Chinese myths and legend: Bai Shirang

There is a legend about LV Dongbin playing white peony around Mount Tai. It is said that they also gave birth to a son named Bai Shilang. White peony used to practice in Mount Tai. Later, unable to withstand the ridicule of the public, he and his son moved to the jianlai mountain in the south of Mount Tai.

Bai Shirang was eight or nine years old. He was very articulate and likable, but he didn’t have a decent father. He was beaten and bullied outside all day,

On that day, it was the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month. Bai Mudan asked Bai Shilang and his village friends to go up the mountain to cut firewood. He made some water, wine and light dishes at home, ready to send the kitchen Lord to heaven to report the situation of the next year.

Bai Shirang

Bai Shilang and his friends came to the mountain. The leader said he wanted to play the game of “being the emperor”. He put several straw baskets up as a throne. Whoever can climb up is the emperor. Later, everyone listened to him and chose him as the leader. Then he put the basket high and climbed up one by one. The basket was not fastened with a rope. He climbed and swayed. As a result, he rolled down without climbing a few times. Finally, it was Bai Shirang’s turn. He saw him firmly grasp the straw basket, gently step his feet, tremble and really climb up. Originally, they all looked down on Bai Shilang and wanted to make fun of him. Now he really climbed up. Whoever would let his illegitimate son be the leader dragged him down, beat him and dispersed in a crowd.

White peony was worried about not being able to afford wine and vegetables at home. Seeing Bai Shilang crying back from the outside, his nose was broken. He was very sad. He suddenly became angry, so he grabbed the fire stick and took his anger out according to the kitchen Lord: “kitchen Lord, kitchen Lord, you see, how can we live? Hum! If my son is really an emperor, he must kill all those young children. ” The more she spoke, the more angry she became. As she spoke, she knocked and went down with a few fire sticks. The kitchen god had already been black and blue.

The kitchen god not only didn’t eat and drink well at Bai Mudan’s house, but also got a stick, so he ran to the Jade Emperor to complain. As soon as the Kitchen God saw the great emperor, he kowtowed and reported, “great emperor, Bai Mudan vowed that Bai Shilang would kill all the people in the village if he wanted to be the emperor. No, white peony beat me. I hope the great emperor will make decisions for his ministers and never let Bai Shilang be the emperor. ” The Jade Emperor listened to Zao Jun’s words and ordered the four generals to remove Bai Shilang’s Dragon tendon on the Dragon Festival in the coming year.

Besides, Bai Shilang went up the mountain alone every time after he was beaten. On this day, he was alone gathering firewood on the mountain. An old man with white beard came up to him and said to him, “you are the real dragon emperor. You want to be the emperor in the future. Just because your mother accidentally said to leave, the jade emperor wants to take your tendons on the Dragon Festival next year. Now there is no way to remedy it, Only then can you bite your teeth and survive, keep your dragon teeth and Jade mouth, and say anything. ” Then he floated away.

Bai Shi Lang seemed to have a dream and was terrified. When she went back to tell her mother that she had hurt her son, Bai peony regretted it very much, so she put her son in her arms and cried bitterly.

In the twinkling of an eye, the Dragon Festival had arrived, and I saw a few black clouds pressing on the white courtyard. At this time, Bai Shi Lang was chopping firewood in the yard. He heard a heavy thunder. Bai Shi Lang fell to the ground. Several heavenly soldiers and generals began to cramp him. The taste was even worse than rebirth. But Bai Shirang survived.

From then on, Bai Shi Lang hated the kitchen god and all the immortals. He vowed to take revenge on all the immortals. But what do so many immortals use? He was so poor that he didn’t even have a box. Bai Shi Lang looked back and saw that his gourd for water was hung next to the stove. He took it and said with gnashing teeth: “Lord of the stove, it’s good for you to come to the emperor and speak for me. Your old man has worked hard. Come to my gourd and have a rest.” Because Bai Shilang has a dragon tooth Jade mouth, his words are the imperial edict. Just listen to the “whoosh”, the kitchen Lord turned into a wisp of smoke and went into the gourd.

Bai Shi Lang said goodbye to his mother and walked around the famous mountains and rivers of the country with a gourd. He entered the temple and received it when he saw God. He wanted to put them all under Mount Tai after collecting them, so he finally came to Mount Tai.

Not far from the Red Gate, an old man with Hefa Tongyan came up. Bai Shi Lang thought he looked familiar and familiar, but he couldn’t remember for a moment, so he shouted, “who’s coming? Give me your last name quickly.” The old man replied with a smile, “I’m Xiao Xian LV Dongbin.”

Hearing this, Bai Shi Lang suddenly remembered the old man with white beard who had reported to him before. He turned out to be his biological father. He was surprised and dropped the gourd on the ground and broke it in two. It was lively now. All the immortals rolled and climbed to a large stone cave nearby. LV Dongbin couldn’t count it, so he named it “Thousand Buddha cave”. Later generations built pavilions there and named them “Wanxian tower” according to the meaning of LV Zu.

Only the kitchen Lord’s legs were long, and he ran back to the kitchen. However, LV Dongbin was afraid that he would make trouble again, so he wrote next to the statue of the kitchen King: “Heaven says good things, return to the palace and bring good luck” to give a warning.

Bai Shilang knew that his biological father was in front of him, so he knelt in front of LV Dongbin and told him the cold treatment and suffering of his mother and son over the years. After hearing this, LV Dongbin was also very sad. He handed Bai Shilang a green dragon sword that broke troubles, avoided hardships and called the wind and rain. He asked him to take good care of his mother, get along well with the villagers, and sent him back to jianlai mountain. Since then, the villagers learned that LV Dongbin was so magnanimous and respected their mother and son and took care of them in many ways. Bai Shilang also did many good things for the villagers with his green dragon sword.


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