Chinese Mythology Story: Night goddess

In the age of the universe, all people couldn’t sleep day and night. A man named yuan ran heard that the night goddess was occupied by the poisonous snake sulugu and her relatives. So he said to his people:

“I’ll get the night back for you!”

He took his bow and arrow on his way to sulugu’s dark and humid home and said to her:

“Will you let me exchange my bow and arrow for the goddess of the night?”

“Young man, I don’t even have hands. What’s the use of bows and arrows?” Sulugu said with a smile.

There was no way. Yuan ran had to look for something else. Soon he brought a bell and said to her:

“How’s it going? I’ll give you the bell, and you’ll give me back the night goddess! ”

Night goddess

“Young man!” Sulugugu said, “I have no feet. Please tie the bell to my tail so that I can ring it when I need it!”

From then on, as soon as the rattlesnake is angry, it will wag its tail and give a warning to people.

However, sulugu was still unwilling to hand over the night goddess.

So yuanran decided to find some poison. Maybe sulugu would need it.

As soon as sulugu heard of the poison, he became energetic and immediately changed his face and said:

“Then it’s a deal. Exchange poison for night.”

She put the night goddess in her cradle and gave it to Yuan ran.

Seeing him coming from sulugu garden with a basket, yuanran’s people immediately ran to him and asked:

“Did you really bring back the night goddess?”

“Take it back,” Yuan ran replied, “but sulugu told you not to open the basket when the moon rises before you reach the house.”

However, his partners pursued him. Shouting to see what the night goddess looks like. Yuan ran finally broke the agreement and opened the basket.

When the goddess of night flew out of it, the world became dark, and people still didn’t see the goddess. But the darkness shrouded the way home. People were scared to the extreme, shouting and running around

Only yuan ran was left alone in the vast darkness. He shouted:

“Moon, where are you?”

At this time, sulugugu’s relatives surrounded yuan ran, and sulugu’s sister zararak bit his foot hard.

Yuan ran guessed that it was zararak’s bite, so he shouted:

“Zararak, wait, my partner will avenge you.” Then he fell to the ground and died. Later, the moon rose and the night goddess was abducted by the snake family. Yuan Ran’s partner rubbed medicine juice on his body, and Yuan ran came back to life.

Yuan ran brought a lot of poison to sulugu again in exchange.

In order to let people have no intention to avenge her sister, sulugu collected all the ugly things in the world, mixed with the dark juice of the Japanese Niban tree and sprinkled it on the clothes of the night goddess, making her darker.

This is why every night, we feel sore back and tight throat; That is, ugly things always breed in the night.

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