Chinese Mythology Story: The magic brush

People say that once upon a time, there was a child named Ma Liang.

His father and mother had long died, and he lived on his own firewood and mowing grass. He likes to learn painting since childhood, but he doesn’t even have a pen!

One day, he walked past a school gate and saw the teacher in the school drawing with a pen. He unconsciously went in and said to the teacher, “I really want to learn painting. Can you lend me a pen?” The teacher glared at him, “bah!” Spit on his face and scold, “the poor boy wants to take a pen and learn painting? Dream! ” Then he kicked him out of the gate. Ma Liang is an ambitious child. He said, “I don’t believe it. How can poor children even learn painting!”

The magic brush

From then on, he made up his mind to learn painting and practiced hard every day. When he went to the mountain to collect firewood, he broke a branch and learned to draw birds in the sand. When he went to the river to cut grass, he dipped grass roots in the river and painted swimming fish on the bank stones. In the evening, when I got home, I took a piece of charcoal and painted the things painted during the day one by one on the wall of the cave. He learned to draw without a pen.

Year after year, Ma Liangxue’s paintings never stopped. The walls of his cave are covered with overlapping paintings, all of which are painted. Of course, the progress is also very fast. It’s really that the painted bird can’t cry and the painted fish can’t swim. Once, he drew a little hen at the entrance of the village, and eagles circled over the entrance of the village all day. Once, he painted a black wolf behind the mountain, so that cattle and sheep were afraid to eat behind the mountain. One night, Ma Liang lay in the cave. He was very tired because he worked and studied painting all day. As soon as he lay down, he fell asleep.

I don’t know when there was a burst of colorful light in the cave. An old man with a white beard came and gave him a pen: “this is a magic pen. Use it well!” Ma Liang took over and looked at the golden pen; Take it in your hand. It’s heavy. He jumped up with joy: “thank you, Grandpa,…” before Ma Liang finished his words, the old man with white beard had disappeared.

Ma Liang woke up and rubbed his eyes. It was a dream! It’s not a dream! Isn’t that pen well in your hand!

He was very happy, so he ran out, knocked door to door, woke up his partners and told them, “I have a pen!” It’s only midnight! He drew a bird with his pen. The bird fluttered its wings and flew into the sky. It shouted to him and chirped and sang songs. He drew a fish with his pen. The fish bent its tail, swam into the water and danced to him. He was so happy that he said, “how wonderful this magic pen is!” With this magic pen, Ma Liang painted for the poor people in the village every day: whoever didn’t have a plow and rake, he painted a plow and rake for him; Whoever has no cattle, he will draw them; Whoever doesn’t have a waterwheel, he will draw it for him; Whoever doesn’t have a stone mill, he will draw a stone mill for him

There is no airtight wall in the world, and the news quickly spread to the ears of a rich man in a nearby village. The rich man sent two families to catch him and force him to draw.

Although Ma Liang is young, he is born a hard nut. He saw through the bad heart of the rich, and let the rich coax and scare him, and asked him to draw a gold ingot, but he refused to draw it. The rich man shut him up in a stable and did not give him food.

In the evening, the snow fell in succession, and a thick layer had accumulated on the ground. The rich man thought that Ma Liang was not starving, but must have frozen to death. When he passed the stable door, he saw a red light in the crack of the door and smelled a delicious smell. He felt strange. He leaned close to his eyes and put one in the crack of the door. Ah! Ma Liang not only didn’t die, but also lit a big stove. While baking on fire, he was eating hot cakes! The rich man knew that the stove and cake must have been painted by Ma Liang with a magic pen, so he angrily called the servants to kill Ma Liang and take the magic pen. More than a dozen ferocious servants rushed into the stables, but they didn’t see Ma Liang. They saw a ladder on the east wall. Ma Liang took advantage of the darkness, climbed the ladder, climbed over the wall and left. The rich man hurried up the ladder to catch up. He fell down without climbing three steps. Originally, this ladder was painted by Ma Liang with a magic pen.

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