Chinese Mythology Story: The blue face confidant of the Queen Mother

King Mu of Zhou is a different monarch, because his biggest hobby is neither power nor beauty, but tourism.

When King Mu of Zhou was young, he had the lofty ideal of “wanting to be reckless and travel around the world”. Therefore, as soon as he was promoted to the son of Zhou, he began to prepare for traveling abroad – he invited the best carriage driver in China at that time, and then found the eight best famous horses in China – “eight horses” and trained them very obediently.

Chinese Mythology Story: The blue face confidant of the Queen Mother

Everything was well prepared. King Mu of Zhou took the eight horses luxury carriage and led a large number of followers to the West from Beijing. The reason why King Mu of Zhou chose the West as his first choice was that the western boundary was closest to Beijing, and he could feel the exotic mountains and rivers and customs as soon as possible.

King Mu of Zhou and his party first went west along the Weihe River, crossed the Yellow River, continued to advance through the Hexi Corridor, and soon reached the dangerous and difficult water, which is said to be unable to float even feathers. In legend, after accepting the sacrifice of King Mu of Zhou, the river god of the weak water river ordered the fish, turtles, crocodiles and other animals in the river to build a bridge for King Mu of Zhou, let his car pass through, cross the weak water and move west, which is the legendary country of the mother of the West.

The mysterious and noble Queen Mother of the West ceremoniously received the distinguished guest king Zhou Mu from afar in yaochi. It is said that they ate all kinds of fairy fruits such as plain lotus, black jujube, green lotus root and white orange, drank the absolutely pollution-free sweet snow water on Kunlun Mountain and the good wine brought by King Zhou Mu through thousands of mountains and rivers. The queen mother of the West was not only beautiful and enchanting, hospitable, but also good at singing and dancing, which made king mu of Zhou deeply attracted by her exotic atmosphere and extraordinary talents. It is not known how many days King Mu of Zhou stayed in the country of the West Queen Mother, but it is certain that he was a little happy and did not want to return with the company of the West Queen Mother. It is recorded in the historical records that “(King Mu of Zhou) was happy to see the queen mother of Xi and forgot to return.” although there are only a few words, King Mu of Zhou’s deep love for the queen mother of Xi has jumped on the paper, and the warm hospitality and affectionate retention of the queen mother of Xi are enough to show her infatuation for King Mu of Zhou. Just when King Mu of Zhou and queen mother of the West were happy and couldn’t bear to separate, there was the bad news of the domestic rebellion. King Mu of Zhou loved the beautiful people more and had to give up his love and leave the queen mother of the west to return home to fight the rebellion.

On the day they parted, the queen mother of the West sent them one journey after another. When they parted, she personally sang a beautiful and affectionate song for King Mu of Zhou: “white clouds are in the sky, mountains and tombs come out. The road is far away, mountains and rivers are far away. The general’s son is not dead, but can come back.” King Mu of Zhou was also deeply infected and sang a harmony song: “Return to the eastern land and rule the Xia Dynasty with harmony. The people are equal. I’ll see you. After three years, I’ll recover and go wild.” then he returned to Ho Jing nonstop to settle the chaos. Fortunately, the leader of the rebellion was just a paper tiger, which was quickly won by King Mu of Zhou and the state of Chu.

It is said that King Mu of Zhou is preparing to write a romantic “journey to the west” again. The queen mother of the west can’t wait to come to Beijing. King Mu of Zhou warmly entertained the queen mother of the West and her party in Zhao palace and presented countless delicacies, famous and specialty products to the queen mother of the West in return for her kindness.

Although King Mu of Zhou and the queen mother of Xi admired each other and loved each other deeply, King Mu of Zhou would never leave the great Zhou Dynasty to become a door-to-door son-in-law in the country of the queen mother of Xi, and the queen mother of Xi could not give up her hometown and come to Beijing to be King Mu’s concubine. Therefore, the love between the two was destined to be a fruitless romance.

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