Chinese Mythology Story: God money wears money

During the Jiaqing period, Zhejiang Xianlin was very prosperous and could be called a gathering of thousands of merchants. The Hong family is a famous local clan. In order to commemorate their ancestors, the Hong family raised funds to build an exquisite ancestral hall under the leadership of the clan leader.

In the second year after the completion of the ancestral hall, the patriarch saw an endless stream of businessmen passing through the Yongxing bridge, so he decided to build a pavilion on the bridge to provide a resting place for villagers and businessmen.

Chinese Mythology Story

The patriarch’s proposal was supported by the people, but where did the money come from? It was suggested that the merchants near the Yongxing bridge share the money, but the patriarch said, “the purpose of building the pavilion is to do a good thing for the merchants. If we want them to pay, let alone whether they are willing or not, it is also against our original intention.”

After discussion, it was finally decided that Hong’s children would raise funds again.

Since they had just paid for the construction of the Hong family ancestral hall the year before, each family had little money left, so it was difficult to raise money again. Finally, they finally got 300 liang of silver, which was more than half of the total budget. The patriarch heard that there was a shortage of wood in the provincial capital recently, and the price rose sharply, almost one price a day, so he decided to let Hong a San, who works reliably in the village, take the money and go to the provincial capital to buy the wood for the construction of the pavilion first, and other expenses will be found later.

Early that morning, Hong a San was ready to go out, but as soon as he got up together, he felt a whirl of heaven and earth, “plop” on the ground, and half of his body couldn’t move.

Hong a San’s wife hurried to invite a doctor. The disease won’t get better for a while, but she can’t wait to buy wood. What should I do? At this time, Hong Gang, the eldest son of Hong a San, volunteered to go to the provincial capital for his father. Hong a San had no choice, so he gave Hong Gang a bag of silver and repeatedly urged him to take good care of it. Don’t delay the important affairs of the family.

After breakfast, Hong Gang, with his baggage on his back, hurried on his way.

At noon, it was not far from the provincial capital. Hong Gang stepped up his steps towards the looming city gate. Suddenly, a group of soldiers ran out of the gate, shouted out of the way and opened the way for a man riding a tall horse behind. The pedestrians on the road scattered one after another. There was an old beggar on the roadside who was unable to move because of his disabled legs. He struggled to move his body with his arms, which could not match the speed of a fast horse.

Seeing that the horse’s hoof was getting closer and closer to the old beggar, when it was about to step on it, a stone flew from nowhere and hit the horse’s nose impartially. That is the most sensitive place of the horse. After eating this record, the horse immediately hissed and raised its front legs. The stone thrower took the opportunity to cross over, grabbed the old beggar and rolled aside.

It was Hong Gang who saved people. After the team left, the old beggar thanked again and again. Hong Gang got up, patted the dust on his clothes and said, “thank you? It’s a piece of cake.”

The old beggar looked at him: “you are quite accurate in throwing stones. The horse runs so fast and can hit the horse on the nose.”

Hong Gang said with a smile that he herded cattle at home when he was young. When the cattle ate grass, he threw stones when he was idle and bored. After a long time, he really practiced accuracy. Sometimes he will play the game of throwing stones with his friends to compare who can throw them accurately.

Hearing this, the old beggar took out a badly worn copper coin from his arms and said, “since you like to practice your head, I’ll give you this thing. It may be useful to you.”

“I saved you with a hand. You don’t have to give me money.” Hong Gang waved his hand and thought how kind the old beggar was to take out a penny to thank me.

The old beggar explained, “don’t underestimate this copper coin. It’s God’s money. You can hit it wherever you throw it.”

Although Hong Gang is sure to throw a stone, he can’t hit a hundred goals after all. Hearing this, he asked suspiciously, “is there really such a magical thing in this world?” he thought that if the old man’s words were true, he could win again and again in front of his little friends in the future.

The old beggar said, “words have no basis. I’ll try and you’ll know.” then he picked up the copper money and threw it away. He disappeared immediately.

“Ah, where did you lose it?” Hong Gang asked hurriedly, unable to find it around.

The old beggar smiled and said, “go to the wall and look for it. The copper money is embedded in the gap between the third and fourth bricks of the wall on the right side of the gate.” then he limped away.

Hong Gang looked at the wall in the distance and walked over doubtfully to find out. He actually found a copper coin in the crack of the brick said by the old beggar. The copper coin was badly worn. It was the “God money” that the old beggar wanted to give him just now. Hong Gang pulled the God money out of the crack in the wall and put it in the palm of his hand. He was very surprised. But before he was happy enough, he was suddenly surprised – the burden with silver on his back was gone. It must have fallen when he saved the old beggar! When he ran back to look for it, he didn’t know who picked it up. Hong Gang’s heart suddenly fell into an ice cellar and his face turned white.

After a while, he calmed down and thought that he couldn’t go back empty handed anyway. A distant relative of the Hong family is doing business in the city. Otherwise, go to him and find a way. So Hong Gang walked towards the gate again.

The provincial capital is very busy. People come and go in the streets. Hong Gang walked and saw that the front of a shop was full of people. The onlookers crowded three times inside and three times outside. He asked what had happened. Someone told him that Guangli bank opened today. In order to make a gimmick, the boss deliberately hung a bowl of money under the eaves in front of the bank. It is said that as long as someone is more than ten feet away and loses copper money through the money eye of the money, he will be rewarded with the money.

There are such good things. Of course, everyone wants to try their luck, but it’s not easy to hit such a small target at a distance of ten feet, so no one has succeeded until now. Instead, a basket full of lost copper money has been piled in the basket under the money.

Hong Gang suddenly thought of the God money in his arms. Isn’t that the sleepy man meets the pillow? He immediately pushed through the crowd and signed up to lose money. When he threw, Hong Gang held the divine money in his hand. Although he knew that he would hit 100 goals, he habitually aimed at the target and then threw it with force. With a “whoosh”, the copper money drew an arc in the air, just passing through the eyes of the egg sized money, “clang” smashed a white porcelain plate behind the money.

The crowd was silent for a moment, and suddenly burst into thunderous cheers. The boss of the bank was livid, but he couldn’t break his promise in front of so many people, so he had to give the money award to Hong Gang.

Hong Gang picked up the God’s money and sold it in exchange for more than 600 liang of silver. He not only bought the wood for the construction of the pavilion, but also had a lot left.

After the completion of the pavilion, Hong Gang took out the rest of the money and set up a free tea stand. All businessmen and villagers who came and went here can drink a cup of free tea as long as they are thirsty. He thought that maybe one day, the old beggar would pass by and drink a cup of tea, which would be his own kind of gratitude.

One morning three years later, shortly after Hong Gang’s tea stall was set up, an old man came up to him and said he wanted to drink tea. Hong Gang looked up, my God, isn’t this the old beggar? But the old man is dressed clean today, and his feet are not lame. He seems to have changed.

The old man also recognized Hong Gang. His face suddenly changed. He didn’t care about asking for tea and left. Hong Gang felt something different. He quickly caught up with the old man and grabbed his arm and asked what was going on. Seeing that there was nowhere to escape, the old man had to tell the truth.

It is sheer fiction. He gave Honggang as like as two peas of money. He had two coins. The copper coin in the wall was inserted in advance. This is his usual trick of cheating. While using the so-called God money to attract Hong Gang’s attention, he asked his accomplices to steal Hong Gang’s silver bag. Hong Gang wears money eyes. In fact, it all depends on his usual training.

After hearing this, Hong Gang was surprised and angry, but on second thought, if he didn’t feel that holding God’s money would win without any psychological burden, he might not be able to hit the eye of money. In this way, he still had to thank the old man for his “God’s money”. So he loosened the old man’s arm and said, “come on, you go. I think you’re old enough to never cheat again.”

The old man repeatedly said yes and turned around and left. Hong Gang finally found out the truth about God’s money, but he insisted on setting up a free tea stall in the pavilion. Later, the custom of providing free tea in the Hongjia pavilion was inherited from generation to generation and became a local talk.

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