Chinese myths and legend: A dedicated story

Once upon a time, there was a chess expert named Qiu. His chess skills were very excellent.

A dedicated story

Qiu has two students who study and play chess with him. One of them is very focused on learning from the teacher. The other is not. He thinks it’s easy to learn to play chess and doesn’t need to be serious. When the teacher explained, although he sat there and his eyes seemed to be looking at the chess pieces, he thought, “if only he could shoot a goose in the field and have a good meal.” Because he was always thinking and absent-minded, he didn’t listen to the teacher’s explanation at all.

As a result, although the two students were taught by a famous teacher, one made rapid progress and became a famous player with high chess skills, while the other did not learn any skills.

Concentration means: to describe being single-minded and attentive.

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