Chinese Legend: How did the pattern on the cat’s head come from

The mother cat felt very sad because she had no children. One day, she went to her good friend’s mother weasel to complain.

“Why don’t you move to me?” The mother weasel said, “I have many children. You can help me raise them together. You share my housework and my joy. ”

How did the pattern on the cat's head come from

The mother cat agreed and moved her house right away.

Since then, the mother cat and the mother weasel have become a family. Because they had to eat a lot of mice, they divided their work: the female weasel took care of hunting and the female cat took care of the children at home. In this way, everything inside and outside is arranged in order.

One morning, the female weasel went out hunting again. Before leaving, he specially asked the mother cat to say:

“I’m always worried about the youngest child, because it’s thinner than my brothers and sisters. You should pay special attention to it.”

The mother cat promised that there would be no problem. But as soon as the female weasel left, the female cat showed her fierce face. He has long been jealous of the female weasel. For several days, he has been trying his best to find the opportunity to steal the little weasel. He thought it was appropriate to start today, so after he sent the other little weasels to school, he picked up the smallest one and slipped out quietly.

When the female weasel came back from hunting, she found that the youngest child and the female cat were gone. She was surprised at first, and then worried. He looked around the house carefully, asking furniture as he looked. Ask the pot first, and the pot answers you don’t know; He asked the jar again, and the jar replied that he didn’t see it; Ask chunmi mortar again. Chunmi mortar can’t answer clearly.

Why? It turned out that the female cat threatened them, and they didn’t dare to say.

Later, when the sewing needle saw that the mother weasel was so anxious that she was very upset, she opened her mouth: “I know what’s going on. Your good friend, the mother cat, took the child away. You are so honest! Don’t you realize that your mother is so jealous of you? This kind of immoral thing. It will do it sooner or later… ”

The female weasel immediately ran to the female cat’s house. The female cat was not there. The female weasel estimated that the female cat might have gone to the king of cat country, Glau Saka, and ran to the palace. Under a tamarind tree, there was a big dance ground, where the king met the people. At this time, many cats gathered on the dance floor, clapping their hands and singing. The female weasel walked around the field and didn’t see her so-called good friend.

What about this? The weasel opened his mind. He remembered that the female cat liked dancing very much. It happened that she also had a good voice, so she began to sing dance songs. He guessed that the female cat must be hiding somewhere, and the dancing song might lead out the bad conscience guy.

Sure enough, the mother cat was hiding because she had done something bad, but as soon as she heard the beautiful song of the mother weasel, she couldn’t help it any longer and ran into the field and danced.

The female weasel didn’t move at first. When the female cat jumped for a while, she was a little tired and couldn’t run. Then she rushed over and slapped the female cat in the face.

As soon as the female cat saw the female weasel, she was so ashamed that she turned her head and ran home. She didn’t dare to come out for a long time. In this way, the little weasel returned to the mother weasel.

From then on, the cat and the weasel were no longer friends. Now, you see, there are patterns between the two ears on the top of the cat’s head. That’s the finger print made by the female weasel.

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