Chinese Mythology Story: Legends and stories of the zodiac

Before the zodiac ranking, cats and mice were good friends. They live together like brothers. In order to arrange the zodiac for people, the Jade Emperor decided to hold a Zodiac meeting in the heavenly court. He gave all kinds of animals the edict of a meeting. The edict of the Xiao conference was sent to the cat and mouse. They were very happy and decided to participate together. The cat is very good at dozing, and it knows this, so it greets the mouse in advance the day before the meeting.

“Rat! You know I’m very sleepy. ” Uncle cat said politely, “will you call me if I fall asleep when I go to Xiao tomorrow?”

The mouse patted his chest and said, “don’t worry, sleep well! I’ll wake you up then! ”

Legends and stories of the zodiac

Uncle cat said, “thank you.” He wiped his beard and fell asleep. But the next morning, the mouse got up early, had breakfast and went to heaven alone. The sleeping cat didn’t bark.

Brother long, who lives in qingshuitan, was also notified of the opening of the Xiao conference that day. The dragon is very powerful: it is covered with shiny scales, a big nose and a thick and long beard. It thought: this time, he had to be selected for the zodiac. But brother long has a drawback, that is, he is bald and lacks a pair of beautiful horns. It thought: how nice it would be if I had another pair of beautiful horns! Thinking and thinking, he made up his mind and decided to borrow a diagonal to wear it.

What a coincidence! When he came out of the clear water pool, he saw a big rooster walking on the bank with his chest. At that time, the cock had a pair of big horns on his head. Brother long was very happy when he saw him. He quickly swam over and shouted to the rooster: “Rooster! I’m going to Shaw tomorrow. Can you lend me your horn? ”

The chicken father-in-law replied, “ah, brother long! I’m so sorry. I’m going to Shaw tomorrow! ”

Brother long said, “father-in-law chicken, your head is too small. It’s really inappropriate to wear such a pair of horns. You’d better lend it to me! Look at my bald head. How much I need a pair of horns like you! ”

Just then, a centipede came out of the crack in the stone. Centipedes are very nosy. After listening to brother long, he interrupted and said, “father-in-law chicken! Just lend your horn to brother long once. If you don’t trust me, how about I be the guarantor? ”

After thinking for a while, the chicken agreed to let the centipede be the guarantor and lend the horn to brother long.

The next day, there was a grand Xiao meeting in Tianting, and all kinds of animals arrived. Among the animals, the Jade Emperor selected twelve kinds of animals, such as cattle, horses, sheep, dogs, pigs, rabbits, tigers, dragons, snakes, monkeys, chickens and mice, as the human Zodiac. Why did the jade emperor only choose these animals? For example, if you choose a chicken, why not a duck? If you pick a tiger, why not a lion? What on earth did he choose? We don’t understand this at all.

After selecting 12 kinds of animals, there is another troublesome problem, that is, to set priorities.

At that time, there was a dispute on this matter. There is much talk about who leads personality. The Jade Emperor said, “the ox is the largest among you. Let the ox lead the way to be the first Xiao!”

Everyone is satisfied, even the tiger agrees. Unexpectedly, the little mouse raised his thumb and said, “it should be said that I am bigger than a cow! Every time I appear in front of people, they shout and say, ‘ah! What a big mouse! ” But I have never heard anyone say, “ah, this cow is so big!” It can be seen that in people’s minds, I am really bigger than a cow! ”

The mouse’s words confused the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor said, “is there really such a thing? I can’t see it, can I? ”

Monkeys and horses talk nonsense about mice. But the mouse said boldly, “if you don’t believe it, you can have a try!”

Chickens, dogs, rabbits and sheep all agreed to have a try. The jade emperor also agreed. He took twelve kinds of animals to the world.

It was just as the mouse said. When the big buffalo passed in front of people, people talked and said: this cow is really big. At this time, the cunning mouse suddenly climbed onto the cow’s back and stood up on both feet. As soon as people saw the mouse on the cow’s back, they immediately exclaimed, “ah, this mouse is so big!”

The jade emperor heard people’s exclamation with his own ears. He frowned and said helplessly, “well, since people say mice are big, I’ll let mice be the first Xiao. As for cattle, condescend to the second! ”

So it’s settled. At the moment, the twelve zodiac animals are like this: the mouse is the first zodiac, and the cow is the second Zodiac.

The mouse made the first Shaw and came back triumphantly. The sleepy cat saw it and asked strangely, “what’s the matter, little mouse? Didn’t there be a Shaw meeting on this day? ”

The mouse replied proudly, “you are still dreaming! The Xiao meeting has already been held. Twelve kinds of animals have been on the Xiao. I am the first! ”

Uncle cat was really surprised, opened his eyes and asked, “then why didn’t you ask me to go with you?”

The mouse answered lightly, “I forgot!”

Uncle cat was so angry that his beard turned up and shouted, “little thing, you don’t promise! Didn’t you promise to wake me up? Otherwise, I wouldn’t dare to fall asleep. You’ve made me miss a big thing. I’ll settle with you! ”

The mouse refused to admit his mistake at all. It said carelessly, “hum, what’s the account? It’s love to call you, but it’s duty not to call you. I’m not your attendant! ”

This will make uncle cat angry. It wheezed and wheezed, suddenly ground its teeth, rushed up and bit the mouse’s head and neck. The mouse only bounced its hind legs twice, “haw” cried twice and stopped breathing.

Since then, the cat and the mouse have become deadly enemies, which is still the case until now.

Besides, Ji Gong was unhappy when he came back from the Xiao conference. It thought: the Jade Emperor put brother long in front of him, which may have something to do with that diagonal. It decided to get the diagonal back.

The chicken father-in-law went to the Qingshui lake and saw brother long swimming there happily. He said politely, “brother long, please give me back the horn!”

Brother long was surprised and said at a loss, “ah, chicken father-in-law! What do you want to do? To be honest, you don’t have horns. You look more beautiful than having horns. But to me, how much a diagonal is needed! ”

Hearing this, the chicken said unhappily, “brother long, no matter how much you need horns, you always have to pay back what you borrowed from others!”

Brother long couldn’t answer for a moment. He pondered for a moment, and suddenly bowed politely to the cock and said, “I’m sorry, cock! I’m going to rest now. Let’s talk about it later! ” With that, without waiting for father-in-law chicken to reply, he was bored and went down to the bottom of the water.

The chicken father-in-law was angry and hated. He flapped his wings and shouted desperately by the qingshuitan: “brother long, return the horn to me! Brother long, give me back the horn!… ” But brother long hid at the bottom of the pond and slept, but he ignored it.

The chicken father-in-law shouted for a long time, his throat was hoarse and his strength was exhausted. He couldn’t think of it and decided to talk to the centipede.

The chicken father-in-law found the centipede in the rubble and told the Dragon brother about his refusal to return the horn. Finally, he said, “Uncle centipede, you are the guarantor. You can’t ignore it.”

The centipede held his head up for a long time and said slowly, “I think brother long will return the horn to you. If it really refuses to return, then I have no way to think about it. Father-in-law chicken, you understand that he is hiding in the water. How can I find him? ”

The cock was red with anger and said, “but you volunteered to be a guarantor at that time! Is there such a guarantor? If something happens, you will be irresponsible! ”

The centipede also said in a hurry, “father-in-law chicken, you can’t say that. You lent it a horn of your own free will. I’ll plug it in, but I’m just a peacekeeper. Besides, when I was doing insurance, I didn’t expect brother long to be dishonest. If I had anticipated this, I would not have insured it. ”

“What do you say to do?” The cock suppressed his anger and asked.

“Shall I? I said if you really refused to return it, you would have to admit bad luck. It’s only because you didn’t think twice. It’s too reckless. ” Said the centipede.

“Blame myself?” The cock stared and pressed into a step.

“Of course, first of all, you should blame yourself for not thinking twice.” The uninformed centipede replied.

The cock flushed with anger. It stretched its neck, pecked at the head of the centipede, shook it a few times, and swallowed it.

Since then, every summer, we often see roosters pecking centipedes in the yard. And every day at dawn, the chicken father-in-law remembered his lost horn and always opened his throat and shouted, “brother long, return the horn to me…”

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