Chinese Legend: Sloth Bear

Lazy Bear is very lazy, just like his name.

This day, his friends came to his house to play. As soon as they entered the door, the orange cat stepped on a banana peel and was fortunately helped by the jumping monkey. After helping the skinny kitten, the jumping monkey just sat down on the sofa to rest and relax, and “click! A sound, a tomato sat under the buttocks, jumping monkey’s new pants so the tomatoes painted a beautiful picture. The watermelon mouse was small and fast, he dodged the banana peel, climbed over the melon shell hill, and finally came to the lazy bear, before he could speak, he suddenly felt water dripping down from his head: “It still rains in your house?”

The lazy bear said slowly: “It’s not raining, it’s honey!”

The watermelon mouse touched his neck, sticky and fragrant, put it in his mouth and tasted it, but it was really honey: “Your house will rain honey?” The lazy bear laughed and pointed up with his finger, following his hand, the watermelon mouse found a jar of honey hanging upside down on the clothes rack.

Chinese Legend

“I can catch the honey and drink it without any effort when I lie down there!” Lazy Bear said rather smugly.

The orange cat was tired of standing and wanted to lean against the wall for a while when he “snapped!” I don’t know what was stuck to my back, it felt sticky.

“Oops, a big piece of chewing gum!” Jumping monkey found the secret behind the orange cat: “sticky quite firmly!”

Good guys, now the partners are standing also no place to stand, sit also no place to sit, do not know what to do well.

“Really can’t do anything with him!” “Let’s do it ourselves!” The partners helped the lazy bear clean up the room, more people have more power, a short time, the room was cleaned up.

The partners are not guests, simply as a sport. No, not only for sports, jumping monkey’s pants were tomatoes changed into flower pants, orange cat’s clothes were also chewing gum dressed up very “beautiful”.

“You’re too lazy!” “It’s nice to have a neat and tidy house!” When the partners are tired and want to go home, they still remind Lazy Bear.

But Lazy Bear sat on the sofa: “Help me to close the door!”

“Why don’t you close the door yourself?” Orange Cat asked.

“I’m too lazy to move!” Lazy Bear said slowly.

“I won’t close the door for you!” Watermelon Mouse was helpless.

“If you don’t close it, you don’t have to close it, it’s better to leave it open, it’s cool!”

“Snap!” Jumping monkey smoothly turned off the light: “Ha ha, see if you get up to turn on the light!”

“Good, I’ll go to sleep if you turn it off! Save me the trouble of getting up and turning off the light myself!” Lazy Bear said with a yawn.

The sloth bear’s door was still open and the lights were still off: “This sloth bear is so lazy!”

Lazy Bear was sleeping when there was a “thud!” in the house. Who is it?” Lazy Bear woke up from his dream, jumped out of bed, went to the door, turned on the light, and found a note that said, “Lazy Bear, Lazy Bear, Lazy Bear, won’t close the door without turning off the light, if you keep on being lazy, I’ll drink all your honey! Honey warrior!”

The lazy bear hurriedly closed the door tightly, “provoking the Honey Warrior? Can’t be lazy anymore, no honey to drink!”

The next day, the partners passed by Lazy Bear’s house and found Lazy Bear cleaning his room.

“Why are you so diligent?” Watermelon Mouse asked with a smile.

“You don’t know, yesterday the Honey Warrior came and warned me that if I’m still so lazy, he’ll drink all my honey!”

The orange cat snickered on one side, the jumping monkey laughed on the other side, the lazy bear would not know, where is the honey warrior, that is the partners came up with a way to make the lazy bear not lazy no way way.

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