Chinese Legend: Legend of Luofeng mountain

On the Bank of Xiyi River, at the east end of Wangzhuang village, there is half a thatched cottage in which the honest and honest Wang Xiao lives. His parents died when he was young. He lived alone and depended on firewood.

That day, I was gathering firewood on the mountain. I saw a big bird flying from the southeast and falling on the middle of the mountain, emitting thousands of golden lights. Standing for a while, the wings shook and flew away. Wang Xiao ran over and saw a coin making money underground. He picked it up and put it in his pocket. After collecting firewood, he felt hot and thirsty on his way home. He put down his pick and climbed up the hawthorn tree beside the road to pick hawthorn and eat it. When the tree came down, one old and one young, Wang Xiao heard them say:

“Master, what do we need a copper coin for?”

Legend of Luofeng mountain

“That’s a treasure. Put it in the sea with a red silk thread. The Dragon King will invite you in and give you whatever you want.”

After the two of them left, Wang Xiao came down from the tree and thought: the Phoenix does not fall into the land without treasure. The bird may be the Phoenix. This money making may be the baby they said. He was determined to try.

Wang Xiao walked for half a month to the east coast. He took out the copper money, tied it with red silk thread and threw it into the sea. Immediately the sea was choppy and the sea was churning. Soon, two water forks came up in the sea and invited Wang Xiao into the Dragon Palace. The dragon king personally greeted and hosted a banquet. During the dinner, the Dragon King asked Wang Xiao, “I don’t know what magic the hero uses to boil the East China Sea.” Wang Xiao took out the copper money and handed it to the Dragon King. The Dragon King knew the treasure: “what a sea money. There is only one in the world. It’s really valuable!” Seeing the praise of the Dragon King, Wang said, “the dragon king likes it, so I’ll give it to you.” The Dragon King was surprised and pleased: “thank you for your gift. There are many treasures in our dragon palace. You can choose whatever you want. ” Wang Xiao saw a Golden Bell dog with a bell around his neck, wagging his head and tail and jumping. I thought: if I want to have this spirit as my companion, I won’t be alone at night, so I said, “I like this golden Petunia very much.” The Dragon King was shocked and his face changed color. It turned out that the dog was his favorite princess Sanniang. She heard that mortals came into the palace and pestered her father to see it. The girl was inconvenient to appear in public, so she became a golden Petunia. Although the Dragon King was reluctant, he had a word in advance and couldn’t refuse, so he had to agree.

Wang Xiao took the Golden Bell dog home and put it in the house. As before, he locked the door, took the shoulder pole and went up the mountain to collect firewood. When I came back at noon, I opened the door and saw that there were hot meals on the table. Wang carefully thought it was sent by his neighbor. After eating, he went to fetch firewood. There was still a table of food back. It was the same for three days in a row. Wang Xiaohao wondered. That day, he pretended to fetch firewood and secretly hid in the rotten mat barrel. At noon, she saw the little bell dog rolling and becoming a handsome woman. She took the paper and folded it, hinged it with scissors, blew a breath, and immediately appeared a table of rice. Wang Xiao came out of the seat tube. The woman was shy. She told Wang Xiao about her life experience and said she was willing to marry Wang Xiao. Wang Xiao promised and worshipped heaven and earth in half a hut.

Three days later, in the evening, the Dragon girl three Niang twisted paper with scissors and blew fairy air. She got up on the flat ground and hugged the platform and palace. The couple lived in.

When the matter came to the palace, King Xue came to see it with all civil and military officials. Seeing that Sanniang was beautiful and malicious, the faint king told Wang’s novel, “you should drill twelve wells in front of the door, there should be a weeping willow next to the well, and there should be two carp weighing half a kilo in the well. If you can’t do one thing tomorrow, take Sanniang as your replacement. ” With that, Wang Xiao was worried. Sanniang said, “don’t worry, sir. When King Xue comes tomorrow, he will naturally have nothing to say.”

Early the next morning, King Xue came and saw twelve wells with fish jumping and water moving, twelve naked weeping willows blowing and branches shaking. King Xue looked silly, but before he was reconciled, he told Wang’s novel: “there are twenty horses in your yard, all with pink nose, pink eye and pink belly. They all sit pretty women immediately. I won’t go today. I’ll live in your living room. I’ll see it when I get up tomorrow. ” As soon as Wang Xiaoyi saw Sanniang’s eyes, he agreed. Sanniang gave a banquet to entertain King Xue’s subjects. King Xue went to sleep after eating and drinking. When he woke up tomorrow, he saw that it was no worse than what he wanted, so he shouted and had a good time in the yard. King Xue couldn’t defeat Wang Xiao. Although he was unhappy, he had no choice but to go back. The third Niang came forward and said, “King Xue, I don’t know if you like it when the people’s daughter contributes a plaything?” Then he handed over a small animal with a fist as big as a mouse. When King Xue saw it, he really loved it. Asked, “what is it? How to feed? ” Sanniang said, “it’s called disaster. It only eats pig iron and drinks sesame oil.” King Xue thought, “there is plenty of sesame oil, not to mention pig iron.” So he brought disaster back to the palace.

King Xue sent someone to feed the disaster. The longer the little thing grew, the bigger it ate. The pig iron in the city was eaten up and the sesame oil was drunk. King Xue ordered the whole country to be expropriated. Later, the whole country ate and drank up. King Xue had no choice but to ask someone to lead the disaster out and throw it away. But the disaster was big and the gate was small, so King Xue asked him to kill the disaster. Unexpectedly, when a hundred warriors shouted and stabbed at the disaster with a knife, the edge of the knife spewed fire, and immediately the flames rushed to the sky. King Xue and his ministers fled, and the palace was reduced to ashes.

Later, King Xue enlisted civilian men and lined up to hand transfer the old bricks that had demolished Xuecheng’s wall to Yanzhou and build Yanzhou’s house. This formed a allegorical saying, which demolished Xue Cheng Gaiyan’s house hand in hand. The Luofeng mountain in Mushi town was called Dongshan before this story. Wang Xiaodong Debao proved that the bird was a Phoenix. Since then, people have changed the name of Dongshan to Luofeng mountain.

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