happy and thought: good people still have good returns. Today, he saved the little red fish in exchange for a full meal. But if only I could eat this hot and delicious meal every day! Strange to say, since that day, no matter how late the old fisherman came back from fishing, the table was always full of delicious meals.

A bully named Diao Xiaosan in the neighboring village knew this strange thing. He couldn’t help thinking that there was no one in the old fisherman’s family, but he could produce a lot of delicious meals every day. Did the old man have any treasure in his house? Diao Xiaosan turned his eyes and thought of the old fisherman.

“March snail and April clam” is a folk proverb of Qianjiang River, which means that March and April is a good season for Qianjiang to be rich in snails and clams. Snails have delicious taste and high nutritional value. They can also clear away heat and water, dehumidify and detoxify. One day, Diao Xiaosan broke into the old fisherman’s house with some tough thugs and saw the old fisherman eating. Diao Xiaosan walked up to the old fisherman and said fiercely, “old man, I heard something strange happened to your family. Tell me honestly, is there any treasure hidden in your house? Take it out quickly, or I’ll kill you! ”

The honest fisherman saw that Diao Xiaosan was so arrogant. Looking at the big men beside him, he couldn’t help sweating. He had to tell Diao Xiaosan how he saved the little red fish and how the little red fish rewarded himself.

After hearing this, Diao Xiaosan was skeptical and said to the old fisherman, “I want a treasure today. If what you said is true, let the little red fish come to me quickly; If it’s not true, don’t blame me for being rude! ”

The old fisherman had no choice but to run to the river to call little red fish and ask little red fish to give him a treasure. When the old fisherman came home, a golden ingot appeared on the table. Diao Xiaosan finally believed this time, picked up the ingot and ran away happily.

However, the old fisherman’s life has not been much better since then. Diao Xiaosan is insatiable. Knowing that the old fisherman has such ability, he runs to bully and lure the old fisherman to give him gold ingots. The kind fisherman did it every time, but he didn’t know that every time the little red fish gave him a treasure, he would drop a scale.

After a long time, all the scales on the little red fish fell off, and it had no gold ingots to give. The old fisherman couldn’t get the gold ingot. Diao Xiaosan thought he was playing tricks with himself. He was very angry and ordered the servant to beat the old fisherman with a thick stick. The old fisherman could not stand their beating and was soon killed.

At this time, a beautiful woman suddenly floated down in the sky. She went to the dead old fisherman and cried sadly. Tears fell into the old fisherman’s eyes, and the old fisherman miraculously resurrected. The woman immediately turned into a colored stone, emitting thousands of rays of light, killing Diao Xiaosan and the thugs. Then the colored stone turned into a wisp of smoke and disappeared without a trace.

From then on, the old fisherman lived a peaceful life again. The treasures that Diao Xiaosan asked for from the old fisherman turned into empty shells of snails everywhere, piled up into posts. So people call it snail hill.

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