Chinese Mythology Story: the goddess patching the sky

One day, Da Long went to play with Jingwei and xiaotai Chi in ancient times. Unexpectedly, he saw the “Buzhou mountain” which is said to be able to withstand heaven and support heaven and earth. He also met the beautiful empress Nuwa, and even saw the process of Nuwa mending the sky. It was really a frightening experience of ghosts and gods. It was sour!

the goddess patching the sky
Nuwa, the great God in the sky, made clay dolls from clay and gave them life. Since then, Nu Wa has created people. People have multiplied and lived a happy life from generation to generation. However, the good times will not last long. One year, the God of fire Zhu Rong and the God of water worked together to fight. Gonggong knocked down the pillar supporting the sky, Buzhou mountain. The lower half of the sky collapsed, smashed many holes and cracked the ground. The flood on the ground and the water in Tianhe kept leaking down, resulting in flood and fire on the earth. It’s really tragic!

In order to save mankind, Nuwa decided to pick stones to mend the sky, mend the sky with five colored stones, and then hold the sky with the four feet of the East China Sea Turtle. Seeing that the great work of mending the sky is about to be completed, I find that the colored stone is not enough and the big hole has not been mended. What can I do? The compassionate Nu Wa had to sacrifice her life to fill the big hole in the sky with her body. She saw the process with her own eyes. The big dragon, Jingwei and xiaotai Chi, as well as all the mud dolls, cried red eyes! After several efforts, Nuwa finally mended the sky, restored peace between heaven and earth, and appeared colorful clouds. All living things are alive on the earth. Nuwa’s dedication to the survival of mankind and all things in the world is really touching.

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