Chinese Legend: Kill the Python

On the east of Khao Lak, there is a python that often comes out to kill the living creatures. Especially at night, its two eyes emitted a green light and shot up to the mountain of Quarakkak, which was more than ten miles away. If a man is seen by it, he will be sucked and eaten by it. If it is a young and beautiful woman, it will capture and rape her. Since the appearance of this python, people in the vicinity of dozens of miles are frightened. In order to take refuge, many people left their homes with their children and fled to faraway places, so that the area around Kangte Black Mountain and Quaruk Quar Mountain became less and less populated.

In this area, there was a young hunter named Lutai who had just got married. He was not only brave and strong, but also very good at hunting. One day, Lutui told his new wife, “I want to go hunting in the Croaking Mountains. “His wife advised him, “People say that there is a python on the mountain of Kantheshan and Quarokkak, and it is too dangerous for you to go there. However, the brave Lutui did not care about it and did not believe it was true, so he insisted on going there for hunting. If there is really a python on the mountain, as they say, I will shoot it and make shoes for you out of its skin. In the past, I often encountered some wolves, tigers and leopards and other fierce beasts. But I was safe and sound. Believe me, this time will also be fine.”

The wife saw that her husband had made up his mind, so she couldn’t dissuade him anymore. However, there was always a sense of foreboding that made her feel restless. Before leaving, she said to her husband, “Take off one of your white sheepskin shoes and put on one of my flower shoes!” This confused and puzzled her husband. “Ahem what is this for? A man wearing a woman’s flowery shoe, if people see it, they will laugh at it.” However, the affectionate wife insisted, “If you don’t change your shoes, I won’t let you go hunting. I will put on one of your white sheepskin shoes so that I can think of you all the time.” The wife is actually worried about him in case of any accidents, so that there is a sign when looking for. As she spoke, her handsome eyes were filled with tears. Lutui could not bear to make his wife so sad, so he did as she said.

Lutui left his wife and walked and walked, and walked a long way to the mountain of Quarakkak. He hunted all day and caught many beasts. At night he came to a lawn among the pines, set up a campfire, and lay down to rest. At that moment, two cold green lights suddenly came from the opposite side of the black mountain of Kant. Lutui premonition things are not good, the heart thought, this must be the python spirit appeared. He jumped up from the ground with one bone, hastily set up a bow and arrow, to shoot at the python. But suddenly, an irresistible powerful suction force to him, he suddenly felt powerless. In this way, the brave and strong young hunter was sucked into the mouth of the python and eaten.

Chinese Legend

When the bad news came, Lutui’s wife was heartbroken. She was a strong woman and was determined to avenge her husband’s death in the mountain of Quarakkak. When people heard the news, they all came to advise her not to go. These words, but even more aroused her hatred of Python, and more firmly her determination to eliminate Python. Since then, she spent the day thinking of ways to get rid of Python.

The news of the Python swallowing people, and soon spread to the Toji House, the Toji issued a list to get rid of the Python who can get rid of the Python, he would like to give up the official position of Toji, and can be inherited for generations.

But the list was posted for a long time, no one dared to unveil the list. Later, the news was known by Lutui’s wife, she resolutely unveiled the list, and came to the Toji’s residence. Seeing that she was a woman, the old toast asked her uneasily what you wanted to use to get rid of the python, and Lutui’s wife said: “I just need a white cloth, a red cloth, a jar of wine, and then send some people to follow behind and follow my orders. If you hear me shout: Harry Ahonah, the people behind you will advance, if I shout, fold back Ahonah, the people behind you will hurry back. As long as everything is done according to what I say, I can guarantee that I will definitely get rid of the python spirit.”

The old toast listened to the words of Lu push wife, although it is half-hearted, but they can not think of any better way to, also agreed to her conditions.

It was a moonlit night when Lutui’s wife, with a team of strong, brave and fearless boys, quietly came to the mountain of Quailuqa. She told them to hide secretly in the bushes, but she bravely stood in front of the cave where the python lived. At this time, the python found that someone had come, and shot two green and creepy light from his eyes, slowly wriggling out of the cave with a long and thick body.

Just out of the cave, the python suddenly found in front of a handsome and extraordinary, graceful, beautiful woman like a fairy, happy to forget anything, the mouth can not help but flow out of the saliva. Python thought: I’m really lucky today, I ran into such a beautiful woman, I really should enjoy a good time.

So the python said in a strange way to Lu Push’s wife: “Who are you, how dare you, not even afraid of death, come to my hole. You know what? I can suck in hundreds of big cows with just a slight suck, and my eyes can melt away whatever I look at. Are you tired of living. Take the initiative to come to the door to die today.” Lutui’s wife was unafraid, and she said to the python spirit, “I am the wife of the hunter Lutui. My husband was killed by you, I came here to find his bones.”

After hearing this, the python laughed strangely and said, “You came to me to find your husband’s bones. He was indeed eaten by me, but in my cave, there are countless bones of men, can you recognize which one is your husband’s bones?”

“I can recognize it. Because on my husband’s two feet, one wore white shoes and the other wore flower shoes.” Lutui’s wife replied.

At this point, the python’s nostrils suddenly drifted into a mellow and sweet smell of wine, and then looked at the beautiful woman carrying an object in her hand from which the smell of wine came, and it asked Lutui’s wife impatiently: “What is that thing you are carrying in your hand?”

“This is a gift for you, a good old wine that has been kept for a hundred years.” Lutui’s wife said. The Burning of Books and Confucianism

In 213 B.C. (the 34th year of Qin Shi Huang), Qin Shi Huang held a celebration in his palace in Xianyang in order to add Guilin, Xiang and Nanhai counties last year, and this year the great general Meng Tian defeated Xiongnu and added a Shuofang county, adding four counties in two years and carrying out the country’s territory. The ministers all gave him a toast and wished him good health. One of them, a minister named Zhou Qingchen, prepared a celebration speech, which was to the following effect: “Once the state of Qin had only a thousand miles of land, but now, by the wise act of the emperor, he has pacified the sea and unified the country; he has abolished all the vassals and lords and changed them into counties and counties, and has blown away all the barbarians on the border; he has unified the laws of the country; the chariots and tracks have a certain size, and the writing has a certain standard. standard. The people under heaven were able to live and work in peace and happiness, and no longer suffered the hardships of war. Has any king since ancient times ever done such a great thing?” When Qin Shi Huang heard this, he was quite pleased. That Confucian leader, Chun Yu Yue of Qi, thought to himself, “If I don’t retort again, I won’t have a chance.” He stood up and said, “The king of Zhou divided the land among his sons and meritorious officials and told them to work together to assist the court. The Zhou dynasty enjoyed the world for more than eight hundred years. Now the emperor has won the world, but his own sons and meritorious ministers don’t even have a piece of land. What if something happens to a few counties? No matter what you do, if you don’t treat the ancients as teachers, you won’t be able to grow. Just now Qingchen’s words were all flattering to the emperor, telling him to leave the right path. Such people who underestimate the ancients and flatter people to their faces are never loyal ministers!” As soon as Qin Shi Huang saw the two ministers arguing, he asked the other ministers what they had to say.

Li Si stood up and said, “The causes of the five emperors were different, and it is not a case of taking what happened to the previous one and doing it again; nor are the systems of the three generations different, and it is not a case of each generation copying the system of the previous one again. This is not to say that they were not willing to learn from the ancients, but to come up with a new and special pattern; it is entirely because the times have changed, and the methods are certainly different. Now the emperor has created a great cause that has never been seen since ancient times. The ordinary Confucian scholars had never even heard of it and could not even think of it. What do they know? What Chun Yu Yue said is an old account of the past three generations, but what use is it today? In the past, when the powers were in disarray and the vassals were fighting, those who read books made up sages and preached from the past. Not to say how good in ancient times, that is, how bad today. The poetry and calligraphy of a hundred schools of thought are discussed. In fact, it is not useful at all. This group of people who study simply will not work, not to study the real learning. They do not know how to cultivate the land, how to grow vegetables, how to plant trees, how to cure diseases, how to manage the people, how to enforce the criminal law – they do not know these, and do not go deeper. They just know how to memorize a few ancient texts, and with their mouths, they criticize the imperial court, reversing right and wrong, saying whatever comes to mind. Now that the world is unified and the system is unified, it is only necessary to pay attention to the laws and regulations, to persuade farmers and workers, and to ask them to work hard. The most important thing is to get up and work, not to sit and talk nonsense. The court’s decree should be respected to be useful. But this group of Confucian students as soon as they see the new law, they will take out the ancient books to compare, to see if there is such a law in ancient times. If they could not find any basis in the ancient books, they would argue endlessly with each other. Some of them even create rumors and slander the court. If things go on like this, how can the country still behave? How can all the things that should be reformed be carried out? Therefore, I ask the emperor to order: Except for the history of Qin and those useful books, such as medicine, divination, tree planting, and decrees, all other poems, books, and speeches of the hundred schools of thought should be burned. Anyone who hid them privately would be punished; anyone who said such books orally would be guilty of death; anyone who took ancient arguments to oppose the present decrees would also be guilty of death. I have finished my words and ask the emperor to decide.”

The ministers, after listening to Li Si’s great speech, some did not dare to object, some could not say why they objected, and the group saw that Qin Shi Huang listened to one sentence and nodded his head, so they had to nod along. Qin Shi Huang approved Li Si’s proposal and immediately ordered the burning of poetry, books and books of the hundred schools. The Confucian scholars, once they saw that their power was over, could not speak with their mouths and could not write with their pens, so they had to discuss their solutions behind their backs.

Although Qin Shi Huang was a capable man, but he had too many things to do. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. After the annexation of the six countries, he personally went out almost every year to tour everywhere. From the northwest to the southwest, from the north to the south, from the west to the east, he traveled almost all the major mountains and rivers in China. He had to personally approve the official documents of all counties and counties in order to keep the state power in his own hands. He had to work until midnight and could not rest. Day after day, he is the iron can not stand. He not only wants to eat the tonic to strengthen the body and brain, but also wants to find the immortal formula for immortality. As the saying goes, “Be an emperor to be a god.” This is true for Qin Shi Huang. Some of the businessmen doing the tonic trade and go to the jianghu Fang Shi would like to make a fortune. Some of them took the unorthodox earth recipes, made pills, and said it was an immortal elixir; some cheated the emperor of a sum of money, saying that they were going to collect immortal medicine for him. In this way, the real spiritual tonic has not been done, Qin Shi Huang wanted to be a god of the news can be spread all over the world. The group of the prescriptions cheated the money, can not seek the medicine, fearing that once Qin Shi Huang to do their crime. Because the Qin state has a decree: if the test does not work, the death penalty will be set for serious crimes. Hou Sheng and Lu Sheng, the leaders of the magicians, told the Confucian scholars behind their backs, “The First Emperor is a despotic tyrant. Under him, the doctors, the magicians, the dream tellers, the star readers, and the weather readers, could only say flattering words, but could not criticize his faults. If he is so greedy for power, we can’t help him to seek immortal medicine.” The Confucian scholars and the Buddhist monks were always mixing together, and now, as Hou Sheng and Lu Sheng were opposing the autocratic dictatorship of Qin Shi Huang behind his back, the Confucian scholars criticized him again, citing the scriptures.

As soon as Qin Shi Huang heard that the Confucian scholars and the Buddhist monks were talking again, he sent his inner circle to spy on them secretly. He also prepared to arrest some people who opposed him, the first one being Hou Sheng and the second one being Lu Sheng. He was about to send his men to arrest them, but to his surprise, these two men had long since run away. Only then did Qin Shi Huang realize that they had an inside man. He then asked the imperial historian to bring those Confucian scholars and monks who were suspected of opposing the emperor for interrogation. The first thing he knew was that the people were shivering before they were tortured, and they gave up a large number of people. The first emperor of Qin buried alive the four hundred and sixty people who thought they had broken the ban, and sent those who had broken the ban to the frontier to clear the land. The first emperor killed a handful of Confucian scholars and scholars, and from then on he not only had a grudge against Confucianism of the Confucian school of Confucius and Mencius, but also the people who followed him as a typical tyrant.

The eldest son, Fusu, being a generous man, advised his father not to deal with the Confucians in this way, saying, “All these Confucians follow the example of Confucius, and I fear that the world will be disturbed if I now deal with them with such severe penalties.” Qin Shi Huang thought that Fusu did not understand these things, and how could he govern the world without suppressing the rebellious party? He asked Fu Su to go to Shang County to supervise Meng Tian’s army. Fu Su thought differently from his father. He always felt that the burning of books and Confucianism was an atrocity. He was afraid that if things went on like this, the world would not be peaceful! Fu Su did not know: the burning of books and Confucianism was not too big for the people of the world, but if the rule of Qin intensified oppression of the people and tyranny, its rule would not last long. The nobles of the six old states still refused to die, and they wanted to restore the old warring states at any time and anywhere, and the world would not be peaceful.

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