Chinese myths and legend: 800 tigers in Tokyo

In ancient times, there was a young man named Wang Tianliang who made a living by gathering firewood.

One day he went up the mountain to collect firewood. Suddenly, he saw a tiger with a bloody tongue. He walked up to him and shook his head and tail as if he wanted something. At dawn, he asked, “brother tiger, if you are ill, nod your head three times; If not, swing the tail three times“ The tiger nodded his head three times. After dawn, he asked, “brother tiger, if you are ill in your mouth, point your head three times; If it’s not in your mouth, put your tail three times“ The tiger nodded his head again. At dawn, he said strangely, “brother tiger, sit up and let me see.” The tiger really sat up. At dawn, he looked carefully into the tiger’s mouth. It turned out that a bone spur had pierced into his tongue. There was a pimple on his tongue. There was a big walnut with pus and blood. At dawn, he gently put his hand into the tiger’s mouth and pulled out the bone spur. Then he took out a vermilion porcelain bottle from his pocket, poured out some ancestral self-made wound elixir and applied it to the tiger’s wound. After a while, the tiger healed. The tiger was very grateful and said to dawn, “let’s worship as brothers!” Dawn readily agreed. Since then, at dawn, he went to Nanshan lake to collect firewood every day according to brother Hu’s intention. There are beautiful mountains and rivers, lush forests, numerous flowers, and a hundred birds singing together, just like a fairyland.

800 tigers in Tokyo

Once, after picking up firewood at dawn, I sat on the bluestone with Cangsong to rest. Suddenly, I found a surprisingly large bird egg not far in front of me. At dawn, seeing Ruhuozhibao, he put the egg in his arms and went home with firewood.

At dawn, I cherish this bird’s egg very much. I wrap it thick with cotton. I sleep in the quilt at night and stick it close to my side. I hope to hatch a big bird one day.

Soon after, a strong bird really broke its shell. At dawn, mother and son regard it as the Pearl of their eyes. They eat three meals a day, carefully raise it and take good care of it in every way.

As the days passed, the birds slowly gave birth to golden feathers“ Ah“ At dawn, the mother and son exclaimed in surprise, “it turned out to be a beautiful Phoenix!”

The Golden Phoenix grew up gradually, but the mother and son lost weight day by day. The Golden Phoenix suddenly spoke: “my mother and brother are thin for me. Now my wings are hard and I want to fly far away. I’ll repay you in three years“ After saying that, it came to the hospital in tears, fluttered its wings and roared in the air.

The Golden Phoenix perches on the purple bee in the white snow mountain by the lake. At sunrise on the first day of May every year, hundreds of birds and Phoenix sing like music, which soon spread all over the world.

When the son of Yin in Kaifeng heard about this, he came to dawn and was willing to give a thousand liang of silver to buy a Golden Phoenix. The young master was so angry that he pulled out his sword and threatened to say, “if you don’t obey, stab you immediately!” At dawn, he said firmly, “don’t think about it!” Childe had no choice but to bring dawn back to Kaifeng house and put him on death row.

Three years later, the Golden Phoenix turned into a peerless beauty and came to her home at dawn to explain her life experience and purpose to her mother. My mother was overjoyed and sighed. When she was not at home at dawn, Jinfeng worked day and night, served her mother, was considerate and filial. One day, the tiger came to visit dawn. When he heard that dawn was locked up in Kaifeng death row, he immediately ran to the top of the mountain and shouted three times to the East. Two hundred tigers came to the east mountain; Roared three times to the west, and two hundred tigers came to the west mountain; Roared three times to the North: two hundred tigers came from the north mountain; Roared three times to the south, and two hundred tigers came to Nanshan. The tiger king led the 800 tigers to Kaifeng, shaking the sky and the earth, rolling up the dust.

When the Kaifeng government Yin heard that the tigers were coming, he was terrified and hurried to close the four doors. The sergeant went to the city to guard. The tiger king led 800 tigers to Kaifeng City. When he saw that the four doors were closed, he suddenly became angry. With a command, 800 tigers fell to the ground with a long roar, jumped up, and all jumped onto the city wall, paralyzing the city Sergeant one by one. Strange to say, none of the 800 tigers hurt the sergeant and the people. A gust of wind ran to the Fuyin hall with the tiger king. Suddenly, there were tigers in and out of the lobby, on and under the room. At the sight of Fu Yin, his hands were numb and his feet were soft. He stood unstable and knelt on the ground like chaff.

The tiger king came to the hall and denounced the official Yin and said, “why did you hurt Wang Tianliang by perpetrating your son? As a parent official, I don’t promote benefits and eliminate disadvantages for the people, but harm one side. What’s your use“ Fu Yin listened and knelt on the ground begging for mercy. The tiger king ordered him to go to the prison on his knees, kowtowed to Wang Tianliang, the benefactor, then swept the tail, threw the Fuyin three feet away, and swallowed the son of the Fuyin. The tiger king asked Wang Tianliang to ride on the tiger’s back and lead the tigers back to the mountain. Wang Tianliang only listened to the roar of the wind, as fast as lightning, and didn’t feel that he came home. Hearing this, Miss Jinfeng hurriedly came out to meet her. The tiger king saw that they were talented and beautiful and loved each other very much, so he made a matchmaker and made them a happy couple. Since then, the three members of Wang Tianliang’s family have lived a happy life.

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