Chinese Legend: The myth of working together to control water

During the period of Emperor Yao of China, the world was flooded. When he failed to control the flood, Yao sent his son Yu to control the flood.


Dayu led the people to control the flood and managed the Yellow River to the east of Mangshan Mountain. It was difficult to control the river to the East because there were Gonggong making trouble.

The myth of working together to control water

Gonggong is a bad God of water. He has a fierce temperament and is arrogant. He works against the Chinese people. When it is on a whim, it often exerts its divine power, calls the wind and rain, hurts the people all over the world with floods, and makes a good Chinese land a vast ocean. The people cried heaven and earth, suffering day and month.


Dayu found Gonggong and persuaded him not to call the wind and rain again, send floods to harm the people, leave a way for the Chinese people and accumulate some virtue. Gonggong didn’t listen to Dayu’s kind words and said, “what does it have to do with you if I send my flood?” Dayu didn’t want to deal with this bad God with inferior soul, so he had to come in the wind and go in the water, braved the wind and rain, looked at the terrain and looked for the way out of the Yellow River to the East.


When Gonggong saw that Dayu was determined to control the flood, dredge the Yellow River and let the Chinese people live a normal life, he immediately became angry and made almost all his divine power. The flood in the Central Plains overflowed everywhere, and the flood was even greater.


Dayu ran around and tried his best, but the water on the ground gathered more and more, and the water of the Yellow River also ran in all directions. The Yellow River couldn’t dredge the trouble caused by the joint workers. Dayu couldn’t bear it. He was determined to lead the people of China to expel the joint workers.


Dayu called Yinglong, Huanglong, Bailong and Canglong who followed him to control the flood, and encouraged the Chinese people to fight together. Gonggong has long been notorious for his evil deeds. People heard that Dayu was going to drive Gonggong away and came to the war one after another. Dayu led everyone to stop Gonggong in the water and the two sides fought.


After a whole month of war, Dayu took turns with the Chinese people. Gonggong was gradually exhausted. After losing the battle, he fled in panic, and Dayu pursued him. Seeing that he was doomed, Gonggong knelt down to Dayu and vowed never to invade China again and never do evil again. Dayu softened his heart and let Gonggong go.


After Dayu led the Chinese people to drive away the Gonggong, he worked hard to drain the flood, and ceaselessly dredged the Yellow River to the East China Sea, and built high, thick and very solid embankments on both sides of the Yellow River with the stones of Taihang Mountain.

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