Chinese Legend: The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea

The Eight Immortals are the eight immortals: Tie Kuan Li, Han Zhong Li, Lan Cai He, Zhang Guo Lao, He Xian Gu, Han Xiang Zi, Cao Guo Wu and Lu Dong Bin.

One day, the eight immortals to the Western Queen Mother birthday back, the cloud driving fog from the East China Sea over, only to see the sea waves, white waves, is spectacular. So, the eight immortals decided to play on the sea.

Lu Dongbin said, “How about we all throw our treasures onto the sea and use it to cross the ocean to compare who is more magical?”

Tie Kuan Li first welcomed this suggestion, and he said with great enthusiasm, “Yes! Let’s see what I do first!” Then he threw his walking stick into the sea, and the walking stick floated on the water like a boat, and Tie Kuan Li turned a somersault and stood on the walking stick.

Then Han Zhongli threw his banana fan into the sea and jumped down to stand on it.

Then, several other immortals also showed their magic, Zhang Guolao backwards riding a donkey, Lu Dongbin stepped on the female and male swords, Han Xiangzi sitting Xiao, He Xiangu riding a flower basket, Lan Caihe stood on the board, Cao Guoji stepped on the jade plate, all floating on the sea.

Eight immortals drifting peacefully along with the raging waves, which is very different from the clouds and fog feeling, there is a new excitement and mood, we play a good time.

At this time, Cao Guoji suddenly pointed his finger to the right and shouted.

“Look, everyone! There is a mirage there!”

Everyone turned their heads and saw an immortal mountain gradually rising from the sea, with trees and buildings on it, and in a moment it rose to mid-air and slowly became a floating cloud in the sky.

Han Xiangzi said: “We are really blessed! The mirage is the gas from the dragon in the sea, rare to see once in a century!”

Suddenly, Lan Caihe disappeared from among them. We look far and near, while looking for while shouting, but there is no trace of Lan Caihe, Zhang Guolao guess said.

“He did not welcome us to show our power on his sea, and took Lan Caihe to the Dragon Palace, let’s go to the Dragon Palace together to ask for someone!

Everyone came to the Dragon Palace, politely request the Dragon King to release people. Dragon King is unreasonable, not only refused, but also sent his sons to lead the shrimp soldiers and crab generals to chase the eight immortals. The Eight Immortals had to use their magic weapons to resist the shrimp soldiers and crab generals, after a fierce battle, the Dragon King’s two princes were killed by the Eight Immortals.

Dragon King heard that his two sons were killed by the Eight Immortals, really grief and anger to the utmost, Shang asked the South Sea, West Sea, North Sea Dragon King to help. Dragon King’s unrelenting, the Eight Immortals also gave fire. Tie Kuan Li used the wine gourd to suck up the sea water, the rest of the immortals will be moved over the Tarzan, thrown to the East China Sea, the East China Sea immediately turned into a high .

The two sides fought in the darkness of the sky, the sun and moon without light, the old monarch, Buddha and Goddess of Mercy were also alarmed, they all rushed to mediate. The result of the mediation was that the Blue Caihe sent the East Sea Dragon King two pieces of jade plate, as compensation for killing the two princes Tai Shan is responsible for moving back to the original place by the Goddess of Mercy.

Because of this dispute, the eight immortals by the Jade Emperor demoted first class. Since then, the eight immortals no longer dare to go outside to cause trouble.

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