Chinese mythology story: the dog eclipses the moon

The divine Archer Hou Yi killed the people and shot down nine suns. People all over the world thanked him for his kindness; In order to reward him, the queen mother took the fairies to the mountain where Hou Yi hunted to see him.

At that time, Hou Yi was hunting in the mountains with his hound black ear. The queen mother called Hou Yi to her, ordered a fairy to take out a dazzling small box of her son, took out two fragrant herbs, and asked Hou Yi to say, “when you go back, you can become an immortal by cooking and swallowing the herbs.” Hou Yi took the elixir and thanked the queen mother, so she happily took black ear home.

Hou Yi loved his wife very much, so he decided to share the blessings with his wife Chang’e and ascend to heaven together; When he got home, he explained the matter to Chang’e, left black ear, a hound, and went to the villagers to say goodbye to them.

Chinese mythology story

Chang’e followed Hou Yi’s instructions and cooked all the medicine in water until Hou Yi came back. But greedy, she smelled the smell of the cooked fairy medicine, so she couldn’t help eating one with a spoon. After eating, she felt comfortable and delicious. She couldn’t help eating the last fairy pill.

When it was dark, Chang’e came out to see her husband before he came back. Who knows, as soon as he went out, his body fluttered with the wind. Black ear, the hound outside the door, saw Chang’e stealing the elixir and rising alone, so he barked and rushed into the house. When he smelled the fragrance, he grabbed the pot with one claw, licked the rest of the ginseng soup, and then chased Chang’e in the sky. Chang’e heard black ear’s bark. She was frightened and scared, and hurried into the moon. Black ear’s hair stood upright and his body grew bigger and bigger. He rushed up and swallowed Chang’e with the moon.

At that time, the Jade Emperor and the queen mother were admiring the moon in the heavenly palace. Suddenly, the sky was dark, so they quickly sent night wandering gods to find out. The night wanderer came back and reported that the moon was swallowed by a black dog, so it was dark; As soon as the jade emperor heard this, he angrily ordered the heavenly soldiers and generals to catch the black dog; When the black dog was caught, the Queen Mother recognized that it was black ear, Houyi’s hound. When she asked, she learned the reason, so she felt pity and granted it Tiangou to guard the South Tianmen gate. Black ear was granted grace, so he spit out the moon and Chang’e, and Chang’e was punished to live in the moon’s Guanghan palace forever.

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