Chinese Legend: The story of the laurel goddess

Legend 1:

They loved each other with Apollo, the eldest son of Zeus. Finally, one day Apollo finally couldn’t help his love for the laurel goddess and his pursuit of her.

But because Apollo himself was the sun god, his body gathered a lot of heat energy, which made laurel unbearable. So every time Apollo chased laurel, she would hide. In this way, after chasing and hiding, Yuegui finally couldn’t stand it. She shouted for help.

The story of the laurel goddess

Her father, river god Lynn, could not bear her daughter to suffer so much, so he split the earth into a big crack. Laurel jumped into a big tree and grew out of the crack.

Since then, this tree has been called laurel.

Apollo didn’t know why. He thought laurel would rather become a big tree than be with him. Until one day, he suddenly realized that it was because he was too hot that laurel turned into a big tree. Apollo vowed to leave a shelter for laurel forever. That is the sunspot we know now, the eternal shelter left in the heart of the sun god, the shelter left by him for laurel.

Legend 2:

Once Apollo saw Cupid playing with a bow and arrow. He warned Cupid impolitely, “Hello! Bows and arrows are very dangerous things. Children should not play with them. ” It turned out that Cupid, the little god of love, had two very special arrows: those who were shot by his sharp arrow made of gold would immediately ignite the passion of love in their hearts; If someone is shot by another blunt arrow made of lead, he will hate love very much.

Cupid was so unconvinced by Apollo. When Apollos didn’t pay attention, he shot the arrow of love at Apollo with a “whoosh”, and Apollo immediately lit the flame of love in his heart. Just then, a beautiful girl named Daphne came. Naughty cupid shot the lead blunt arrow at Daphne. Daphne, who was shot, immediately became very disgusted with love.

At this time, Apollo, who was shot by the arrow of love, had fallen deeply in love with Daphne, so he immediately expressed his love for Daphne.

But Daphne said unhappily, “go away! I hate love! Stay away from me! ” Then he ran to the valley like an antelope. But Apollo was not discouraged in the pursuit of Daphne. He took the harp and played beautiful music. No matter who heard Apollo’s piano, he couldn’t help coming to him and listening to him. Daphne, hiding in the mountains, also heard the beautiful sound of the piano and was unconsciously intoxicated“ Where did you get such a moving piano sound? I want to see who’s playing. ” With that, Daphne had already been fascinated by the sound of the piano and went to Apollo. Apollo, hiding behind a big stone and playing a harp, immediately jumped out and went forward to hug Daphne. Daphne saw Apollo and ran away. Apollo chased hard behind and shouted, “I’m not your enemy, nor a fierce beast, nor an unreasonable wild man. Why do you hide from me?” Although Apollo kept shouting to Daphne in the back, Daphne continued to run forward as if she hadn’t heard. But no matter how fast Daphne ran, she couldn’t run Apollo. After running for a long time, Daphne was exhausted and out of breath.

Finally, she fell to the ground and saw that Apollo was about to catch up. Daphne shouted anxiously, “help! Help! ” At this time, the river God heard Daphne’s cry for help and immediately turned her into a laurel with divine power. Daphne’s hair turned into leaves, her wrists into branches, her legs into trunk, her feet and toes into roots, deep into the soil. Apollo saw that he was very remorseful. He was very sad and wept with the laurel tree, but the laurel tree kept shaking. Although Daphne had become a laurel tree, Apollo still loved her.

Apollo stared at the laurel tree and said fondly, “although you can’t be my wife, I will love you forever. I will make my laurel from your branches and leaves, my harp from your wood, and my bow from your flowers. At the same time, I will give you eternal youth and no aging. ” Daphne, who became a laurel tree, was deeply moved and nodded her thanks.

Perhaps blessed by Apollo, laurel is evergreen all year round. It is a deeply loved plant.

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