Chinese Myth: the origin of the moon

Long, long ago, on the grassland of Daling mountain, there was a man named lubsang Batu. When he saw that his Mongolian compatriots were subjected to wind and sand, rain and snow and the invasion of demons all year round, he was determined to build a solid house for them.

In order to realize his wish and do this thing for the benefit of the people, lubsang Batu rode his horse all over the mountains and forests, cut down the best wood in the woods with an axe, and went through countless hardships to transport the wood back to the grassland. He will use this wood to build the broadest and strongest house.

The house was still under construction. One day, lubsang Batu went to the forest to choose wood. At this time, a devil flew over here. He saw that this was the house built by lubsambatu to prevent the invasion of the devil. He was very angry. Without saying a word, he immediately started to destroy it. In a moment, he smashed the unfinished house of lubsambatu. After smashing it, he was worried that lubsambatu would not let it go when he came back, so he ran away.

When lubsang Batu came back from the forest, he saw that the house he had worked hard to build had been completely destroyed. At this time, he was catching up with a huge snowstorm. It was cold and there was no place to live. He had to build a simple house with the selected wood to let people live in it temporarily to avoid the ruthless snowstorm.

When people settled down, lubsanbatu asked everyone: who destroyed the house I built.

Chinese Myth

People tell lubsanbatu that he is the devil who is afraid that you can no longer infringe on people when you build a house. After it smashed the house, it ran away immediately.

Rubus sambatu was furious when he heard this. He rode on his BMW and made up his mind to find the devil even if he looked all over the world, teach him a lesson and let him pay the price for his actions.

Rubus sambatu rode his BMW through many high mountains and countless rivers and ponds. He almost looked everywhere, whether it was boundless grassland or deep valley, but he didn’t even find the shadow of the devil. Because the devil knew that Rubus sambatu would never let him go easily, he had already drilled into a stone cave on the mountain to hide.

Rubus sambatu hasn’t found the devil for a long time. What should I do? Just as mother-in-law Feng passed by him, he said to mother-in-law Feng, “Dear mother-in-law Feng, have you seen the devil?”

Mother-in-law Feng stopped, lowered her head and thought for a moment and said to lubsanbatu, “I’ve been to the forest and the field and just came from the valley. I haven’t seen the devil, but don’t lose heart. I think you can ask Caiyun. Maybe it knows where the devil is hiding.”

“Well, dear mother-in-law Feng, thank you.” lubsang Batu went on.

Lubsang Batu saw sister Caiyun, so he went up and asked her, “sister Caiyun, did you see that hateful devil passing here?”

Sister Caiyun was busy lowering her head. When she heard someone ask her, she raised her head and replied, “I’ve been collecting dew on the ground. How can I care about this? I floated very low, so I didn’t notice whether the devil passed here. The sun is high in the sky. You might as well ask father-in-law sun!”

Yes, yes! I’ll ask father-in-law sun. Rubus sambatu asked father-in-law sun, “father-in-law sun, your old man has been in the high sky. Have you seen where the evil devil has fled?”

The sun father-in-law smiled and said to lubsambatu, “the devil has just passed. I’m busy shining on the earth to facilitate the growth of all things. I didn’t notice where the devil went. Go and ask the moon girl. She can see what happened in all directions when she roams in the sky at night. She will know the whereabouts of the devil.”

“Yes, I’ll ask the moon girl.” lubsang Batu kept looking for the moon girl. Seeing the moon girl, lubsambatu asked her, “moon girl, do you see where the devil has gone?” the pure and honest moon girl told lubsambatu: “I saw the devil. He fled to the cave in the mountain in a panic. You can find him by riding on a BMW and walking to the East.?

“Thank you, moon girl.” lubsambatu immediately chased in the direction pointed by the moon girl. Soon, he came to the cave door of a mountain. He forced the devil out of the cave and fought with the devil. After only a few rounds of fighting, the devil was beaten by lubsambatu. He could only parry and had no power to fight back.

Finally, the devil couldn’t resist, so he had to run away in a hurry. Lubsambatu knew that if the devil really escaped, he would continue to do evil in the future, so he rode a BMW to catch up. When the devil fled to the valley and met mother-in-law Feng, he looked evil and asked mother-in-law Feng, “old wind, you must know who told lubsambatu where I was hiding. Speak up quickly, If you don’t say it, I’ll swallow you! ”

Mother-in-law Feng was afraid when she saw the devil’s ferocity, so she told the devil about the moon girl’s hiding place. Now the devil hates the moon girl. It flies to the moon girl. As soon as I saw the moon girl, I yelled at her fiercely:

“What a suckling little yellow haired girl. Who told you to tell lubsambatu where I hide? I have to swallow you.”

The moon girl was not afraid when she saw the devil’s menacing appearance. She glared at the devil angrily. She was originally a golden face, but she was as pale as silver.

She scolded the devil loudly and said, “what can you do to me, you hateful fellow!” the devil screamed angrily. He went up to catch the moon girl and was about to swallow it, but he saw that Rubus sambatu was chasing from a distance. The devil was afraid. Before he swallowed it all, he vomited out again and ran away immediately. But it didn’t give up. Once it had the chance to meet the moon girl, it would continue to swallow her. This is the origin of the moon.

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