Chinese myths and legend: Alone in snake Valley

Li Xiaofeng, the son of Li Laoliu, who had been missing for more than three years, suddenly went home. When he got home, he announced a shocking news: he was going to break into snake Valley alone!

No one in the villa has ever been in the snake Valley, but a man known as the snake king of Jiangnan came here more than ten years ago and said that there was a big snake in the valley. He could prepare medicine to catch the snake, but he never came again after talking. Of course, Li Laoliu opposed it, because a few years ago, Li Xiaofeng’s sister went to pick mushrooms at the mouth of snake valley. After a gust of wind, it disappeared. Li Xiaofeng wanted to go into the valley to look for it when he heard about it. He was stopped by a villager. Li Xiaofeng disappeared the next day. The whole village thought he had sneaked into the valley and was killed by a big snake. Now he’s back. Li Xiaofeng told his father that in recent years, he went to Jiangnan to learn snake catching technology. Now he is not afraid of any kind of poisonous snake, but Li Laoliu still forced him to disagree by death. Li Xiaofeng had to look at snake Valley and sigh.

Chinese myths and legend: Alone in snake Valley

But the news that Li Xiaofeng was going to enter the cave let Wang Sunyi know. This Wang Sunyi is a man who made his fortune by exposing his reasons blindly. Hearing that the big snake gall had the effect of bringing the dead back to life, he quietly found Li Xiaofeng and said that as long as he could catch the big snake, he was willing to pay 20000 yuan for the snake gall. Li Xiaofeng shook his head and said, I don’t want your money. I just want to avenge my sister. After their discussion, as soon as Li Laoliu left home, Li Xiaofeng quietly made an appointment with Wang Sunyi and came to gukou, leaving Wang Sunyi to enter the valley himself.

The gloomy wind in the valley was miserable. Li Xiaofeng returned to the mouth of the valley and discussed with Wang Sunyi. He returned to the cave and first scattered the contents of the bucket he had brought. He felt that there was no movement inside, so he began to climb in. Entering the cave, there was a fishy smell in the cave. On closer look, it was a snake corpse, but I couldn’t find my sister’s bones and the big snake that the snake king said. Just as he was going back, he suddenly saw a hole in the wall. He went to the cave and looked inside. There were many snakes inside. According to experience, the big snake should be inside! So he decided to go in and have a look.

As soon as Xiaofeng’s head reached into the hole, he felt an unspeakable smell coming to his face. He felt dizzy and almost lost consciousness. He urgently looked for the medicine to relieve dizziness. When he touched it, he remembered that he had been confiscated by his father and had to return. He told Wang Sunyi that he had to steal the antidote he brought back from the south of the Yangtze River when his father didn’t pay attention, and then go in and see it. He must get to the bottom of the matter.

Coincidentally, the next day, Li Laoliu had dinner and went to the county with some old friends. Xiaofeng hurried to his father’s house. He put the things in the box and stole them. So he and Wang Sunyi came to gukou again. Li Xiaofeng smoothly climbed into the hole and turned a corner. Although there was a lot of space inside, the smell of snake was very pungent. He quickly touched something and smelled it before he stopped dizziness. Then he took out his flashlight and looked around. He saw that the cave was full of snake eggs, snake skin and half dead snakes. He saw nothing and wanted to go back. Suddenly he saw a small leather shoe under a snake. He hurried forward and picked it up. It was bought for his sister. Xiaofeng suddenly had confidence. He walked carefully inside. It was about seven or eight meters away. It suddenly opened up in front. There was a hole as big as several houses. He just wanted to look around. He just felt that his head was hit by something and fell to the ground. It is a hibernating snake awakened. Its eyes are like a searchlight towards itself, its mouth is open, and its tongue is like a hand. In a hurry, Li Xiaofeng threw the flashlight and medicine bucket in his hand into the snake’s mouth and stepped back while the snake swallowed.

Unexpectedly, when he retreated to the outer hole, he tripped over something, touched his hand and grabbed a knife from under the snake body! With a weapon, Li Xiaofeng calmed down. Seeing that the big snake had come in front of him, snake Xinzi rolled up to him again. Li Xiaofeng waved a knife and cut at snake Xinzi. Who knows, people have been sucked into their mouths by snakes before they raise their hands. He just felt a black in front of him and slowly slid towards the black hole world

What a Li Xiaofeng. In order to delay entering the abdominal cavity of the snake with the strongest digestion, he tried to shrink together, and the knife in his hand stabbed the snake’s abdominal cavity with difficulty! As soon as the big snake was in pain and stopped swallowing hard, Li Xiaofeng suddenly felt that the pressure decreased. But then he turned over like a river, shaking him dizzy! Li Xiaofeng added force to the handle of the knife. The snake seemed to fly to the sky and fall to the ground. Then, a stuffy smell rushed to the mouth and nose, and the gas came back, but people lost consciousness

But Wang Sunyi said that when he saw Li Xiaofeng entering the cave, he forgot Li Xiaofeng’s warning not to get close to the cave and quietly followed him to the cave. I stayed in front of the cave and didn’t hear anything inside. I just wanted to go in again to see if the snake had been killed by Li Xiaofeng and was gouging out the snake’s eyes and gall. Let him eat it alone, then he will suffer. Just then, with a hula, a big snake came out and rushed him out of the hole. He rolled quickly and saw that the big snake also fell not far from him and stood still. Wang Sunyi looked again and saw that the big snake was much thicker than usual. He was stunned. Is Li Xiaofeng in the snake’s stomach? When he pulled out his dagger, he was about to stab the snake seven inches away. Before he fell, he suddenly thought that if he rescued the boy, he would definitely compete with me for the snake’s eye. I might as well take off the snake’s eye first and then save him, so as to get personal feelings first. Thinking of this, the dagger in his hand stabbed the big snake in the eye! Just stabbed into the snake’s eye socket, I just felt a “snap”, just like a bolt from the blue. The snake’s tail patted on Wang Sunyi’s head and flew others ten or twenty meters away

I don’t know how long it took. Li Xiaofeng felt that he was dead. But when he opened his eyes, he saw himself and the snake lying on the ground in front of the cliff outside the cave. He wanted to sit up and felt pain all over. He thought, it seems that he is still alive, but how did he get outside the cave and come out of the snake’s stomach? He hasn’t figured it out yet. Turning around, he was even more surprised to find Wang Sunyi lying on the ground not far from him. Struggling to climb up to Wang Sunyi and shake him, Li Xiaofeng was stunned. Li Xiaofeng didn’t know where his strength came from. He got up and carried Wang Sunyi on his back and ran out of the valley.

Just arrived at gukou, I heard a noise. Xiaofeng followed the sound and found that it was Li Laoliu with a group of people. Xiaofeng fell to the ground together like an angry ball. Li Laoliu rushed to him. Xiaofeng opened his eyes and said, “Dad, why are you here?” Li Laoliu said, “can I not come if you come to die?” Xiaofeng said: “Dad, I’m fine. Come on, send Wang Sunyi to rescue.”

Everyone came to ask what was going on? Li Xiaofeng said that he only knew that he fainted when he was swallowed by a big snake. When he woke up, he saw Wang Sunyi lying aside. Maybe he fainted because he saved me? At this time, Wang Sunyi took a long breath and sat up. The people were overjoyed and said, “he’s awake. It’s all right.” they came to the snake together.

An elderly man looked at the snake and asked, “Xiaofeng, whose dagger is on the snake’s eye socket?” Wang Sunyi said it was his. The man nodded and said: “I guess it’s yours, too. Xiaofeng was still in the snake’s stomach at that time, and you saved Xiaofeng. When you saw the snake lying on the ground, you didn’t stab it seven inches to save people, but you wanted to gouge out the snake’s eye. Your dagger stabbed the snake’s pain. Before he died, he turned his head, shook his tail and patted you away. That strength helped Li Xiaofeng squeeze out of the knife. Otherwise, Xiaofeng was in it The abdomen is either suffocated or liquefied by its stomach. ”

The man looked carefully at the knife picked up by Li Xiaofeng and said, “this is the snake king in those years. It turned out that he secretly came back to catch the big snake after he left and wanted to swallow the snake’s eyes and courage alone. Unexpectedly, he died in the mouth of the big snake. It seems that people can’t be greedy. Once people are greedy, the snake will swallow the elephant.”

Wang Sunyi felt the deepest. He no longer wanted the snake gall and snake eyes, but cleaned up the snake medicine in the cave with Xiaofeng and gave them a clean home.

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