Chinese Myth: Turtles and birds

One year, an unprecedented famine occurred in the animal country. The grass is withered and yellow and scorched; The fruit on the tree fell away; The crops in the field have no harvest; Later, even the river dried up. All the animals were suffering from hunger. Everyone went in and out of the forest, trying to find something to eat such as insects or seeds.

Only birds are full and fat, showing a carefree look. Why? Because they have wings, they can fly far away where it has rained, and the crops there have begun to harvest. They go back and forth several times a month and can stay there comfortably for several days each time.

Turtles and birds

The hungry tortoise wanted to know where the birds were flying and hoped to go with them. So he came up to the feiwu and said, “dear friends! How happy you are! Your feathers are clean and smooth, which means you are in good health. Can you tell me where you go every week? ”

“Poor turtle! You have no wings and run slowly. Although we can tell you where to go, you will never be lucky to get there. The place we found was full of sweet and delicious food. ” My friends! ” The tortoise said, “would you like to take me with you?”

“We’d like to take you with us. What can we do?”

The tortoise thought a little and said, “I have an idea: I’ll find a stick, bite the middle of the stick tightly with my mouth, and ask two of you to hold one end of the stick, so that you can take me to that good place. What do you say? ”

The birds hesitated a little, but finally agreed.

The day of departure came. The tortoise bit the middle of the stick tightly with his mouth, and the two big birds each grabbed one end of the stick. The tortoise really took off into the air with his friends.

After a long journey, we finally reached our destination. There are so many delicious things there! There are oil palm fruits, iniyamo, vegetables, fruits and so on.

Everyone wolfed down. Especially the tortoise, on the one hand, was really hungry, on the other hand, it was already greedy. Therefore, although it was not too big, it ate and ate again and again. In the end, even its actions seemed a little clumsy.

The birds decided to return. Everyone argued over who would take the tortoise back. No bird is willing to undertake this important task, because at this time, the tortoise is much heavier than it was in the past, and it must be much more difficult to carry it.

“My friends! You must not leave me! The tortoise begged, “you must not leave me alone in this place! Please take me back! ”

At the turtle’s repeated entreaties, two birds finally softened their hearts and flew into the air with the turtle.

As soon as they started flying, the other birds sang happily. Only the two birds with turtles had no mind. The two of them struggled to fly, gradually unable to fly, farther and farther away from the team; Finally, they were so tired that they couldn’t support it and began to fall from high altitude. At this time, they regretted that they shouldn’t have agreed to the turtle’s request.

At this time, one of the birds thought of a way out. He said to the tortoise, “tortoise! Don’t you feel happy when you have enough to eat and can fly in the air without any effort? Why not sing with everyone? ”

At this time, the tortoise was so happy that he forgot that he was brought into the air by others. He opened his mouth and sang. As a result, he suddenly fell into the forest below.

The two birds felt much more relaxed. They were on their way, singing and flying back to their hometown in one breath. Then they pretended to tell the other birds that the tortoise was gone.

Now, you see, there are many cracks in the shell on the turtle’s back. It is said that it fell this time.

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