Chinese Mythology Story: Honest woodcutter

Once upon a time, there was a woodcutter. One day, he went to the forest to cut down a tree. The tree grows by a river that worships the river god. When cutting trees, the man accidentally dropped his axe into the water and couldn’t catch it again. He was very sad and sat by the river in despair. He couldn’t help crying. The poor man’s tears moved the river god. He suddenly appeared in front of the woodcutter and asked kindly, “Why are you crying?” The woodcutter replied, “my axe fell into the river. I can’t find it anymore.” At this time, the river god took out a gold axe from his arms and asked, “is this the axe you lost?” The poor man replied, “no, not this one.” Then the river god took out another silver axe: “is this axe yours?” The honest woodcutter still shook his head and said, “no, it’s not.” Finally, the river god took out an iron axe and showed it to him. The woodcutter immediately shouted, “yes, this is my axe.” Seeing that the poor woodcutter was so honest, the river god gave him all three axes.

Honest woodcutter

The woodcutter went home happily. He told his friends about it. One partner refused to believe it and suspected that the woodcutter stole those axes. He hurried to the river, threw his axe into the water, and then sat down and wept. The river God appeared again. Why did he cry. The river God heard that he also lost his axe, so he took out a gold axe and asked, “is this the axe you lost?” The partner hurriedly said, “yes, good.” The river god was very angry with this shameless lie. He put away his golden axe, turned and left; Even the partner’s original axe was no longer returned.

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