Chinese Mythology Story: Wang Ba bone champion tooth

In southeastern Shandong, there is a big mountain called Wulian mountain. At the foot of the mountain, there is a village called longwantou. There is a family living in the village. The mother and son depend on each other, and the son’s name is Wang Cheng.

When Wang Chengchang was 12 years old, his mother sent him to a private school in the neighboring village. His mother told his son: “your father died early. You must study hard and get fame in the future. You can honor your father and be worthy of your dead father.” Wang Cheng remembered his mother’s words, went to the private school, listened to the old man carefully and completed the homework assigned by the old man on time, The results have been very good.

Chinese Mythology Story: Wang Ba bone champion tooth

There is a small river between the two villages. Every morning, Wang Cheng goes to the river and always crosses the river with his trouser legs. In the December moon, a thin layer of ice formed on the river, which made people feel a chill.

That morning, Wang Cheng came to the river, rolled up his trouser legs and was about to go down the river. An old man with a white beard came from behind. He looked kind-hearted. He patted Wang Cheng on the shoulder and said, “son, the river in the twelfth lunar month is as cold as the tip of a needle. Your bare feet used to freeze your bones. From now on, I will carry you across the river.”

Wang Cheng shook his head: “who wasn’t born to my parents? Besides, you’re so old, I’ll carry you across the river!”

The old man with white beard “ha ha” laughed: “good boy, I’m old and hard and not afraid of cold.” then the old man went to Wang Cheng, picked up his miso and walked across the river. Wang Cheng just felt like the wind blowing in his ear, and soon he came to the other side. The old man put Wang Cheng down. Wang Cheng found that the old man’s shoes were not wet at all, just like floating over the water.

From then on, no matter when Wang Cheng went to the river, the old man always waited there and sent him across the river. Wang Chengting wondered and told his mother about it. The mother said, “you are so young. How can you make an old man carry you across the river? How do I teach you on weekdays? Don’t you want you to respect the old man? Besides, people have carried you across the river for so long, you should also ask the old man’s name and thank him.”

Wang Cheng remembered his mother’s words and came to the river early the next day. When he saw that the old man with white beard arrived earlier than himself, Wang Cheng took off his shoes and said, “my mother said, if you don’t tell me who you are, I won’t have to carry you across the river in the future.”

Seeing that Wang Cheng didn’t need his back, the old man was so anxious that he turned around by the river. Seeing that Wang Cheng was already in the water, the old man shouted, “come back, I’ll tell you the truth.”

When Wang Cheng returned to the shore, the old man put on his shoes and told him: “The secret of heaven can’t be revealed, but if I don’t tell you the reason, you won’t let me carry you across the river. If I freeze my bones, how can I explain it to the heaven? To tell you the truth, I’m the mountain god of this side and serve you here according to heaven’s order. You are the Wenqu star in the sky, the eighth champion of the Ming Dynasty and the first-class prime minister. Take care!”

As soon as Wang Cheng heard this, he felt a “click” in his heart. It turned out that he had such a big background that the mountain god had to serve himself. He calmly lay down on the mountain god’s back and let him cross the river. On the other side, put down Wang Cheng. The mountain god repeatedly told him not to tell others in case of accidents!

When he got home, he couldn’t help asking his mother again and again. Besides, his mother was not an outsider. Wang Cheng told his mother what the old man said. His mother was surprised and said: “The eighth number one scholar in the Ming Dynasty, the mountain god has to carry you across the river. What a big official you should be in the future! Look at those officials who sit in eight lift sedans, sound gongs and open the way, and call in front and back!”

Wang Cheng’s mother became more and more excited. It seemed that her son had become the Prime Minister of the current Dynasty, and she had also become the prime minister’s mother. She was dressed in silk and satin, and wore pearly jewelry. Thinking about it, she couldn’t help but think of her orphan and widowed mother. She had been bullied by neighbors and relatives before. She didn’t feel resentment from her heart, and her anger came from her courage. Since then, when she sat at the door of the stove and cooked by fire every day, she began to eat While knocking on the door of the stove with a burning stick, he complained: one year and one month, Lao Li’s family on the left occupied several more vegetable plots of her family. If his son became prime minister, they must double their repayment; one year and one month, old Zhang YouSHE scolded his son. If his son became prime minister, Lao Zhang had to come to the door to plead for the blame… Thinking about it, Wang Cheng’s mother was elated and energetic Vibration.

However, the kitchen door is the kitchen King’s face. Wang Cheng’s mother cooks and burns fire every day. She stabs the kitchen King’s face with the fire stick and scolds. Over time, the kitchen King’s face is full of pits and black spots, but he is the mother of the future No. 1 scholar Lang and the mother of a prime minister. The kitchen Lord has to swallow his anger and dare not speak!

Wang Cheng had read the book very well, but since his mother knew he was the number one in the future, whenever she went to school, her mother told her son: “anyway, you are the number one in the future. Sooner or later, you are the prime minister in the future. When you go to school, you don’t have to serve the master like those students, and you don’t have to study so hard. It’s fundamental to maintain your body!” Over time, Wang Cheng’s studies have gradually slackened.

On the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month of the lunar new year, the kitchen king was ordered to go to heaven to report his work. Many gods, such as the God of mountains, the God of earth and the God of wealth, reported to the jade emperor one by one. Only the kitchen King covered his face with his sleeves and was embarrassed to come forward. The Jade Emperor asked, “kitchen king, what’s hard to say?”

The kitchen stove king was submissive and didn’t dare to come forward. The Jade Emperor ordered the left and right to pull the kitchen stove king to his front and pull off his arm. The Jade Emperor was surprised to see the pockmarks on his face: “what’s the matter with your face?”

Seeing that he couldn’t hide it, the kitchen king had to tell the reason to the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor was furious: “People say that mothers are virtuous and sons are filial. What good children can such a mother educate? Besides, hearing the wind is rain, but hearing a few rumors is so arrogant. After that, her son has really become the prime minister. She will certainly pretend to be a tiger’s power and support others and commit a great crime against heaven!”

The Jade Emperor immediately patted the Dragon case: “the supreme old gentleman obeys orders. You take Wang Cheng’s champion bone and replace it with the turtle bone of the king of Taihu Lake on March 3, so that he can’t turn over forever!”

After the new year, the school began, and Wang Cheng crossed the river to school as usual. That morning, the old man with white beard waited early by the river. When he saw Wang Cheng, he quietly carried him across the river, put down Wang Cheng, and said to him, “this is the last time I carried you across the river…” then he told Wang Cheng what happened. Finally, the mountain god told Wang Cheng: “On the third day of March, you will suddenly feel sharp pain all over your body, but you must clench your teeth and don’t shout. It can save your teeth and eat a good meal all your life in the future! You are also a kind child, and I can only help you!” with that, the old man with white beard disappeared as soon as he turned around.

On the third day of March, Wang Cheng felt sharp pain all over his body, and his bones and joints “clucked” as if he had been taken away. However, he remembered the instructions of the old man with white beard, clenched his teeth, and the beads of bean sweat fell “tick by tick” from his forehead. He just didn’t say a word!

After an hour, the sharp pain disappeared, and Wang Cheng felt much lighter all at once. Wang Cheng didn’t get fame after he grew up, but became a private school teacher. Although he didn’t have great wealth, he also had no worries about food and clothing all his life.

One afternoon after school, Wang Cheng met a passing Mr. Xiangmian. Mr. Wang Cheng glanced at him, shook his head in wonder, and said, “strange, how can a good teacher have a king’s bones?” Wang Cheng didn’t know what the gentleman was talking about, but just looked at him with his mouth open. Mr. Xiangmian was surprised again: “But how did you grow a champion tooth!”

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