Chinese Legend: The story of the old man under the moon

In the Tang Dynasty, there was a man named Wei Gu. Once, he traveled to song city and stayed in Nandian.

One night, when Wei Gu was wandering in the street, he saw an old man sitting on the ground in the moonlight, turning over a large and thick book, and a big cloth bag full of red rope.

The story of the old man under the moon

Wei Gu asked him curiously, “old uncle, what book are you reading?”

The old man replied, “this is a book recording the marriage of men and women all over the world.”

After hearing this, Wei Gu became more curious and asked, “what’s the use of the red rope in your bag?”

The old man smiled and said to Wei Gu, “these red ropes are used to tie the feet of husband and wife. No matter whether men and women are enemies or far away, as long as I tie these red ropes to their feet, they will make up and form a husband and wife.”

When Wei Gu heard this, he naturally wouldn’t believe it. He thought the old man was talking and playing with him, but he was still curious about the strange old man. When he wanted to ask him some questions, the old man had stood up, took his book and bag and walked to the rice market, and Wei Gu followed him.

When they arrived at the rice market, they saw a blind woman coming up with a little girl of about three years old. The old man said to Wei Gu, “the little girl in the blind woman’s hand is your future wife.”

Wei Gu was very angry. Thinking that the old man deliberately joked with him, he asked jianu to kill the little girl to see if he would become his wife in the future.

The domestic slave ran forward, stabbed the girl and ran away immediately. When Wei Gu was about to settle accounts with the old man, he had disappeared.

Time flies. Fourteen years later, Wei Guyi found a satisfactory object and was about to get married. The other party is the apple of the eye of Wang Tai, the governor of Xiangzhou. He is very beautiful, but there is no scar. Wei Gu felt very strange, so he asked his father-in-law, “why does his eyebrow have scars?”

After hearing this, the governor of Xiangzhou said, “it’s very angry. Fourteen years ago, in song city, one day, the nurse Chen held him from the rice market. A madman stabbed her for no reason. Fortunately, there was no life danger, leaving only this scar. It’s a great luck in misfortune!”

Wei Gu listened and was stunned. The past 14 years ago quickly came to his mind. He thought: is he the little girl he ordered his servant to assassinate? So he asked nervously, “is the babysitter a blind woman?”

Seeing that his son-in-law’s face was intentional and asked strangely, Wang Tai asked him, “yes, she is a blind woman, but how can you know?”

Wei Gu was very surprised when he confirmed all these times. He couldn’t answer for a moment. After a while, he calmed down, and then told the story of the old man under the moon in song city 14 years ago.

Wang Tai was also surprised.

Wei Gu realized that the old man under the moon was not joking. Their marriage was really decided by God.

Therefore, the couple cherish this marriage more and live a loving life.

Soon it spread to song city. In order to commemorate the appearance of the old man under the moon, the local people changed the South store into an “engagement store”.

The old man under the moon means: love God.

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