Chinese Mythology Story: Look at the crooked moves again and again

There are many restaurants at the foot of the Castle Peak. Dachen restaurant is one of them. It stands on the only way to the Castle Peak scenic spot.

On that day, a strange old man came. With a mop and a bucket, he went to the cement open space outside Dachen restaurant and dipped his mop in water to write “land book”. After the old man wrote a few words, he sat next to him. After a while, some flies and ants appeared from nowhere. As if they heard a command, they gathered one after another. The more they gathered, the more curious passers-by stopped and looked carefully. He found that the insects vaguely discharged the word “money fan”!

 Look at the crooked moves again and again

There were more and more onlookers. The restaurant owner Chen Yonggang also came out to see the excitement. Although he didn’t know who the old man was and why he came, he expected that the people who came were not good, so he wanted to calm down quickly. He took the old man’s hand, put in a hundred dollars, smiled and said, “Sir, this is not where you practice calligraphy. Please change another place.” unexpectedly, the old man pushed the money and said, “no, it’s good here.” then the old man took a mop and dipped it in the bucket, dancing on the wall on the right side of the restaurant. Where he passed by, he soon attracted an army of flies and insects, and soon formed two words: forget righteousness!

Chen Yonggang can’t hold his breath now. He runs a restaurant. There are so many insects outside. Who dares to eat? And this “money fan” and “forgetting righteousness” are not good words. Chen Yonggang thought that the old man didn’t think he had enough money. He gritted his teeth and took another 500 yuan. He said, “if I’m wrong, forgive me and let me do a safe business.” unexpectedly, the old man didn’t answer. Hehe smiled and said, “you do your business, I’ll write my words.”

When Chen Yonggang got angry, he wanted to call the police. After thinking about it, he didn’t break the law. It’s not easy for the police to take care of it. He was at a loss when his father-in-law, Zhou Laojian, came to visit. Chen Yonggang was overjoyed. Zhou Laojian went out to play with monkeys in his early years. He is a well-informed Jianghu man and wants to solve the old man’s problem.

Sure enough, Zhou Laojian saw it and walked over quietly. First he put his hand into the old man’s bucket, dipped it, rubbed it, and then pulled Chen Yonggang aside and said, “the water is sticky. It must have put sugar before it attracts insects. Small skill of carving insects.”

Chen Yonggang nodded and said, “I guess so, but I don’t know him. If he performs at the door of my store every day and there are a lot of flies and mosquitoes, how can I do business? Is he hired by other restaurants to do business?” Zhou Laojian said with a little meditation: “Let’s not worry about it. Isn’t the restaurant afraid of insects? Doesn’t he rely on insects to find trouble? You’ll finish it if you bring the old nest of insects here?”

Chen Yonggang Listened: “you said swill pool?” In order to protect the environment, the scenic spot stipulated that the swill had to be handed over for unified treatment and treatment fee. But Chen Yonggang had been selling the swill to make money before, and now asked him to give it back for free. Naturally, he was not happy, so he secretly built an underground swill pool with a dark cover in the corner of the hotel. Most of the swill was sold secretly at night, and a small part was handed over to the environmental protection department. His family They all advised him, but he just didn’t listen. Now his father-in-law mentioned the old things again, and Chen Yonggang was still a hundred reluctant, but his father-in-law reminded him that Chen Yonggang soon had a countermeasure.

The next day, the old man came again. However, as soon as he got to the root of the wall, he smelled a pungent smell of insecticide and shook his head. It turned out that Chen Yonggang thought of killing insects yesterday because of his father-in-law’s words. He sprayed insecticides overnight. The effect was really immediate. Chen Yonggang smiled proudly and said in his heart: old man, look what new tricks you have!

But to Chen Yonggang’s surprise, the old man put down the mop and bucket, went straight to Chen Yonggang, and said, “boss Chen, you think there is no health problem after spraying insecticides?” Chen Yonggang smiled and said: “Sir, I dare not say anything else. I have never been vague about health!”

The old man said, “do you dare let me see the kitchen?” Chen Yonggang said contemptuously, “do you want to check the hygiene? But what kind of person are you?” the old man looked back and said, “don’t dare let me see, it must be fishy. Well, you wait.” then he turned and left.

Chen Yonggang understood that “if you are not afraid of thieves, you are afraid of Thieves”. Today, he won’t subdue the old man. He will have to play tricks in the future. He simply stretched out his hand to hold the old man and said, “look, but if you can’t find anything wrong, you have to promise not to mess around.” in this way, the two entered the back kitchen. The old man looked around and saw nothing. Chen Yonggang was trying to hurt him, but suddenly “Whoosh”, something flew down from the top of my head. Everyone looked at it carefully. It turned out to be a dead mouse!

The old man caught Li and said, “if there is a dead mouse, dare you say it is hygienic?” Chen Yonggang was also angry, grabbed the old man and asked: “Well, no wonder it depends on my kitchen. It’s clear that I’m ready for dead mice. Dig a hole and jump for me! You’re both ants, flies and dead mice. You take great pains and make a lot of crooked moves! Come on, you’re going to blackmail me so much money to stop?”

The old man broke off Chen Yonggang’s hand and said positively, “don’t talk about it! First ask yourself, which eye saw me prepare a dead mouse?”

Chen Yonggang was speechless for a moment. A man next to him interrupted: “boss, it seems that a weasel jumped out. Could it be the weasel…” Chen Yonggang didn’t answer. He squatted down quickly and found that the dead mouse had been bitten on its neck. If it was really made by a Weasel, why did it do so? Chen Yonggang glared at the old man and asked the waiter to throw the dead mouse out.

Although the dead mice were cleared out, the old man’s business was heated up. Chen Yonggang thought that it would be the peak tourist season soon. If it became big, how would he open his shop? Chen Yonggang was angry and anxious, so he went to consult his father-in-law. When Zhou Laojian heard about it, he said: “Although it’s frightening, I know that at this time, you can turn defeat into victory if you deal with it. First, I’ll check with you what’s wrong with the weasel!”

With that, Zhou Laojian took his son-in-law around the restaurant, and finally found the weasel’s hole on the earth slope behind the house. At this time, a gust of wind blew, and Zhou Laojian coughed several times. Chen Yonggang sniffed and said, “this is the air outlet, facing the exhaust fan behind the restaurant. As long as the east wind blows, the lampblack of the restaurant will blow over.”

Zhou Laojian nodded, thought for a moment and asked, “when the weasel threw the dead mouse, it was the east wind?”

Seeing Chen Yonggang nodding, Zhou Laojian patted his thigh and said, “that’s right! The east wind will blow the oil fume into the weasel’s hole, but there are usually several exits in the hole, and the weasel is fine. 80% of the old man blocked the leeward hole and let the oil fume come in or out. If the weasel can’t stand the smoke, he will retaliate and throw rats at the restaurant.”

Chen Yonggang was stunned: “it’s so fresh! I’m confused and become the enemy of the weasel! Dad, do you think I can open the blocked hole?” Zhou Laojian shook his head: “it’s hard to find the hole. If you open it, he will block it. The dead mouse will never die. I think you might as well install a fume filter at the exhaust outlet.”

Chen Yonggang finally made up his mind and said, “come on, listen to you!” seeing that he agreed, Zhou Laojian wanted to say something more, but seeing his son-in-law gnashing his teeth, he had to swallow his words.

That day, when Chen Yonggang finished arranging, he saw the old man from a foreign country coming again. Chen Yonggang smiled and said, “Sir, I’ve been thinking for a long time. To tell you the truth, did you send it by my father-in-law?”

The old man laughed and admitted it. It turned out that when he was young, he met Zhou Laojian, who had the same experience, and they became friends at first sight. This time, the old man came to Castle Peak for a tour and accidentally met Zhou Laojian, an old friend many years ago. They were very happy and had a good chat. Zhou Laojian also said his troubles, and the old man wanted to help Zhou Laojian.

“Your father-in-law said that you valued money too much when you opened a restaurant. Didn’t you know that swill was bought by those immoral people for gutter oil? Didn’t you know that the oil fume you didn’t deal with would pollute the environment? No one said you wouldn’t listen. He was worried, so he had to let me play some crooked tricks to prevent you from walking the board.” Chen Yonggang sighed and said, “it’s hard for the old man.”

The old man said, “now that we know, let’s fill in the swill pool and install an oil fume filter at the exhaust outlet. We should abide by the rules and have a conscience when opening a restaurant. Otherwise, let’s continue to play crooked tricks again and again.” Chen Yonggang listened and quickly answered, “no, sir, I’m wrong, I’ll change it!”

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