Chinese Mythology Story: The timid mouse is whimsical

Long ago, in a small town in the United States, there lived a rich family. Because there were too many mice in the family, the owner bought a cat to catch the mice.

Sure enough, soon the rats decreased a lot, the owner was very happy, and the cat continued to work as a guard.

One day, in a remote corner of the house, a heated discussion was being held!

Chinese Mythology Story: The timid mouse is whimsical

“Ladies and gentlemen, the purpose of my seminar today is to find a way to deal with that hateful dead cat. It has killed many of our compatriots. If we don’t find a way to deal with it, our lives will be lost sooner or later. Please speak enthusiastically,” said chief mouse.

The mice listened and raised their hands to speak. Chief mouse had to let them come one by one. First, warrior a stood up and spoke:

“I suggest that while the dead cat is chasing us, deliberately lead him to the mouse trap and let him be caught by the mouse trap. In this way, he will never chase us again.”

Hearing this, warrior B was very dissatisfied, so he stood up and said:

“This method is very dangerous to us. What if he eats it before he gets to the mouse? So I think it’s the best way to burn him while he’s asleep.”

“No, this method is also dangerous to us. One of my best ways is to hang a bell around his neck while he is asleep.

In this way, as long as we hear the sound of the bell in the future, we can run away quickly and never be afraid of being caught by him again. What do you think? “Warrior C looked at everyone proudly.

The mice all agreed with this method and applauded one after another.

“Now that everyone agrees, who will voluntarily hang the bell for the dead cat?” asked the mouse chief.

“Since no one wants to go, you put forward this suggestion. I think it’s up to you.”

“I… I dare not go, you’d better find someone else!” said warrior C, and he stopped talking.

As a result, no mouse dared to go, so up to now, the rats are still chased by the cat!

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