Chinese Legend: The Cowherd and the Weaving Maid

According to legend, a long time ago, there was a wise and loyal child in a poor family. He heard from an old man that there was an old yellow cow lying in the Fu Niu Mountain, so he planned to go to the mountain and bring the cow back to plow the fields.

One day, he left his family, climbed over the mountains, crossed the 99 mountains, crossed the 99 streams, and finally saw the old bull lying on a big flat rock, already thin and bony, old and battered. So, he got down and kowtowed, shouted a cow uncle “and asked the old cow to follow him.

The old bull opened his eyes, silent, and then closed his eyes again.

He looked at the old bull a look of listlessness, thinking, the old bull must be hungry, and hands to the old bull gathers grass. He gathers, the old bull eating, he gathers a bundle of grass after a bundle of grass, but always can not supply the old bull to eat. In this way, the old cattle was he fed for three days. When the old bull was fed, he raised his head and said to him: “Son, I originally lived in the sky, when Pan Gu opened the heavens and earth, there was no grain on the ground, I stole the grain from the heavenly barn and scattered it down, angered the Jade Emperor, kicked me down from the heaven, broke my leg, and still can not move, my injury, need to wash the day with the dew of a hundred flowers to heal.

Chinese Legend

When the boy heard that, he was in no hurry to go down the mountain. Every morning, he went to pick a hundred flowers and used the dew on the flowers to clean the old bull’s wound. Hungry to eat the wild fruits on the mountain, thirsty will drink a few mouthfuls of mountain spring, sleep at night beside the old bull. The day soon passed, the old bull in the child’s careful care, finally can stand up, so they followed him home.

The child and the old bull depend on each other, the day to graze, the night and the old bull sleep together, so, people call him the cowherd.

Time passed by quietly, and in the blink of an eye, the cowherd had grown up. His sister-in-law proposed to split the family with the cowherd, the cowherd house and land do not want, he only want the old yellow cow, a bad cattle car, plus a broken suitcase. He put on the cow, put on the suitcase to the outside of the village to build a thatched shed, the cowboy and the old cattle on here to live.

The next day, the old bull spit out a tea bean from his mouth and nodded to the cowherd to plant the tea bean. The cowherd planted the tea beans in front of the door, and within a few days the tea beans grew seedlings, so the cowherd built a shelf, and after a few days, the tea beans seedlings will climb all over the shelf. The old bull said to him You hide under the tea bean frame at night, can see the fairies in the sky, the fairies in the sky can also see you, who if you peeked seven nights, then she is trying to be your wife, I will pull the car with you, to receive her to the mortal world, so that she and you get married.

At night, the cowherd went to the tea bean stand to look into the sky, and indeed saw a group of fairies in the jade pool inside the bath, before leaving, a fairy peeped at him. The next night, the fairy came to the jade pool alone and looked at the cowherd with a shy face. On the third night, she looked at the cowherd and smiled. On the fourth night, she nodded gently to the cowherd. On the fifth night, she brought out a basket of silkworms. On the sixth night she stole a loom. On the seventh night, she took the weaving shuttle and waved to the cowherd.

The cowherd and the fairy, one in heaven, one on earth. The cowherd expects the fairy to come down to earth, and the fairy expects the cowherd to marry her. On the seventh day of the seventh month, a magpie flew down from the sky and landed on the old bull’s head, telling him that the fairy had sent me to tell you to go and marry her.

So, the cowherd got into the car and sat on it. The old bull took off on all fours and soon arrived at the edge of the jade pool. The fairy and the cowherd sat side by side in the car, and soon returned home.

The cowherd married a beautiful and wise fairy. She raised silkworms and drew silk, and wove very beautiful satin. People say that her loom is brought from heaven, woven silk made of clothes, warm in winter and cool in summer, very comfortable to wear. People called her the weaver, after the news spread, the north and south of the sky merchants, all come to buy her woven silk.

Happy times always feel fast, before you know it, three years have passed. The weaver gave birth to a son and a daughter for the cowherd. Cowboy farming, weaving, their little life is very happy and sweet. Young girls and boys were very envious of them, they asked how they came together. So the cowherd pointed to the tea bean stand, told the original story of their acquaintance.

The boys and girls took the cowherd’s words to heart, when the tea beans ripe, they are scrambling to pick, planted to their own yard, but also secretly under the tea bean stand, to the sky, the boys look forward to seeing a peek at his fairy, and the girls look forward to seeing a peek at her fairy child. But they look forward to, look forward to, no one can realize their wishes, because they are not the help of the old bull.

So peacefully and quietly for a few years. One day, the cowherd was driving the old bull to plow the field, suddenly, the clear sky rolled a rumble of thunder. The old bull stopped in his tracks, looked at the cowherd, and tears welled up in his eyes, and said to the cowherd: “I have broken the law of heaven by taking the weaving girl down to heaven. Now the drums of heaven are beating, and my life is about to end. After my death, the weaving girl’s mother, Queen Mother, will come to break up your couple. You remember, skin me, eat the meat, you can become immortal, skin to make a pair of boots, wear can ascend to the sky. The old bull finished, and fell to the ground and died. The cowherd cried out in sadness, and followed the old bull’s instructions to do.

On the seventh day of the seventh month, the cowherd was hoeing in the field when his two children came running from home in tears. They hugged the cowherd’s legs and said that an old woman had come to the house and pulled their mother away from the loom without saying anything.

The cowherd knew that the Queen Mother must have come, hurriedly threw down the hoe, pulling a son and a daughter, the air to chase. When he was about to catch up, the Queen Mother plucked off the gold pin on her head and scratched her feet, and a big rolling river appeared. The river stopped the cowherd from moving forward, and the cowherd could only pull the child and stand by the river and cry out loud. The cries alerted the Jade Emperor, who saw a pair of poor children and was moved by compassion, so he asked them to meet once a year on the seventh day of the seventh month.

Cowherd family are missing, the people on the ground are feeling very strange. Because they usually treat people generously, so everyone also care about them. However, no matter how to inquire, looking, but no trace of their family, so someone thought up, to the tea bean stand down to see it. Standing there to the sky a look, people understand. Only to see a big river, waves rolling, the weaving girl standing on this side of the river crying, the cowherd pulling the children standing on the other side of the river crying. People wipe their tears out of the tea bean stand, to the sky and then look, found a starry night sky more than a wide and long silver belt, people call it the river. One side of the river has one more star, the other side has three more stars, people call it Vega and Altair.

Whenever people miss the Cowherd and the Weaving Maiden, they will stand under the tea bean stand and look at it. On the night of the seventh day of the seventh month, people suddenly saw the sky full of magpies swooping to the sky river, biting each other’s tails and building a magpie bridge. The Cowherd led a pair of children on the bridge, the Weaving Maid also got on the bridge, the family finally met on the Magpie Bridge.

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