Chinese Legend: Offer a reward

Zheng Dashu, the vicious bandit leader, actually has no beard. His sharp scholar face is very white. Every time he took the bandits out of the mountain, he got a fake beard and pasted it on his face. Under his eye bag, it was dark and he couldn’t see his face at all. Who would have thought that this handsome man was Zheng bearded, a bandit who ate people’s hearts and skinned people.

However, Zheng bearded saw a reward notice for arresting himself at the gate of the old street city. In the reward notice, not only he, but also his second leader. What made his eyes angry was that the money offered to reward him was not as much as that of the second leader. There was a big difference!

Offer a reward

The onlookers said everything. In their words, they just guessed that Zheng’s beard had lost its power and had no previous ability. After hearing this, Zheng beard tried to jump up and tear down the notice several times. After all, he still suppressed the fire in his heart, bumped into the crowd and walked away. The reward will spread to the stronghold sooner or later. Zheng big beard imagined his brother in the stronghold. What would he think if he learned that this head on his neck is far less valuable than the second leader? What would you say?

Zheng beard will never forget his performance on the day when the second leader went up the mountain to join the gang. According to the rules of the stockade, all newcomers entering the mountain must “go through the hall” in order to try their courage. The so-called “Hall” is to let the new couple top a half arm high earthen pot, walk ten steps forward, then turn around, face Zheng beard, and don’t close your eyes. When everything was ready, Zheng big beard shot a dart, and the pots broke. At this time, Zheng beard will let his hand down to touch the new couple’s crotch to see if he has peed his pants. Those who hold on to their pants are brothers in the stronghold!

“Going to the hall” can not only let people see the new man’s courage, but also let the new man see his cold dart Zheng Dashu, which makes the new man convinced!

The second leader’s performance at that time made the brothers in the stockade talk for a full month. We have never seen such a rude newcomer since we had this cottage! That day, the second leader stood there bravely. The spirit of being arrogant made the men present feel cool. Zheng big beard suddenly roared and falsely shook a dart… If someone else had changed, he would have been scared to pee his pants. But the second leader was not moved at all. Not only that, he also stepped back a few steps, like provocation, and wanted to try the unique skill of Zheng Dashu.

Since then, Zheng dahuzi bluffed the second leader several times. The second leader still stood upright. Everyone can’t help clapping and cheering for the second leader. The cry shocked the mountain birds flying around! These two masters have already convinced their brothers in the stronghold before they enter the stronghold.

Over the years, in terms of ability, the second leader is not under his Zheng beard. On weekdays, the second leader is the first in everything, such as boxing, drinking, riding, wrestling and breaking hands and wrists. You know, these abilities can win over brothers most! And he Zheng bearded, two bowls of wine will not find the north, and his strength is not as strong as the second leader. Although he is a good dart, he feels like a dwarf after all. Not long ago, he was injured by a fall on a horse. He couldn’t be a director. In those days, the second leader took people down the mountain. What did they do with their backs?

At the thought of this, Zheng bearded stopped walking. He sat nearby on a big Bluestone, holding the dart in his hand, and looked at a place in a trance, which was quite chilly.

A few days later, Zheng beard asked the second leader to take some brothers to a place to kidnap. On their way, they happened to meet officers and soldiers. They were outnumbered and were beheaded on the spot. All the brothers in manzhai think it’s bad luck to be the second leader, except Zheng Dashu. On the day the second leader died, Zheng Dashu cried like a tearful man.

Less than a year after the death of the second leader, Zheng Dashu’s cottage was razed to the ground by the government. Zheng big beard didn’t expect to die. The reward notice was deliberately arranged by the new magistrate. In the past, the magistrate used this method to successfully break up a group of bandits when he was an official in northern Shandong.

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