Chinese Legend: Ziji’er

On the day ziji’er was born, it was drizzling. Swallows flew in and out under the eaves, busy building nests.

Ziji’er’s mother leaned on the head of the bed with a tired face, but her pale and handsome face was full of smiles. She stared at her daughter, who looked like a powdery child wrapped in a brocade quilt.


On Ziji’s tender shoulder, there is a purple birthmark, which is sprinkled along the shoulder, like a bloody plum blossom.

The peach blossom stream clings closely to the Fengtai mountain and winds to the East. On the Bank of the stream, there are green bamboos and dense elm leaves and plum trees on both sides of the gravel path. There are several courtyards in the vertical depth, covered with thick green, shadowy, hidden and visible from time to time.

The three tiled houses close to the bamboo forest are ziji’er’s cousin’s house. At present, the firewood door is half closed, and several geese hold their heads high and vibrate their feathers, chasing and playing.

Lu Zifang was born in a bamboo carving family. He learned from his family since childhood. He is well-known and innovative. He is especially good at flowers, birds, fish and insects.

Lu Zifang is young and has a naughty temperament. He often goes hand in hand with his cousin ziji’er to catch crabs and shrimp. Tired, they sat side by side by the stream, their feet beating the water.

Ziji’er wore a blue jacket and the plum blossom birthmark on her shoulder was striking. Lu Zifang gently sketched along the edge of the birthmark with his fingers and said that Ji’er’s sister had a shoulder that would bloom.

When young Lu Zifang returned home, he put the black fish and green shrimp he touched into the jar. He changed his naughty appearance, held his breath and carefully observed the posture and charm of the living creatures for a long time.

After seeing enough, go to the garden to cut some green bamboo and come back and carve it.

Years later, ziji’er became a stunning beauty. Cousin Lu Zifang is not only handsome and free and easy, but also has increasingly exquisite carving skills, which are unparalleled in the world. The afternoon after the engagement wine, Lu Zifang took out a sandalwood box from his arms and handed it to Ji’er. When he opened it, a green plum blossom hairpin lay on the pink box.

Countless plum blossoms are carved on that hairpin, with different postures and density. The clean hairpin tail is empty, and the exquisite seal characters are left. From the hairpin, one, two and three… At first glance, it seems to float freely; Look, the flowers are getting denser; At the hairpin head, the plum blossoms are in full bloom like clouds and snow. There are flowers hanging from the hairpin head, and the stamens are as thin as hair, one by one, swaying as light as tassels, like jumping restlessly from the plum tree.

Ziji’er couldn’t put it down. She smiled happily. Lu Zifang was intoxicated by her warm eyes. He gently swept ziji’er, obliquely inserted the hairpin into the thick green silk of Ji’er, and said softly in her ear, “marry Ji’er at the beginning of next spring.”

To Ziji’s surprise, Lu Zifang was called into the palace before the beginning of spring. Emperor Wanli liked bamboo carvings and was especially obsessed with flower and bird bamboo carvings. He sent ministers to make an open and secret visit. Someone recommended Lu Zifang.

Lu Zifang was not politely invited into the Palace – no matter how skilled he was, he was also a cheap folk craftsman. He was dragged by a rope and stumbled into the palace. From then on, you can’t cross the mountain, high walls and deep courtyard, leaving the two places empty for bitter Acacia.

Spring is coming, the grass grows and the warbler flies, the willow branches droop soft, the mountain stream is full of spring water, and there are petals swirling in the stream, hesitating to move forward. Ziji’er quietly stands by the stream, but falling flowers and flowing water break people’s intestines, and Ji’er’s tears fly like rain.

When the bad news came, someone sent a letter from the capital saying that Lu Zifang had carefully carved a dragon for Emperor Wanli’s study. The dragon was extraordinary in shape, leaping into the air and looked thousands of things, but I didn’t know whether it was intentional or unintentional. He left his seal characters in the mouth of the dragon. The emperor Longyan was so angry that he ordered Lu Zifang to be executed.

Emperor Wanli did not give up. He heard that Lu Zifang also had a beautiful fiancee and an unparalleled plum hairpin, so he ordered Xuan ziji’er to enter the palace immediately.

When ziji’er was escorted out of the hut by a group of maids, everyone was stunned by her shocking beauty. Ziji’er knelt down in tears facing the south bank. That day, Lu Zifang was dragged by the messenger from here and embarked on a road of no return.

Suddenly, the day was as dark as night, thunderbolt shook the sky, the wind was strong, the rain was as fast as an arrow, and Ziji was gone. The panicked maid pointed to the bamboo forest and said in a trembling voice. Suddenly she saw a figure rushing into the emerald bamboo forest.

All the green bamboos were cut down, with messy branches and leaves. In a few hectares, the dark clouds receded, the rainstorm stopped, and ziji’er still disappeared. When the green bamboo is split, there is a plum blossom hairpin with blood dripping in the heart of each diabolo, but you can only look at it, you can’t touch it, touch it, purple red drips down the green bamboo, and the Peach Blossom River is like blood

I don’t know how many days have passed, there is often a big white bird standing on one foot in the stream, singing day and night.

The bird has a crown on its head, which looks like a plum blossom; There is a purple red on the back, which gradually fades along one side of the bird’s wing. Strangely, the sound of birds sounds like calling again and again: Lu Lang – Lu Lang –

The big bird has a nice name, ziji’er.

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