Chinese Myth: The story of traveling in Tianhe by raft

In the past, there was a legend that the Milky way was interlinked with the sea on the earth. Later, a man who lived on a seaside Island found that every August, a raft drifted through the sea near his residence, and the time of drifting past and back was always very accurate.

The man was ambitious and determined to find out. So when the raft came, he set up a wooden pavilion on the raft and prepared a lot of dry food. He boarded the raft and floated to the depths of the sea. The raft floated on the sea. In the first ten days, he could still see the sun, moon and stars. Later, he saw only a vast expanse of confusion, even day and night. After wandering for more than ten days, I suddenly came to a place. There are cities in that place. There are many palaces and pavilions in the city, which are very neat and spectacular.

The story of traveling in Tianhe by raft

From a distance, there are many women spinning in the palace. He also saw a man leading a cow to the river to drink. The cowherd man saw the man on the raft and was very surprised. He asked, “how did you come here?” The rafter told the story of his arrival and asked where it was.

The morning glory man replied, “when you go back, go to Shu county and ask Yan Junping, and you will know.” The rafters stayed on the raft without going ashore, so they returned to their home on schedule. Later, the rafters came to Shu and found Yan Junping. Yan Junping has read a lot and knows a lot. He often divines in the streets of Chengdu. He is famous for his accurate divination. The rafter told Yan Junping about his experience and asked what place it was. Yan Junping replied, “on a certain day, a guest star appeared and disappeared, disturbing Altair.” The man on the raft calculated the month and year and found that the month and year mentioned by Yan Junping was the day when he met the cattle herder floating on the raft.

Then he realized that he floated in the sea on a raft and drifted to the Milky way in the sky. The person he met was the cowherd who went to the Milky way to herd cattle, and he was the guest star who disturbed the morning glory Star. There is also a saying that the rafter was Zhang Qian who was an envoy to the western regions in the Western Han Dynasty. Zhang Qian was sent to the great Xia state by the will of Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty to find the source of the Yellow River. He took a raft, passed the moon and came to a city. He saw a woman weaving in a house and a man herding cattle by the river. He asked the man where it was. The man asked him to go back and ask Yan Junping. When Zhang Qian left, the weaving woman also gave him a stone for the loom.

Later, Zhang Qian went to consult Yan Junping. Yan Junping said, “on a certain day, a guest star disturbed Altair and Vega.” There was also a man with a wide range of knowledge named Dongfang Shuo. He recognized that the stone brought back by Zhang Qian was the supporting machine stone used by the weaver girl in the sky. Up to now, there is still a stone called “Zhiji stone” in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It is said that Zhang Qian brought it back from Zhinv when he went to Tianhe on a raft.

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