Chinese Mythology Story: The story of nine color deer

Beside the Ganges, there lived a deer. Its hair had nine colors and its horns were as white as snow. Jiuse deer goes to the river to eat grass and drink water every day. Here is a good friend of Jiuse deer, which is a crow.

One day, a man accidentally fell into the river. Jiuse deer saw it and ran to the river. Regardless of the danger, he fell into the river and saved the man ashore. The man wanted to thank Jiuse deer. Jiuse deer shook his head and said, “I didn’t save you to ask you to thank me. Go back, as long as you don’t tell everyone. ” Then he went back.

The story of nine color deer

The man said, “sure, sure, I won’t tell anyone anything.” Then he went back.

The queen of this country had a strange dream one night and saw a deer. Its hair had nine colors and its horns were as white as snow. She woke up and said to the king, “I want the nine color deer. Take its skin as a cushion. Find it for me quickly. Or I’ll die. ”

The king told the people all over the country that whoever could find the nine color deer would give him half of the country and give him a pot full of gold.

But no one has seen the nine color deer. No one knows where the nine color deer is. Only one person, the one who saved him, knows. He thought, “that’s good. I can have a pot full of gold and divide it into half a country!” He ran to the palace and asked the king to take his troops and horses to catch nine colored deer with him( Fairy Tales)

That day, Jiuse deer was dozing on the ground. Its good friend, the crow, stood on the branch and asked the man from a distance, “Jiuse deer saved you. Why did you hurt him instead?”

The man was speechless.

The king asked his soldiers to make way, let the nine color deer go, and gave an order: “no one is allowed to catch the nine color deer in the future.” What about that man? He didn’t get a pot full of gold. Nor is it divided into half a country. The king asked the soldiers to tie him up and went into the Ganges.

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