Chinese Myth: The story of preparedness

In the spring and Autumn period, when Duke mourning of Jin became king, he wanted to revive the prestige of the state of Jin and dominate the princes like his ancestor Duke Wen of Jin. At this time, the state of Zheng was a small country, which was allied with Jin and subordinate to Chu. Duke mourning of Jin was very angry.

The story of preparedness

In 562, he gathered the troops of 11 countries, such as song, Lu, Wei and Liu, and sent troops to attack Zheng. Lin Jian Gong surrendered and sent a large number of gifts to the state of Jin, including 100 military vehicles, several musicians, a group of valuable musical instruments and 16 women who are good at singing and dancing. Duke mourning of Jin was very happy. He gave half of these gifts to Wei Jiang and said, “Wei Jiang, you advised me to make peace with Rong and Di, and settled the countries in the central plains; Over the past eight years, we have convened nine meetings of princes from various countries. Now our relations with other countries are as harmonious as a beautiful music. Zheng Guo has sent so many gifts. Let me share them with you! ” Wei Jiang said, “it’s a blessing for our country to get along well with di and Rong. The king has become the leader of the alliance of the princes in the Central Plains. It’s based on your talent.

My efforts are insignificant. However, I hope your majesty can think more about the future of some countries when enjoying happiness《 In the book of history, it is said: “when we are stable, we should think of the possible dangers in the future; If you think of it, you will be prepared. If you are prepared, there will be no disaster. ” I would like to use these words to remind the king! ”

Being prepared means that you can avoid disasters if you are prepared in advance.

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