Chinese Mythology Story: The king chose the prince by choice

In ancient times, there was a king who was very wise and managed the country in an orderly manner.

But one thing made him frown, that is, he was 60 years old and still had no children under his knees.

The king chose the prince by choice

One day, the king came up with a way and said, “I will personally select an honest child in the country and accept it as my adopted son.” He ordered to give each child some flower seeds and announced: “if anyone can use these seeds to cultivate the most beautiful flowers, then that child will be my heir.”

All the children planted those flower seeds. They watered, fertilized and loosened the soil day and night.

There is a boy named xiongri. He also cultivates flower seeds carefully all day. However, ten days passed, half a month passed, and one month passed… The seeds in the flowerpot remained the same and did not germinate“ How strange! ” Xiongri has some doubts.

Finally, he asked his mother, “Mom, why don’t the flowers I planted sprout?”

Mother was also worried about it. She said, “change the soil in the flowerpot and see if it works.”

According to his mother’s advice, Xiong RI sowed those seeds in the new soil, but they still didn’t germinate.

The day came when the king decided to watch flowers. Countless children in beautiful clothes poured into the streets. They were holding flowerpots full of flowers. Everyone wanted to be the prince who inherited the throne. But for some reason, when the king looked around at the flowers and passed in front of the children, his face was still sad.

Suddenly, beside a shop, the king saw Xiong RI in tears. The child stood there with an empty flower pot. The king called him to himself and asked, “Why are you carrying an empty flowerpot?”

Hung RI lowered his head. He told the king how he planted flowers, but the flower seeds did not sprout for a long time, and said that this might be retribution, because he stole an apple from someone else’s orchard.

Hearing Xiong RI’s answer, the king happily took his hands and said loudly, “this is my honest son!”

“Why did you choose a child with an empty flowerpot as your successor?” The children asked the king.

So the king said, “children, the flowers and seeds I sent you are cooked seeds. No matter how you cultivate it, it will not blossom and bear fruit. ”

After listening to the king’s words, those children holding the most beautiful flowers are too ashamed to lift their heads. You know in your heart that you can cultivate such bright flowers because you have changed other seeds.

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