Chinese myth story: Blowing Xiao will be a dragon girl

Han Xiangzi is a handsome scholar among the eight immortals. The title of God in his hand is zijinxiao, which is made of a God bamboo in the purple bamboo forest in the South China Sea. It is said that Han Xiangzi, the God Xiao, was given to him by the seven princesses of the Dragon King of the East China Sea!

One year, Han Xiangzi wandered around famous mountains and rivers to the coast of the East China Sea. He heard that there was a dragon girl in the East China Sea. She was good at music and dance. He wanted to meet her for a while. Therefore, he goes to the seaside to blow the whistle every day. This day, the third day of March, is the day of the East China Sea Dragon Girl’s spring outing. At night, the Dragon girl was stunned when she heard a long melodious whistling sound from the sea.

Han Xiangzi’s whistling disturbed the Dragon Girl’s heart. It was like a wonderful song that hooked its soul. He couldn’t help coming to the beach and turned into a silver eel to blow Xiao Lang.

After Han Xiangzi played a song, the Great Lake retreated ten miles away.

At this time, he found a stranded silver eel that missed the tide on the beach, looking up at him with tears.

Seeing her look as if she was still intoxicated with the music, Han Xiangzi said angrily and funny:

“Eel son, eel son, do you know the secret? If you are a bosom friend, please send my affection to the crystal dragon palace!”

The eel nodded.

Chinese myth story

Han Xiangzi was very surprised. Out of curiosity, he blew the jade screen Xiao again. Unexpectedly, the silver eel has a deep understanding of human nature, and her mother-in-law dances and dances miraculously in the bright moonlight. The graceful dance and strange look are rare in the world. Even Han Xiangzi, who wandered all over the famous mountains in the Jianghu, was stunned.

The silver eel kept flashing, dancing and rotating in the moonlight… The speed was faster and faster, and the rhythm was tighter and tighter. Suddenly, the silver light flashed, and the eel disappeared. I saw a fairy like dragon girl standing in the shadow of the moon, willow leaf eyebrow, apricot face, jade shoot hand, thin willow waist, gold gauze body and lotus skirt. Relaxing his waist is like Chang’e dance. He started better than Yan plundering the water, confusing Han Xiangzi.

The Dragon girl dances and sings:

The lonely Dragon Palace hears the sound of Xiao.

Let me sing a song to you, and I will dance with you until dawn.

In the sound of singing and dancing, the moon gradually fell to the west, the tide slowly rose, and the day was about to dawn. Suddenly, a wave came, and the eel and the Dragon girl disappeared. This happened three nights in a row.

On this day, Han Xiangzi came to the seaside to blow the whistle again. Somehow, after blowing for most of the day, the Dragon girl just didn’t come to sea. Is the jade screen Xiao out of order? Angry that he broke his beloved jade article, the Dragon girl still had no soil.

Han Xiangzi was walking back in frustration when he heard someone calling him behind his back. Looking back, he was a strange old fisherman. The old fisherman said to Han Xiangzi, “ten thousand blessings.”

“My husband, princess, thank you for your kindness and sent me out to deliver a message. To tell you the truth, the seven princesses of the Dragon King of the East China Sea sang and danced under the moon the other night. They were locked in the deep Palace by the Dragon King because of the revelation. Today, she asked me to offer a bamboo branch of the Putuo God of the South China Sea for the use of the fairy Xiao. I hope my husband can make a fairy Xiao and write a divine song to save the Dragon Girl from suffering The sea! ”

After that, the old fisherman handed over a branch of divine bamboo, which turned into a breeze and disappeared.

Han Xiangzi made the divine bamboo into a purple golden Xiao, which was cut off from the world?? The idea of mixing, went into the deep mountains and ancient caves, played Xiao and composed music day and night, and really practiced his extraordinary and vulgar ability.

Later, when the eight immortals crossed the sea, Han Xiangzi God Xiao received the snake demon and Aoyu in Miaoqu Town, showing the magic power of the immortal family; What about Donghai Dragon Girl? But in order to steal a divine bamboo, he was punished as a maid by master Guanyin and was never allowed to get away.

Fu said that fishermen in the East China Sea still often hear the deep sound of Xiao on the sea. That’s Han Xiangzi missing the Dragon Girl. He is upset and blowing Xiao in the sky!

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