Chinese Legend: Legends of Five Sacred Mountains in Guixu

Although the broken world was repaired by Nu Wa, it could not completely restore its original appearance after all. It is said that since then, the sky in the Northwest has tilted slightly, so the sun, moon and stars unconsciously want to run over there and fall to the tilted western sky; The land in the southeast has sunk into a deep pit, so the water in the rivers and streams can’t help running southeast, pouring the water source there, and it becomes the ocean.

People may worry: the water of rivers and streams pours into the ocean every day. Isn’t the ocean full one day? What if it is full and the sea water overflows? Will not mankind suffer another disaster?

Legends of Five Sacred Mountains in Guixu

Please don’t worry. It is said that in the east of the Bohai Sea, I don’t know that there is such a big gully (H è) hundreds of millions of miles away. It is so deep that it is almost bottomless. It is called “Guixu”. The water in the ocean flows here. The water in Guixu always keeps a normal state, neither increasing nor decreasing – Oh, since there is such a bottomless gully to accommodate the water of all rivers and oceans, of course we don’t have to worry.

In the Guixu, there are five sacred mountains, namely y ú, Qi á o, fanghu and Y í n ɡ) Zhou, Penglai. Each sacred mountain is 30000 Li high and surrounded by 30000 Li. The distance between mountains is 70000 Li. There are palaces made of gold and railings made of white jade on the mountain, which are the happy homes of immortals. All the birds and animals on it are white. Pearl and jade trees grow everywhere. These trees also blossom and bear fruit. The fruit is jade and pearl. It tastes very good and can live forever. The immortals are all dressed in pure white clothes and have small wings on their backs. It is common for these little immortals to fly freely like birds on the sea and in the blue sky, and return (Hu á n) between the five sacred mountains to visit their relatives and friends. The life of immortals is really happy and happy.

In a happy life, there is only one bad thing: it turns out that the five sacred mountains are floating in the sea, and there is no root below. In case of storm, they will drift indefinitely, which is very inconvenient for the immortals to communicate with each other.

With such difficulties, they sent representatives to the emperor of heaven to complain.

Knowing this, the emperor of heaven was afraid that several sacred mountains would drift to the horizon and the gods would have no home to live in. So he called the Sea God Yu Qiang and sent 15 big turtles to carry the five sacred mountains on their backs. One is carried, and the other two are waiting below. They are exchanged once every 60000 years and bear it in turn.

In this way, the sacred mountain became stable, and the immortals living on the mountain lived happily and safely for tens of thousands of years.

Unexpectedly, one year, an adult from Longbo came here and made an unintentional trouble.

Probably because he was idle and bored, he brought a fishing rod and went fishing in the ocean. After a few steps, he traveled around these sacred mountains. He raised his fishing rod and caught six big turtles one after another. Regardless of the three, seven and twenty-one, he carried these turtles and went home. Poor Daiyu and Yuanqiao, two sacred mountains, drifted to the north pole and sank in the sea. The immortals who lived on the two sacred mountains moved hurriedly, flying around in the sky with cage tents, so tired that they were sweating.

When the emperor of heaven knew this, he was furious, so he reduced the land of Longbo country and shortened the stature of the people of Longbo country, so as to prevent them from going out and causing trouble everywhere. To Fuxi (x) ī) In Shennong’s time, although the size of the people in this country had been shortened to be no shorter, according to ordinary people at that time, they were still dozens of feet long.

Of the Five Sacred Mountains in Guixu, two sank and three remained, namely Penglai, abbot (i.e. fanghu) and Yingzhou. They also asked those big turtles to carry them on their backs well. They didn’t hear of any trouble for tens of thousands of years.

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