Chinese mythology story: lethal sour plum soup

During the period of the Republic of China, there was a rich man named Wen Xiaolian in Yangzhou. He made a fortune by doing jewelry business.He has two sons under his knee. The eldest son Wen Jun is a relegated student and the second son Wen Qi is a concubine. Both of them learn to do business with their father.

One afternoon in June, the sun was hot and the heat wave hit people.The young master Wen Jun sneaked home from the store, shouting “hot to death” while asking his wife Shen Yunxian to get him some drinks.

Shen Yunxian quickly asked the maid Xiaocui to go to the ice cellar to get some ice cubes and made Wen Jun his favorite iced plum soup.Unexpectedly, after Wen Jun had just had two drinks, a boy hurried to say that the master Wen Xiaolian was looking for him everywhere.Wen Jun said angrily, “what’s the big deal? Don’t let me rest on such a hot day!”

The boy said, “it’s not about the goods in Hangzhou. The second young master seems to have found some clues and told the master that you had been to the warehouse on the day of delivery. The master wants you to confront the store immediately.”

 lethal sour plum soup

When Wen Jun’s face changed, he gnashed his teeth and scolded, “this boy doesn’t want to live. How dare he say that about me!” put down the sour plum soup and left.

The second young master Wen Qi is smart and capable and has a business mind, but he is only Wen Xiaolian’s illegitimate son. He has a low status at home and is run and suppressed by Wen Jun everywhere.Wen Jun was afraid that he would compete for his family property in the future and wanted to get rid of this thorn as soon as possible.

Half a month ago, Wen Qi took over a big business from a Hangzhou merchant. Unexpectedly, Wen Jun secretly manipulated the goods sent to Hangzhou and replaced the real top-grade pearls with fake pearls. The goods were returned without saying. Because of breach of contract, he undertook huge compensation and suffered heavy losses.Wen Qi was speechless. He was beaten up by Wen Xiaolian and was almost driven out of the house. He had to investigate the matter thoroughly and give an account, otherwise he would get out of the house.But Wen Jun sold the pearls he had swallowed, filling his pockets.

Wen Jun is worried about Wen Xiaolian finding out the truth. He lingers all the way and thinks about countermeasures.Just at the door of the store, the old lady came panting and said that something big had happened at home. Xiaocui, the close maid of young grandma Shen Yunxian, died by the pavilion in the backyard somehow.Wen Jun was startled. When he was drinking sour plum soup at home just now, Xiaocui still stood by and waited on him. Why did she suddenly die?His eyes turned and a sinister smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. He asked the young man to report to Wen Xiaolian that there had been a homicide at home.He rushed home on his own.

Xiaocui’s body is still by the pavilion in the backyard. No one dares to move. There is a broken porcelain bowl around her.Wen Jun recognized at a glance that the bowl was the one that had just served him iced plum soup.Wen’s old housekeeper has reported the case to the police station. Du zengyong, the director of the police station, came with more than a dozen sergeants and Wuzuo to block the scene.After the autopsy, the conclusion startled everyone. Xiaocui was poisoned.Du zengyong ordered a dog to lick the fragments of the porcelain bowl on the ground. After a while, the dog barked and jumped wildly and fell to the ground to death.The inference is: Shen Yunxian asked Xiaocui to pour most of the remaining iced plum soup Wen Jun drank. Xiaocui was greedy and drank all the plum soup. As a result, she died of poisoning.

Wen Jun cried out, “how could it be? If the sour plum soup is poisonous, don’t I also drink it? How can I be fine?” Du zengyong said:”It’s strange here. There’s the same cold sour plum soup. Why do you have nothing to drink, but Xiaocui is poisoned when she drinks it? It can be seen that the poison was later put into the soup to poison Xiaocui. According to the situation, the person who poisoned should be an acquaintance around her. She knows that she is greedy and likes to eat the leftover food of her master. I don’t know what Xiaocui has offended in your houseWho is it? Has anyone else touched this sour plum soup since the young master drank it? ”

Shen Yunxian thought for a moment and said, “no one. I don’t know if Xiaocui met anyone on the road after she took the soup bowl away.”

Wen Jun suddenly leaned over to Du zengyong’s ear and muttered a few words. Du zengyong “Oh”, and his opponent’s servants shouted, “come on, go and call the second young master Wen Qi!”

“What’s the matter? Director Du.” after Wen Xiaolian heard the news, he rushed back with Wen Qi. Du zengyong smiled and said, “master Wen is here. It’s no big deal. I just want to ask the second young master a few words.”A large family like Wen’s family has always had a good relationship with the police station. Du zengyong naturally has to take care of Wen Xiaolian’s face. Wen Qi saw Xiaocui’s body and cried out sadly, “Xiaocui…” crying, he was about to rush over and was stopped by the housekeeper around him.

Wen Xiaolian gave Wen Qi a hard look, smiled at Du zengyong and said, “I don’t know what director Du wants to ask Wen Qi. You might as well ask now.”

Du zengyong nodded and asked, “second young master, I heard that you have a good relationship with Miss Xiaocui. I don’t know if there is such a thing?” in fact, I don’t need to ask if Qi is so sad.

Wen Xiaolian asked in a deep voice, “is there such a thing? Wen Qi, you haven’t made much progress!” Wen Qi is the illegitimate son born after Wen Xiaolian had an affair with a maid, which has always been the laughing stock of Wen Xiaolian’s family’s dirty disease. Wen Xiaolian certainly doesn’t want his son to make the same mistake again.

Wen Qi saw that his father’s face was not good, so he was so frightened that his heart pounded and shrank to one side that he didn’t dare to speak. Wen Xiaolian said to Du zengyong, “director Du, Wen Qi has been with me today and has no chance to poison. Besides, even if he has this heart, can he predict that Yun Xian will make sour plum soup for Wen Jun?”

Du zengyong nodded and said, “yes, I’ll find out about it. Before the truth is revealed, everyone in the family is suspected. Master Wen, I want to take several servants of the family and go back to the police station to understand some information. Won’t you have any opinion?”

Wen Xiaolian hesitated for a moment. He knew that Du zengyong was upright and always handled cases impartially, especially in major cases. He was meticulous and had a good reputation among ordinary people. He wanted to spend some money to keep things private, but now it seems that it doesn’t work. Du zengyong has bought his face by asking for his own opinions, so he had to nod helplessly and agree.

After Du zengyong and others left, Wen Qi said wrongfully to Wen Xiaolian, “Dad, i…” before he finished, Wen Xiaolian slapped him and scolded, “if you are innocent with Xiaocui, how can you be gossip? Come on, lock Wen Qi in the wood room for me. Don’t eat for three days and nights. Give me a good reflection!” he paused and said angrily,”Xiao Cui, a dead girl, is naturally a fox. I should have driven her out of the house long ago!”

Closing the firewood room is nothing new to Wen Qi. He has to be closed once or twice a month. So he doesn’t shout or make trouble, and lets the servants lock himself into the firewood room.

It soon became dark, and Wen Qi’s stomach growled. Just then, there was a soft sound from the window of the firewood room, and two steamed buns appeared in the window lattice. Wen Qi hurriedly pushed the steamed buns back and said, “dumb mother-in-law, eat by yourself. If I eat your steamed buns, you will be hungry.”

A terrible woman’s face appeared in the window, with several dark red scars, like several big centipedes crawling on her face, which made people dare not look more. She lay on the windowsill, motionless looked at Wen Qi, and handed in the two steamed buns in her hand.

Wen Qi knew that if he didn’t accept the two steamed buns, the dumb mother-in-law would stand outside the window all the time. In his memory, as long as he was punished and shut into the firewood room, the dumb mother-in-law would always save her food for him and stay outside the door to accompany him all night. Sometimes he even felt that the dumb mother-in-law was the best person to him in the house.

The dumb mother-in-law is ugly and dumb. It is said that it was a snowy night more than ten years ago. The housekeeper found such a dumb woman lying outside the door. Seeing her poor, he left her at home and asked her to look after the firewood house and ice cellar and do some chores. No one in the family wanted to associate with her more.

Wen Qi took the steamed bread and said, “I guess my brother is deliberately framing me again. He wants to kill me. Alas, dumb mother-in-law, it’s really sad to be born in Wen family, but can I choose?” dumb mother-in-law has no expression, but her eyes flash a different look. Wen Qi smiled bitterly and said:”I understand your eyes. You’re telling me that if I have to be patient, I’ll get better one day.” he handed back a steamed bread and said, “I’ll eat one and you’ll eat one. It’s a difficult time.”

The dumb mother-in-law was stunned for a moment, took the steamed bread, took a bite, and grinned at Wen Qi. She didn’t know whether she was smiling, but she smiled more ugly than crying. After a while, she lit up smoked mosquito grass outside the window to drive away mosquitoes for him. Wen Qi didn’t have a particularly difficult night at last.

The next day, as soon as the sun came out, it was very hot in the firewood room. Wen Qi took off his coat and lay shirtless on the ground of the firewood room. In the afternoon, there was a sudden “bang”, the door opened, and Wen Xiaolian rushed in with a pale face. Before Wen Qi could call him, he “plopped”, knelt in front of Wen Qi and said:”Qi’er, now only you can help Wen family escape.”

Wen Qi was frightened. He didn’t know what had happened. He quickly knelt in front of Wen Xiaolian and said, “Dad, what happened? As long as the child can help, he will try his best!”

Wen Xiaolian said, “director Du sent someone to say hello just now. He learned from the servant that Xiaocui has been seducing your brother. It seems that your sister-in-law is likely to be the person who poisoned you.”

Wen Qi’s face suddenly became very ugly. Wen Xiaolian’s words poked the most painful place in his heart. He liked Xiao Cui, but Xiao Cui didn’t pay attention to his second young master. You know, Wen Qi’s position in Wen mansion is only better than that of servants. Xiao Cui has already measured in her heart that the second young master has no power and power. Even being his main room is not comparable to being a big young master’s house. BecauseShe ignored Wen Qi and mocked him, but she flattered Wen Jun in every way. As the second young master of Wen family, Wen Qi couldn’t win the favor of a maid. Can his heart not hurt?

Wen Qi asked, “Dad, if it’s really poisoned by my sister-in-law, what can I do for you?”

Wen Xiaolian sighed and said, “you know, without your sister-in-law, my future life will be sad.”

Shen Yunxian’s mother’s family is very special. Although she is not as rich as Wen’s family, she has power and power in politics and business. It took nine cattle and two tigers to get married. In Wen Xiaolian’s eyes, ten Wen Qi are not as good as one Shen Yunxian.

Wen Qi understood Wen Xiaolian’s intention, trembled all over and said, “Dad, do you…”

Wen Xiaolian nodded and said, “I can only wrong you. You tell director Du that because Xiaocui doesn’t want to accept your kindness to her, you kill her because of love…”

Wen Qi cried, “no! Dad, get up quickly. How can you force me like this? I’m also your son!”

Wen Xiaolian knelt on the ground and refused to get up. He said, “Vernon, dad is sorry for you, but there’s really no way. If you don’t promise, I’ll knock to death in front of you!” then he kowtowed repeatedly, causing blood clots on his forehead.

Wen Qi couldn’t bear it and shouted desperately, “OK, I promise you! I promise you everything!”

Wen Xiaolian said excitedly, “Qi’er, dad will do everything possible to ensure that you are all right.”

Just then, Du zengyong broke in with someone and said, “master Wen, you are here. No wonder you can’t find you.”

Wen Xiaolian said, “I’ve made it clear that the man who poisoned Xiaocui was indeed Wen Qi.”

Du zengyong said “Oh” and asked, “second young master, what poison did you put in sour plum soup?”

Wen Qi immediately faltered.

Du zengyong smiled and said, “master Wen, I want to meet my young grandmother Shen Yunxian. I have a few words to ask her face to face.” after that, he led me out first.

Wen Jun and Shen Yunxian are enjoying the cool in the bamboo Pavilion in the backyard. In front of Wen Jun, there is a chilled plum soup just brought up. He took a sip leisurely. He saw Du zengyong and Wen Xiaolian coming together. He quickly stood up with Shen Yunxian to meet them.

Du zengyong asked Shen Yunxian directly, “grandma, Xiaocui has been seducing your husband. You should know about it?”

Wen Jun didn’t expect Du zengyong to ask such a question in front of so many people. He was immediately embarrassed and flushed. Shen Yunxian was stunned, but soon calmed down and said, “director Du suspects that I poisoned him?”

Du zengyong said, “I still say that. Anyone is suspected before catching the real murderer.”

Shen Yunxian said, “Xiaocui is the maid I married with my mother’s family. It can be said that she is from my mother’s family. How can I kill her?”

Du zengyong said, “this is the wise place of grandma Da Shao. On the surface, you are as good as ever to Xiaocui, but you must be very angry at her betrayal in your heart?”

Shen Yunxian’s face was a little uneasy. Of course, with her shrewdness, she had already seen Xiaocui’s intentions. Which wife in the world can tolerate other women to seduce her husband? She snapped, “if I want her to die, do I still need to poison the sour plum soup?”She couldn’t help but feel the ups and downs in her chest. She could imagine the excitement in her heart. She picked up the sour plum soup left by Wen Jun, poured it down on her head, and said, “yes, I hate her inferiority and wishful thinking, but I don’t care to kill her. Without my consent, her sparrow can’t fly up the branches and become a Phoenix…” as she said, her body suddenly shook, shouted, spewed out a mouthful of blood, and fell on her back.

All the people present were shocked. Du zengyong shouted, “no, it’s poisonous!” he came forward to help Shen Yunxian vomit the poison he drank, but it was too late. Shen Yunxian struggled painfully on the ground for a few times and there was no movement. Wen Xiaolian collapsed on the ground and shouted, “why on earth?”

Du zengyong called zhuozuo and preliminarily confirmed that the poison in Shen Yunxian was still in the sour plum soup. Wen Jun cried for a while holding Shen Yunxian and said, “it’s impossible. I just drank this bowl of sour plum soup. Why am I not poisoned!”

Du zengyong looked at the porcelain bowl on the table, suddenly patted his head and said, “I finally understand that Xiaocui and Shen Yunxian are just for the dead. The killer really wants to kill not them, but Wen Jun.”

Wen Jun asked in surprise, “then… Why didn’t I die?”

Du zengyong said, “because the poison is frozen in the ice, the ice hasn’t melted when you drink.”

Wen Xiaolian repeatedly asked, “who was the murderer?” Du zengyong asked someone to bring the dumb mother-in-law in charge of the ice cellar for questioning. But the dumb mother-in-law was deaf and dumb. She just looked at Shen Yunxian’s body in a daze and couldn’t understand other people’s questions at all.

Du zengyong asked, “who in this house can talk to the dumb mother-in-law?”

Wen Jun shouted: “Wen Qi has always had a good relationship with the dumb mother-in-law. He went to the ice cellar to see her two days ago. This must have something to do with him. You can think about it. If I die, who will take the Wen family’s property in the future?”

Wen Xiaolian was stunned, then woke up, rushed forward madly, grabbed Wen Qi, and scolded, “did you really do it? You poisoned Yun Xian, and Wen’s family will be buried in your hands!” he raised his hand to fight.

Du zengyong quickly stopped and said, “master Wen, it’s too early to make a conclusion. We’ll find out the case and give you an explanation. Come on, take Wen Qi back to the police station!”

Wen Qi shouted for injustice. Just then, the dumb mother-in-law suddenly shouted, “let go of Wen Qi, I killed people!”

Everyone was stunned. Wen Qi shouted, “dumb mother-in-law, don’t talk… Eh, how can you speak?”

The dumb mother-in-law looked at Wen Qi, her eyes were full of love, and said, “Qi’er, you should know how to protect yourself in the future.” then her eyes changed, she glared at Wen Xiaolian fiercely, and said in a harsh voice, “I wish I could kill all the people who abuse Qi’er in your family!”

Wen Xiaolian stared at her. After a while, he exclaimed: “you… You are…”

The dumb mother-in-law said gloomily, “yes, I’m a Tao. Now I’ve become like a person and a ghost like a ghost. So you remember me. Why can’t you treat my son kindly and force him to be a ghost instead?”

A Tao was the maid who befriended Wen Xiaolian in those years. After she gave birth to her son Wen Qi, she was devastated by Wen Xiaolian’s first wife and was driven out of Wen’s house. However, she couldn’t let her son go. She didn’t hesitate to destroy her face so that people wouldn’t recognize her true face. Then she pretended to be deaf and dumb, tried every means to sneak into Wen’s house and became a dumb mother-in-law. A Tao said:”I mixed with Wen Jia and didn’t have any illusions. I just wanted to stay with Wen Qi and look at him from a distance. But how did you treat him?”

She witnessed with her own eyes how Wen Jun and others abused her son. Wen Qi was angry everywhere and often punished. As he grew up day by day, Wen Jun was more and more intolerant of him. The hatred repressed in ah Tao’s heart finally broke out completely. When collecting ice in winter, she quietly frozen arsenic into the ice, because she knew that Wen Jun loved to drink iced sour plum soup since she was a child… But what she didn’t expect was that the first time she shot was badYang wrongly poisoned Xiaocui. She wanted to let Wen Jun go and avoid the limelight for a while. But she hid outside the firewood room. She heard that Wen Xiaolian forced Wen Qi to admit the crime of poisoning Xiaocui. She couldn’t bear it. She shot again. First, she wanted to clear Wen Qi’s grievances. Second, she hoped that after poisoning Wen Jun, Wen Xiaolian would be kind to Wen Qi, his last son.

Wen Xiaolian screamed in despair and collapsed to the ground. Until now, he realized that Wen’s family was buried in his own hands. Wen Qi woke up like a dream, came forward and hugged ah Tao, crying and shouting, “Mom! I miss you so much… Why didn’t you recognize me earlier…”

A Tao lovingly stroked Wen Qi’s head and said with tears, “son, my darling, I really don’t trust you, but I can’t stay with you anymore…” suddenly, her whole body twitched, a stream of blood flowed down from the corner of her mouth, suddenly turned around and said to Wen Xiaolian, “if you dare to abuse my son again, I’ll become a ghost and kill you all…”When she hugged Wen Qi just now, she swallowed a piece of poison ice prepared in advance into her stomach while everyone was not paying attention.

Wen Qi shouted: “Mom, what’s the matter with you? Don’t leave me, I finally have a mother… Don’t leave my child…”

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