Chinese Mythology Story: The story of Cangjie’s creation of characters

It is said that Cangjie was an official under the Yellow Emperor. The Yellow Emperor assigned him to manage the number of animals in the circle and the amount of food in the village. But slowly, the storage of animals and food is gradually increasing and changing, which can’t be remembered by the head alone. Cangjie is in trouble.

Cangjie worked all day and night. First, he tied knots on the rope and used ropes of different colors to represent different animals. But over time, it won’t work. It’s easy to tie a knot on the rope when the number increases, but it’s troublesome to untie a knot on the rope when the number decreases. Cangjie thought of making a circle on the rope and hanging all kinds of shells in the circle to replace what he was in charge of. Add a shell when it is added, and remove a shell when it is reduced. This method works. It has been used for several years.

The story of Cangjie's creation of characters

Seeing that Cangjie was so capable, the Yellow Emperor asked him to take charge of more and more things. The number of sacrifices every year, the distribution of hunting back and forth, and the increase or decrease of the number of tribal people were all called Cangjie’s tube. Cangjie made another mistake. It was no longer enough to add ropes and hang shells. How can we not make mistakes?

That day, he took part in collective hunting. When he came to a fork in the road, several old people argued about which way to go. An old man insisted on going east and said there were antelopes; An old man wanted to go north and said he could catch up with the deer not far ahead; An old man wanted to go west and said that if he didn’t kill two tigers in time, he would miss the opportunity. When Cangjie asked, it turned out that they all recognized it by looking at the footprints of underground beasts. Cang Jie suddenly rejoiced: since a footprint represents a beast, why can’t I use a symbol to represent what I manage? He ran home happily and began to create various symbols to represent things. Sure enough, he managed things in order.

After the Yellow Emperor knew it, he greatly appreciated it and ordered Cangjie to teach this method to various tribes. Gradually, the use of these symbols was popularized. In this way, words are formed.

Cangjie made the word. The Yellow Emperor valued him very much. Everyone praised him, and his reputation became more and more famous. Cangjie’s mind was a little hot. His eyes slowly moved up to his head and his heart. No one looked down on him, and his words were careless.

This word reached the ears of the Yellow Emperor, who was very angry. His eyes could not tolerate the deterioration of a minister. How can Cangjie realize his mistakes? The Yellow Emperor summoned the oldest old man around him to discuss. The old man has more than 120 knots on his long beard, indicating that he is in his twenties. The old man pondered for a while and went to find Cangjie alone.

Cangjie was teaching people from all tribes to read. The old man sat silently at the end and listened as carefully as others. After Cangjie finished, everyone else dispersed, but the old man didn’t go and still sat in the old place. Cangjie was a little curious and asked him why he didn’t go.

The old man said, “Cangjie, the words you made are well-known, but I’m old and confused. Will you teach me again?”

Cangjie looked at such an old man and respected him so much. He was very happy and urged him to speak quickly.

The old man said, “do you have four legs for the word” horse “,” donkey “and” mule “?, The cow also has four legs. Why doesn’t the word “cow” you created have four legs and only one tail? ”

Cangjie was a little flustered when he heard this: when he originally made the word “fish”, he was written like “cow”, and when he made the word “cow”, he was written like “fish”. I blame myself for being careless and teaching upside down.

The old man then said, “the word” heavy “you made means that you should read the word” out “of a distant door thousands of miles away, but you teach people to read the word” heavy “of weight. On the contrary, the word “out” combined by the two mountains is supposed to be the word “heavy” of weight, but you have taught it to be the word “out” of a distant door. These words are really hard for me to figure out, so I have to ask you. ”

At this time, Cangjie was ashamed and knew that he had made a big mistake because of his pride. These words have been taught to all tribes, spread all over the world, and can not be changed. He quickly knelt down and expressed his repentance in tears.

The old man took Cangjie’s hand and said sincerely, “Cangjie, you have created words so that the experience of our older generation can be recorded and passed on. You have done a great good thing and people will remember you from generation to generation. You can’t be arrogant! ”

From then on, whenever Cangjie made a word, he always had to think over the meaning of the word again and again. It was OK to ask people’s opinions. He didn’t dare to be careless at all. It was settled only after everyone agreed, and then gradually spread to each tribe.

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