Chinese Myth: Attract mosquitoes

A group of traitors are active in qiancengshan. Under the banner of “acting for heaven”, they often harass the surrounding counties, kill corrupt officials and open warehouses to help the people. It has gradually become a climate. The imperial court sent troops to levy and suppress many times, but all ended in failure. Because of the special terrain of Qianceng mountain, the mountain is in the shape of a ladder. There are nine floors from bottom to top. Each floor has a checkpoint, which is easy to defend but difficult to attack.

In addition to the dangerous terrain, each of the eight leaders has high skills, known as the “eight King Kong”. Great King Kong Chu Zhongliu was the stronghold leader. He was a scholar. He had the spirit of mountains and rivers in his heart. After repeated attempts, he simply gathered a group of martial arts men to become bandits and live a lawless and carefree life. Later, the Imperial Court saw that Qianceng mountain could not be broken, so it adopted the policy of Huairou and sent people to recruit. However, he was strongly opposed by the two King Kong Xiang Tianlong, killed the special envoy of Zhaoan, threatened the entourage of the special envoy and vowed not to surrender to the death. The imperial court had no choice but to give up and ignore it for the time being.

 Attract mosquitoes

On this day, the minions at the foot of the mountain came up and reported that a yellow faced man carrying a machete shouted in front of the first stronghold and threatened to go up the mountain to join the gang. Chu Zhongliu led his brothers to the stronghold gate. Sure enough, he saw a thin man carrying a machete that didn’t match his shape. He wanted to have extraordinary strength.

Chu Zhongliu asked in a loud voice, “where is the name of a hero? Why do you want to go to Qianceng mountain?”

The man claimed to be Shen Zhenxing, a native of Shandong. He practiced martial arts since childhood. He was dissatisfied with the excessive collection of local officials and beat the officials. He fled here and admired the reputation of the heroes of Qianceng mountain. Therefore, he came here to join the gang.

Eight King Kong cattle tower shouted, “who knows if you are a spy of the government?”

Shen Zhenxing laughed and said, “I can’t imagine that the eight vajras are so afraid of the government. You don’t have to think about it with your toes. If the spies of the government enter the stronghold, they will fall into a tiger’s mouth. Looking at the world today, who can have the courage of this leopard? I really laugh!”

The laughter annoyed Niu iron tower. He roared, danced a pair of hammers, rushed out of the stronghold door and shouted, “come on, you and me fight three hundred rounds.” the two fought together in an instant, but Niu iron tower was a little inferior, lost and entered the stronghold door.

Shen Zhenxing looked up and shouted, “what about the stronghold leader?”

Chu Zhongliu arched his hands and said sorry, “the hero has excellent martial arts, but the stronghold temple is small and can’t afford a big Bodhisattva. The hero should invest elsewhere and offend.” Chu Zhongliu was also worried that Shen Zhenxing’s origin was unknown, which damaged the safety of the stronghold.

Shen Zhenxing laughed wildly and said, “stronghold leader, you dare not take me in. Are you worried that I will usurp your stronghold leader?” this annoyed two King Kong Xiang Tianlong and said angrily, “this guy is too crazy. Let me teach him a lesson.” then he rushed out with an iron gun and fought with Shen Zhenxing.

After a hundred rounds of fighting, Xiang Tianlong fell in love with Shen Zhenxing. He took a few steps back and said, “it’s really good martial arts! It’s all right. I’ll go and intercede with my eldest brother and take you in.” when he went up to the hope tower, Xiang Tianlong persuaded Chu Zhongliu to leave Shen Zhenxing. It’s the time to hire people in the stronghold. In this way, there are nine King Kong in the stronghold, Just guard a pass.

Chu Zhongliu nodded and said to Shen Zhenxing, “brother Shen, the stronghold can keep you, but according to the rules, you have to give your name.” after that, he ordered two minions to follow Shen Zhenxing down the mountain.

Shen Zhenxing went down the Qianceng mountain and ambushed on the East official road fifty miles away. After a while, he saw two people coming up the official road, leading a mule and horse, with goods on their backs. Carrying a machete, Shen Zhenxing jumped out with two of his minions, brandished a knife and shouted, “stay and buy the road money!” they were so scared that they knelt on the ground and begged for mercy. Shen Zhenxing ordered the two minions to find the silver, led the mules and horses back to the mountain, and scolded the two men to go quickly. The minion hurriedly said, “you can’t use it. You can see your head by casting your name.” Shen Zhenxing said he had his own discretion.

At the gathering Hall of the stronghold, Shen Zhenxing presented mules, horses, goods and silver. Chu Zhongliu looked angry and said, “brother Shen, where’s the head?”

Shen Zhenxing clapped his fist and said in a loud voice, “brother, qiancengshan is doing a great job of killing the rich, helping the poor and acting for heaven. I see that the two people are ordinary people. If I mention their heads to see them, wouldn’t it be against heaven? When I meet people from the government later, just cut off a few more heads. Brother, can you give me a happy word?”

Chu Zhongliu didn’t want to take Shen Zhenxing in. Now he just turned him down on the pretext of his name. He opened his mouth and said, “No.” but unfortunately, a mosquito suddenly flew to his ear and fell on his ear. Chu Zhongliu hurriedly stretched out his hand to pat the mosquito. With a “pa” sound, the mosquito flew away, but in a hurry, he patted a “no” word into a different sound. He didn’t say it completely. It sounded vague, and what he said became “Oh OK”.

Shen Zhenxing quickly hugged his fist and said, “thank you for taking me in, brother. I’m willing to work for the stronghold!”

Chu Zhongliu was stunned and whispered softly, “damn mosquitoes!” he was the head of the stronghold. His words were like water thrown out, which could not be taken back. He had to push the boat along the river and said, “Ninth brother, you’ll be at the bottom for the time being. When it comes to merit, it’s not too late to talk about merit and reward.” Shen Zhenxing quickly thanked him.

That night, the lights in the stronghold were bright, and the nine King Kong drank and talked all night. Shen Zhenxing is very good at being a man. He gets along well with several brothers, especially two King Kong Xiang Tianlong. He often takes him to duel with him in martial arts. He has a good relationship.

In the twinkling of an eye, half a year later, the spies of Qianceng mountain suddenly found out that the officers and soldiers were gathering in Niutou town to prepare for the siege of Qianceng mountain. Niutou town is backed by the river and connected with the official road on three sides, East, West and south. Its geographical location is very important. Chu Zhongliu had a lot of handsome talents and decided to start first. The soldiers attacked the officers and soldiers in three ways and took him by surprise.

That night, Chu Zhongliu summoned all the leaders and gave orders in the righteousness gathering hall. He shouted loudly, “Xiang Tianlong listens to the order.” the second King Kong Xiang Tianlong stepped forward and replied, “little brother is here.” Chu Zhongliu ordered: “you lead 500 fierce soldiers to kick the official camp from the east of Niutou town at night on the second watch.”

While Chu Zhongliu was talking, a mosquito suddenly flew to Xiang Tianlong’s ear and hummed. He stretched out his hand to drive away. He only heard the first half of the sentence “you lead 500 fierce soldiers and set out on the second watch”. The second half of the sentence was not heard clearly at all. He wanted to ask again. Shen Zhenxing stepped forward and said, “tell brother, brother is willing to help brother two.” Xiang Tianlong was overjoyed and said, “brother, wouldn’t it be better to have the help of brother nine and add wings like a tiger!” Chu Zhongliu nodded and agreed. With Shen Zhenxing, Xiang Tianlong doesn’t need Chu Zhongliu to repeat his orders. When he goes out of the stronghold, ask Shen Zhenxing?

Out of the stronghold, Xiang Tianlong asked, “Ninth brother, where did the eldest brother tell us to attack?” Shen Zhenxing asked in surprise, “second brother, you didn’t hear such a big thing?” Xiang Tianlong scratched his head and said shyly: “When elder brother spoke, I didn’t know where a mosquito came from and bit my ear. I hurriedly stretched out my hand to fight the mosquito. I wasn’t careful, but I didn’t hear the second half of the sentence.” Shen Zhenxing said, “it doesn’t matter. I heard it clearly. Let me tell you. Elder brother told us to burn food and grass.”

To burn grain and grass, you have to go around to the south of Niutou town. Xiang Tianlong lurked near the grain and grass camp with his minions and prepared to wait for an opportunity. Suddenly, he found a team in front of him. Shen Zhenxing led his minions to meet him and a scuffle.

In other words, after Xiang Tianlong took the order and left, Chu Zhongliu continued to assign tasks. Three King Kong led five hundred fierce soldiers to enter from the west of Niutou town and kicked the barracks of the government at night. Four King Kong led five hundred fierce soldiers to enter from the south of Niutou town and burned the food and grass hoarded by the government.

Four King Kong led people to touch the army’s food and grass camp. Suddenly, a team rushed out and scuffled in the dark. Taking advantage of the chaos, Shen Zhenxing attacked behind and cut off Xiang Tianlong’s head with a knife. When both sides found that they were their own people, more than half of them had been injured. The awakened officers and soldiers raised their torches and killed them. The rebels were outnumbered and had to flee back to Qianceng mountain.

Soon after returning to the stronghold, the three King Kong also returned from defeat, because there was no two King Kong in the East. The flustered officers and soldiers soon woke up, concentrated their forces to intercept the three King Kong, and almost caught the three King Kong alive.

The defeat was mainly caused by the two King Kong executing the wrong order. Chu Zhongliu asked Shen Zhenxing to tie him up and ask him why he didn’t dissuade Xiang Tianlong. Shen Zhenxing cried out and argued that Xiang Tianlong wanted to take credit. He said that Xiang Tianlong burned grain and grass first and then attacked the army camp. He urged Xiang Tianlong not to listen to him and couldn’t blame him. Although Shen Zhenxing’s words were suspicious, the Lord general It’s Xiang Tianlong. Now Xiang Tianlong is dead and can’t confront him. Chu Zhongliu had to wave to let him go.

Why did Shen Zhenxing lie and give orders to kill Xiang Tianlong in the chaos? The reason is very simple. He is a spy of the government and army. He was ordered to sneak into the stronghold and take the opportunity to remove Xiang Tianlong. Because Xiang Tianlong is a diehard main war faction, he not only refused to accept the imperial court’s invitation, but also killed the special envoy of Zhao’an. Zhao’an is the most labor-saving way for the imperial court to solve the rebellion of Qianceng mountain. The only way is to get rid of Xiang Tianlong Ann can make it possible.

A few days later, the minions at the foot of the mountain reported that the officers and soldiers returned Xiang Tianlong’s body and sent a special envoy to the mountain to interview the recruitment and security. Chu Zhongliu led the King Kong to welcome the special envoy into the cottage hall. The special envoy came up with a recruitment and security plan and appointed Chu Zhongliu as the Xuanzhou regiment training envoy. The other King Kong were scattered everywhere to serve as the military and horse unification. If Chu Zhongliu has other requirements, he can put forward it Come on, the court will try to be satisfied.

Chu Zhongliu hesitated. He had been a free mountain king for many years. He didn’t want to be a regiment envoy and was subject to the imperial court. However, it can be seen that some brothers were willing to be recruited to eat imperial food. The last time the imperial court invited him, two hot tempered King Kong stood in front of him. He didn’t need to be a villain, but this time it was different. All the brothers looked at him eagerly, Waiting for him to speak. Chu Zhongliu was talking in his heart about how to politely express his refusal, so as not to make the imperial court angry or hurt the harmony of his brothers. At this time, he suddenly heard a buzzing mosquito sound. The damn mosquito came again. Remembering the lesson of taking Shen Zhenxing in, Chu Zhongliu closed his lips and was ready to reach out and pat the mosquito in his ear.

But this time, the mosquito flew to Chu Zhongliu’s face to harass him. Chu Zhongliu clapped his hands together to beat the mosquito. “Pa” sounded. Looking at Chu Zhongliu from a distance, sitting on the tiger skin chair, it was like applauding. Immediately after Shen Zhenxing clapped his hands, the people clapped their hands, and shouted loudly as they clapped. Eight King Kong came forward excitedly and arched his hands and shouted: “Brother Yingming, we have been invited by the imperial court. Since then, we have eaten imperial food, which is more than a hundred times better than falling grass on the Qianceng mountain!” several other King Kong agreed again and again, and the hall was full of joy.

Chu Zhongliu was stunned. He didn’t expect that there was such a big misunderstanding when he slapped the mosquitoes! But now that it’s done, it’s too late to repent. He felt extremely oppressed. He stood up and ordered that the cottage should do a lot of hygiene and eliminate mosquitoes. He can’t let a mosquito live. After killing mosquitoes, he will put wine to celebrate and entertain the special envoy. He wants to make use of the topic to vent his feelings about mosquitoes Hate.

All the vajras came to Chu Zhongliu with the letter of appointment and happily said goodbye to him. Shen Zhenxing also came to say goodbye. Chu Zhongliu ordered to put out wine and have a drink with Shen Zhenxing. Chu Zhongliu raised his glass and said, “Ninth brother, I didn’t think you were really a member of the government. I was suspicious at the beginning.”

Shen Zhenxing smiled and said, “brother, I’m also for the good of my brothers.” Shen Zhenxing got rid of the two King Kong Xiang Tianlong this time, which made the recruitment successful. He was rewarded by the imperial court and promoted to three levels. He became a saving envoy and took charge of the party.

Chu Zhongliu said sadly, “it’s just that he suffered from his second brother. All his brothers were dressed in official robes, but he was buried under the loess.”

Shen Zhenxing poured the wine on the ground and said apologetically, “second brother, Ninth brother, I’m sorry for you, but I can’t help it. Come, sacrifice you a glass of wine and rest on the ground. Fortunately, you die alone in exchange for the glory and wealth of the brothers. I think the brothers will always remember you.”

Chu Zhongliu said angrily, “Ninth brother, do you think this recruitment was successful without the second brother? Speaking of it, you are stained with the light of mosquitoes.” he explained the misunderstanding caused by mosquitoes twice.

Shen Zhenxing smiled and took a small bag out of his arms. He pinched a mosquito out of the bag. With a slight shake of his fingers, the mosquito flew to Chu Zhongliu and circled around his head. Chu Zhongliu was too familiar with the buzzing sound. Shen Zhenxing shook his fingers gently, the mosquito flew back on his fingers, and he put the mosquito into his pocket.

Chu Zhongliu was stunned.

The martial arts school handed down by Shen Zhenxing’s family has its own family. It is good at driving things with ideas. Later, it used mosquitoes as a unique concealed weapon. Mosquitoes don’t live long, but they can use local materials. Mosquitoes are driven by Shen Zhenxing’s ideas. The frequency of buzzing is similar to people’s heart frequency hopping rate, which can affect people’s hearing and interfere with people’s thinking. The two misunderstandings of Chu Zhongliu are Shen Zhenxing secretly drives mosquitoes to interfere. Xiang Tianlong doesn’t hear the order clearly, which is also caused by Shen Zhenxing’s interference with mosquitoes.

Knowing the truth, Chu Zhongliu was tongue tied. After a long time, he was unwilling to spit out a sentence, “damn mosquito!”

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