Chinese Mythology Story: Legend of fox mountain

In the southeast of Tengxian County, there is a mountain called fox mountain. There is a group of bluestones on the top of the mountain, which looks like a lying dragon in the distance. Around it stood some big stones, which looked like a fox bending there. It’s still a moving story.

In very ancient times, there was a gray fox on the east coast. Over time, it became a fine fox. He wanted to become an immortal. He broke into the South Gate of heaven by driving clouds. He was caught by the heavenly soldiers and pressed it under a mountain on the east coast. After a short time, the Dragon King asked Erlang God to move the mountain to the southeast of Tengxian county.

Legend of fox mountain

The fox who came with the mountain settled down in a gourd cover more than ten miles long and continued to dream of becoming a fairy. I don’t know how many years I have practiced. I can not only call the wind and rain, but also change my body. It sometimes becomes a white faced scholar, breaking into houses and collapsing girls. Sometimes he becomes a yellow flower beauty and teases folk boys. It also attracted many foxes to form a team and go to the village at the foot of the mountain to steal chickens, pull sheep and trample on melons and fruits.

All this was seen by the jade dragon who lived above the mountain. It wanted to get rid of the fox demon and flooded the gourd cover many times, but the fox demon had a big spell and couldn’t flood it.

One year, there was a severe drought, crops and trees had dried their leaves, and most of the creatures on the ground died. The crops barely survived because Yulong tried his best to save them over Tengxian county. In the gourd case, the fox demon cast its spell. It rained on time, the mountains were dense, and the wild fruit bent the branches. Some wild animals rushed to the gourd set one after another. Some people had nothing to eat and were too hungry to support. They also took risks to collect wild fruits, but most of them were eaten by wild animals, so people had to wait for the crops in the field to live.

The fox demon colluded with the ant spirit to eat up all the crops in the field. For a moment, ants flew all over the sky. In a few days, let alone the crops in the field. Even there is no hay left on the house. Yulong was so anxious that he drove the cloud to the Dragon King of the East China Sea and asked the old dragon king to rain to kill the ants. The old dragon king said, “water can’t cure ants, only fairy water in heaven can do it. If you want to get rid of the fox demon, you can’t do without the town demon bead. The town demon bead is stored in the treasure house of Tianting. It’s guarded by heavy soldiers and it’s difficult to get it. Besides, once the town demon bead is fried, you can’t keep it yourself. ” Yulong made up his mind to break into heaven, steal jewels, suck fairy water and save the people even if he was broken to pieces.

Yulong said goodbye to the old dragon king, drove up the clouds and went straight to Tianting. When I saw it in the sky, I was surprised: outside the treasure house, there were three layers of soldiers and three layers of generals, all holding weapons; Around the pool, there are three layers of water and three layers of fire, and there is no ventilation on eight sides. Seeing that he could not start, Yulong had to use a trick to lure the tiger away from the mountain and set fire to the South Tianmen gate. Taking advantage of the chaos in the sky, he stole the town demon beads, jumped into the pool, sucked enough fairy water, jumped into the clouds and went straight to the gourd cover.

The jade dragon vomited the fairy water to the earth, and the ants turned into dung and fell one after another. The withered and yellow crops turned green and the rolled leaves spread out. Yulong drowned the gourd cover with fairy water again, and the beast was drowned by fairy water. When the fox demon saw it, he drove the cloud out of the gourd cover, and the jade dragon pursued him closely. A killing was launched in the air.

A black cloud and a white cloud flew up and down in the air and fought for more than ten rounds. Yulong was injured in many places and was difficult to support. He used his whole body to hit the town demon bead at the fox demon. The bead just hit the fox demon’s head. With a loud noise and fire, the fox demon turned into gravel and fell. Yulong also felt his body sink, lost consciousness and fell to the top of the mountain.

Later, the fox demon became those big stones on the top of the mountain, and the jade dragon became a stone dragon riding and lying on the top of the fox.

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