Chinese Mythology Story: white wave

There is a bachelor in a village. He is in his thirties and has not married his daughter-in-law. He is diligent and capable. He works hard in the field every day.

One day, when he went to the field, he accidentally picked up a big snail. He happily took it home and kept it in his own water tank. How time flies. Three years have passed in the twinkling of an eye. One day, when the bachelor came home from his work in the field, he found that the table was full of steaming food. The bachelor looked left and right, but there was no one. He was very hungry. No matter thirty-seven or twenty-one, he went to the table and ate. As he ate, he thought, who would cook such a delicious meal for him? He worked for several days and came back with the same table full of good meals. So he thought it must be the neighbor sister-in-law Li’s help. Today I’ll thank others. So he asked his neighbor sister-in-law Li, who said, “no? I heard the sound of cooking and cooking in your kitchen. I thought you came home early to cook? ” Bachelors wonder who would do that? He must find out.

Chinese Mythology Story

One day, he went out to work with his labor tools as usual. After a while, he sneaked back home and hid outside his house to have a peek. Towards noon, the cover of the water tank was slowly lifted, and a fairy like girl came out of the water tank. Then he cooked and fried dishes skillfully. The table was soon filled with food. When the food was ready, he hid in the water tank again. The bachelor thought, can’t I look away today? Therefore, he secretly hid outside the house for several days. The result is absolutely true. It is a beautiful girl who helps him cook and fry every day.

The bachelor thought, why is such a beautiful and virtuous girl coming to help him cook every day? I must ask clearly. At noon on another day, when the girl was concentrating on cooking, the bachelor pushed the door and suddenly broke in. He hugged the girl and locked her into the room. He quickly opened the lid of the water tank and looked silly. Why was there only an empty shell left of the snail wandering in the water? Did this Narcissus girl come from this snail? The bachelor came up with a clever way. He hid the empty shell in the back garden. Then she went to the room and let the girl out. Unexpectedly, the girl came out of the room and ran straight into the water tank. When she saw that the shell was gone, she cried sadly. She cried and told the bachelor the truth about her experience. She said that she was a snail. Because the bachelor saved her life in the previous life and raised her for three years in this life, she devoted herself to repay her kindness. The bachelor was so moved,

So he married the girl and they gave birth to a pair of children. It is said that their husband and wife have always been in love, and the days are getting better.

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