Chinese Myth: Touchstone

Once upon a time, there was a place called golden canyon. There was a king who was infatuated with gold.

One day, the king got a touchstone ring. Everything touched by a touchstone will turn into gold. He was so happy that he turned everything in the golden canyon into gold.

The king’s daughter, the little princess, played with her father. The king hugged her dearly, but forgot the touchstone ring in her hand… The princess became a glittering golden man. The king was so regretful that he fell ill in bed.

Chinese Myth

One day, a girl flew from the clouds. She rode her magic wand to the stream and returned a jar of pure spring water.

The girl sprinkled the spring water on every corner of the golden Canyon, and suddenly everything revived.

In order to thank the wand girl for her help, the king took off the touchstone ring from his hand and smashed it.

Since then, the golden canyon has regained its vitality and presented a beautiful and splendid scenery.

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